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When to Replant a Fiddle Leaf Fig? (All You Need to Know)

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The broad leaves and tall height surely make fiddle leaf figs the plant to have in your modern homes. While these plants are fairly easy to look after and wonderful to look at, you may have to replant a fiddle leaf fig when the time comes.

How many times do you replant it and when to repot so the growth is best?

When to replant a fiddle leaf fig?

Fiddle leaf plants are to be replaced once or twice a year, during the growing seasons. Spring or summer are the best times to repot them due to the cooler climate. However, fiddle leaf figs do not like change, and should only be repotted if they have overgrown the pot or infested with bacteria.

You may only replant a fiddle leaf fig when it is necessary. This is because fiddle leaf figs are plants that thrive when they settle into a particular pot and environment. Frequent changes can ruin the plant’s health and growth from the roots.

One of the main conditions that may compel you to replant a fiddle leaf fig from its current pot, if the plant is too big for the pot.

For that, you can check your pot around and under to see if the plant is indeed overgrowing through the pot.  Do not just replant the fiddle leaf fig if you notice some dryness, yellow leaves, or even sunburn.

After trimming, if your houseplant is still showing signs of fungus, or bacteria, you also consider replanting the fiddle leaf plant.

Repotting is only important when the roots of your plant are going into ruins. It is also worth noting that replanting a fiddle leaf fig should be done during moderate climates.

Avoid the winter season as well as months when leaves dry up quickly. Hence, it is advisable to choose early or middle Spring or cool summer days for when you want to repot your fiddle leaf fig.

Can I repot a fiddle leaf fig?

You can certainly repot a fiddle leaf fig if it needs to be repotted. It is advisable not to disrupt the current pot setting of your fiddle leaf fig as the plant does not like change.

Unless your fig plant has overgrown or been infested with bacteria to the core, you should trim and clean the plant.

You may also keep in mind the season to repot the fiddle leaf fig plant and using the right techniques.

How to know when it’s time to repot a fiddle leaf fig?

There is already confusion about whether to repot a fiddle leaf fig. While we are over that query, It can be confusing for fiddle leaf fig owners to understand when your plant needs repotting and when it doesn’t.

For one, you cannot let the roots of the plant pop out of the pot. This usually happens when the last time you repotted was over a year ago and the plant has started to overgrow its home pot.

Additionally, if you have pets at home that have somehow urinated in the fiddle leaf plant, you have to repot the plant immediately. This way the roots will be ruined before you know it.

Other than that, if you notice that the plant leaves are drooping or looking dried, with bacterial infection eating away visibly, you surely know it’s time to repot the fiddle leaf fig.

Also, if you notice spotting on your fiddle leaf fig due to root rotting, you should take a hint that it is time to repot.

What time of year to repot fiddle leaf fig?

If you are thinking of repotting the fiddle leaf fig and wondering, what time of year should you wait till, for the best results, you may want to start and complete the repotting anytime during the growing seasons of Spring or Summer.

Spring may just be the best time to repot because the days are cooler. According to experts, during cooler months, fiddle leaf plants conserve their energy and reserve it for growth.

If you are in the USA, your spring begins at the beginning of March till the middle of June. For avoiding summer heat and winter chills when you repot your fiddle leaf figs, you may want to repot the plant in April or May. Early spring can also be a good time for repotting.

While winter is harsh on plants and is a season where plants need to be in their undisturbed state just to stay alive, spring is a time when change is welcome in fiddle leaf plants.

Since temperatures slightly rise, you can take your fiddle leaf plant out for repotting. Few hours of sunlight after repotting could help the plant’s health and growth.

If you are to follow the rules of repotting twice in one year, you may want to repot during a season when the weather in your country is more balanced. Repotting in harsh weather has ruined more plants for many.

How often should you repot a fiddle leaf fig?

As a general rule of thumb, fiddle leaf figs should be repotted once or twice a year. The best times of the year for repotting a fiddle leaf fig are during the growing seasons, which comprises Spring and Summer.

It is best to repot during a time when the climate is moderate, and there is enough sunlight. You may want to keep in mind that fiddle leaf figs do not appreciate change. And hence you should only repot when it is most needed to.

You would absolutely need to repot when your plant has overgrown the pot or it has is showing signs of root ruin, or even bacteria and fungus infected leaves. Otherwise, you may keep the repotting to once a year when it cannot fit its pot anymore.

How to replant fiddle leaf fig?

Here is how you can replant your fiddle leaf fig correctly:

Choose the pot:

At first decide on the pot you want to replant the fig leaf into. Make sure it is large enough for the plant to have some growing room.

You can purchase a pot with or without drainage depending on your preference. If there is no drain system in your pot, you should place rocks or gravel up to 2 inches maximum.

Mix the soil:

Next, mix soils for the best results and we prefer a combination of 2/3 peat and 1/3 perlite for the soil ratio.

Take the plant out:

Take your pot of plant outside and take out the plant from the pot to be replaced. You should plug the bottom of the trunk but be quite gentle with the pulling.

Place the plant in the new pot:

Place the fiddle leaf fig into the new pot and make sure you have left a somewhat equal distance off the planter on all sides.

Fill the pot:

Now fill the pot with more soil, and then make sure to compress the soil to the pot gently with your hands.

Trim the leaves:

Next you have to do some cleaning. Trim and pluck off leaves that are turning more yellow. Remove the dust off the large leaves using a damp cloth for better results.

Water the plant:

After about 24-hour, water the plant in the new pot.

When to plant a propagated fiddle leaf fig?

In case of a propagated fiddle leaf fig, it is best to wait till the plant grows about one or two inches long.

That could take about 6 to 8 weeks. During this period, it is advisable to not change the planted water as well. After that time period, you can go on about the repotting process in a conventional way.

What soil is best for fiddle leaf fig?

For fiddle leaf fig growth and health, soils that are mostly moist, and well-draining are considered to be best. The soil, however, should not be wet and also fittingly carbonated.

For this reason, many people prefer a mixture of soils, mainly a portion of 2/3 peat and 1/3 perlite for the soil ratio.

Do fiddle leaf figs like to be root bound?

Fiddle leaf figs are more or less fond of being root bound and will grow just as healthily if you are to bound them to the roots of the pot.

As long as the pot you have planted the fiddle leaf fig in is roomy enough, the plant will have strong growth.

Do fiddle leaf figs like big pots?

Even if fiddle leaf figs are fairly moderate about liking root bound plants, they certainly enjoy having space around them when they are replanted.

These plants stay healthy for longer periods of time when they are potted in bigger planters. When the pot is bigger, these plants do not need to be replanted that often either.

Do fiddle leaf figs like to be moved?

One thing is for certain, that fiddle leaf figs do not like change. Whether it is being moved, or repotted, these plants like more stable environments.

Without moving or disruption, they settle well into the pot and thrive much better as well.

Final Thoughts:

You may want to replant your fiddle leaf fig plants only when it is needed to. While spring is the best time for these plants to be repotted, you can also choose cooler summer days for replanting. Make sure to replant in a big pot, repeat the process when the plant has overgrown the pot.

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