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What Size Pot Does a Fiddle Leaf Fig Need? (Complete Guide)

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Fiddle leaf figs are mostly familiar as household plants because of their ability to enhance the contrast level of the interior design of your home. Also, they are easy to maintain, they grow quickly as well as you can select a custom pot size for them.

However, there can be confusion regarding the pot size of a fiddle leaf. Therefore, we have pinpointed all the possible pot sizes that fiddle leaf will need.

What size pot does a fiddle leaf fig need?

The pots size for your fiddle leaf fig should remain between 3 to 5 inches wider and 1 or 2 inches taller than the previous pot on which your fiddle leaf arrived at. Most importantly, don’t select those pots with a diameter of more than 7 inches as the root of the plants may rot in extra-large pots.

The pots of fiddle leaf figs need to have a proper water reservation system as well as an appropriate drainage system in order to maintain a perfect balance between moisture and dryness.

It will be best if you go for the pots which have excellent drainage and water retention system rather than going for light faulty plastic pots.

The pots need to have holes beneath them in order to get the extra water out from the pot, or else it will oversoak the roots, and they will start to rot. Very large pots will result in extra water settling inside the pot, which will lead to putrefying of roots.

That is why it is really crucial to select the perfect diameter of pot sizes in order to avoid these problems.

Most of the large fiddle leaf fig trees will need a 15 to 18 inches pot to grow perfectly. The newest pot must have a maximum diameter of six inches more than the existing pot.

It will help the plant to grow without any hassle and will ensure that the plants receive adequate sunlight and water.

How big of a pot does a fiddle leaf fig need?

It will be best if you go for the pots which have a diameter of not more than 6 inches. It is because very large pots will hold extra water, which will lead to rotten roots.

Also, extra-large pots will not offer a proper drainage system which is very important for the growth of fiddle leaf fig plants.

Therefore keep the size of the pot between 3 to 5 inches wider and 1 to 2 inches taller than the existing pot. It is also important to note that the new pot should have a maximum diameter of 6 inches than the existing or previous pot size.

Do fiddle leaf figs like small pots?

Fiddle leaf figs usually need small pots in their initial stage; however, the size of the pot will get bigger once they start to grow as small pots are root-bound.

These plants have a habit of snug inside the pot, which is why you will often see that they will come out on the edges of the pot if the pot is small.

Also, you might see the roots come out of the bottom of the pot or having a tight squeeze around the outer edges of the pot, which is because the roots don’t get to settle enough as the size of the pot is small.

Therefore, whenever you notice the roots are making their way out from the pot, then remember it will be time to report.

What kind of pot does a fiddle leaf fig need?

It is recommended by the experts that you shouldn’t go for plastic pots because the plants will feel difficulty in breathing. Also, the plastic pots don’t have a proper drainage system which is really important for the growth of fiddle leaf fig.

Therefore it is better if you buy terracotta old pots or clay-made pots as these pots have a proper drainage system facility, as well as the plant, can breathe hassle-free.

How do you know when to repot a fiddle leaf fig?

It’s important to remember that fiddle leaf figs do not like change. They prefer to develop into a pattern and habitat in which they may develop and flourish, but any interruption to that pattern and surroundings can cause shocks, which is typically followed by leaf curl and leaf loss.

However, there are some cases when you have to repot your fiddle leaf fig, such as:

Outgrown from the pot:

You’ll need a new pot if you observe topsoil peeling away from the container’s borders or when you see roots poking out the peak or bottoms.

Pet urine:

The pet urine contains compounds that pose a significant threat to the roots. Repotting immediately after washing off the taproot of any polluted soil is your right approach.

Rotten roots:

When the container has a proper drainage system, and you are merely overwatered it, your plant may be able to retrieve with bright sunlight, root decay medication, and some time by dried off.

It’s unlikely that you’ll have to report if the discoloration doesn’t remain or it’s not serious. If the spots continue to get even worse amidst therapy, it’s necessary to find a bigger pot.

Can I plant a fiddle leaf fig in a non-draining pot?

There is no way you can plant a fiddle leaf fig in a non-draining pot because eventually, the plant will not survive. A proper drainage system is the most significant part of choosing a fiddle leaf fig pot.

Because, without a proper drainage system, the extra water will settle under the soil, which will lead to the decay of roots. Therefore, whenever you buy fiddle leaf fig pots, please ensure there are holes under the pots for a proper drainage system.

How often should I water my fiddle leaf fig?

You can water your fiddle leaf fig plant roughly once per week or once every nine days, depending on the size of the plant. Overwatering or just not allowing for appropriate draining is the most common way to harm a fiddle leaf fig.

Therefore whenever you hydrate your plants at home, it’s preferable to saturate the topsoil till it dries fully among waterings.

Where should a fiddle leaf fig be placed?

Fiddle Leaf is a kind of plant that should be positioned next to a window that receives direct early morning or evening light. Typically, you would like a window that faces west, southwest, or southeast and is not shaded by bushes or other structures.

With plenty of sunlight, a plant will be burned; with far less sun, it grows very slowly, loses petals quickly, and is more easily infected by all types of diseases.

How do you report a small fiddle leaf fig?

You can repot your fiddle leaf fig by following the below ways:

  • Fill up the new pot with 4-5 inches of soil. Make sure the root ball doesn’t sit high once it’s in its position.
  • Take out the plant from its old pot and make sure that it does not damage the roots.
  • Now place the plant in the new pot and cover the edges of the root ball with soil.
  • You will need to water your plant but make sure you don’t overwater the plant. You will need to water the plant once a week.
  • Let the plant dry and after one month, fertilize the plant.

Final Thoughts:

Fiddle leaf fig plants don’t need a bigger or smaller size of pots rather it needs the perfect pot size based on their growth rate. However, make sure there are proper draining systems as well as water retaining systems. It will make the plant lively and enhance the decor design of your room.

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