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Do Fiddle Leaf Figs Like Heat or Cold? (Important Facts)

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Fiddle leaf figs are popular houseplants from the tropical environment of western Africa. They thrive in a bright, warm, and humid environment. As tropical plants, they are mostly found in the rainforests.

However, one question remains, and that is whether they can withstand too hot or cold weather. Let us have a look and find it out.

Do fiddle leaf figs like heat or cold?

Fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants that thrive in hot, moist conditions. Throughout the year, it stays in a temperature-controlled atmosphere between 60 and 75 degrees. The plant tolerates regular interior humidity very well but prefers warm temperatures of no less than 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do fiddle leaf figs like heat?

Fiddle Leaf Figs are home-grown to hot and tropical places where they get consistent moisture and even temperatures. If they are not in a tropical region, they will need a lot of care to grow.

One of the most important things for a fiddle leaf fig to grow is the environment temperature. They like hot and warm temperatures very much. Their survival condition is in mid-range temperature. More than heat, the fiddle leaf fig likes the humidity.

When the plant is indoor, the plant remains at room temperature. It creates a chance for the soil to dry out. Indoors, you should place the plant where the sun can reach it directly or indirectly. In this way, the plant will receive heat and light both from the sun.

If the temperature drops below 55F°, you should move the plant outside.

Can fiddle leaf figs get too hot?

The plant thrives in the light, but we must take good care of it and keep an eye on it. The direct sun sometimes may cause the leaves to burn. Burnt leaves may look faded white to crispy brown.

As a result, we must ensure that the plant is removed from the heat source as quickly as possible.

Do fiddle leaf figs like the cold?

The plant cannot tolerate any cold air drafts. So ensure that the fiddle leaf fig is in a balanced environment at all times. When there is less natural light, it is vital to maintain the temperature during the winter.

Try to make sure that it does not get any cold air from drafts that blow.

Indoors, if the plant gets too cold through the window, try moving it between 2 and 3 feet away from the window to see how it reacts to the temperature change.

A little distance is usually the most beneficial since it enables plants to escape any unexpected blows of chilly air while still getting a comparable quantity of light from the sun.

How cold is too cold for fiddle leaf fig?

As a tropical plant, fiddle leaf figs can’t withstand a great deal of temperature drop. A temperature less than 55F° is risky for the plant.

The fiddle leaf figs start to dry themselves automatically when the temperature is too low. As a result, your fiddle leaf fig plant will perish quite fast.

What temperature do fiddle leaf figs prefer?

The fiddle leaf fig likes to be at a hot and humid temperature. The temperature of the environment should be in the middle. However, the plant is native to the rainforest. The weather there is very sunny and humid.

That is why the fiddle leaf figs require a larger amount of sunlight.

Their preferable temperature is upper than 60F° and lower than 75F°. When the environment has less than 55F°, the fiddle leaf figs start to dry out and perish.

Another risk is that if the plant receives more than 75F°, they may burn themselves due to an excess of heat. So, fiddle leaf fig temperature tolerance is between 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Do fiddle leaf figs like to be outside?

As fiddle leaf figs are tropical plants, they always prefer warm and humid weather conditions. That is why they thrive the best when planted outdoor. However, they are also good as indoor plants. Based on the season, these plants can behave differently as well. 

In Summer:

In the summer, the plant loves to get direct sunlight from the sun. Fiddle leaf fig grows healthier when it receives more light. The indoor plants also take outside to receive an amount of sun for a few months.

However, the Rainforest plant likes to get a rain shower. The plant gets rainwater when it is outside in the rainy season. It is very good for the plant if it is outside to get its proper nutrients.

In Winter:

During the winter season, the plant gets dry due to cold air. Fiddle Leaf Figs may become dormant slow down a little. It is the point at which they seem to cease growth due to less-than-ideal environmental circumstances.

They may slow their activity for a while during the winter. Younger fiddle leaf figs tend to slow their growth in winter even more.

At what temperature should I bring my fiddle leaf fig inside?

The fiddle leaf fig likes warm temperatures, but more importantly, humidity. When temperatures increase too fast and excessively, the leaves may burn and develop scorch scars. In such a case, you should bring them inside.

You can maintain a temperature upper than 60F° and lower than 75F inside to get the best outcome from your fiddle leaf fig.

Additionally, fiddle leaf figs need to be inside when the temperatures are too cold for the plant to withstand. If the plant is outside and the temperature falls below 55F°, you should bring the plant inside to avoid life loss from the cold.

It is a tropical plant that does not thrive in a chilly climate. If any cold air blows, the plant should be brought inside to observe how it reacts.

Do fiddle leaf figs like direct sunlight?

Like any other tropical plant, fiddle leaf figs are fond of bright light along with hot and humid weather. They, however, act differently to sunlight at different times of the day.

Morning Sun:

The plant will seek out as much light as possible. They will have a pleasant morning climate as a result of the morning sunshine. It strikes a balance between abundant light and directness.

The plant will not self-ignite, or the soil will not dry out.

Indoors, the plant requires enough natural light and thrives when immediately beside a window. Additionally, the Fiddle Leaf Fig will thrive in continuous, indirect, but strong light.

The fiddle leaf fig must gradually transition to full light. So the fiddle leaf figs do not injure themselves as the weather warms. It strikes a balance between abundant light and directness.

Full sun:

Fiddle Leaf Figs are grown in their native environment in Africa, under the scorching heat. If correctly acclimated, fiddle leaf figs like to be in full light. As a result, these plants benefit from intense, filtered light.

They get 6-8 hours of direct sunlight each day in their native habitat, making them perfect for full-sun growing.

Can Fiddle Leaf Fig live in low light?

The fiddle leaf fig plant is both an indoor plant and an outdoor plant. It can thrive both inside and outside. When it lives inside the house, it can survive in low light. However, the best condition for a fiddle leaf fig to grow is a consistent but indirect sunny light.

The fiddle leaf fig can grow in various light conditions. It can adjust in full sunlight to partial shade light. However, when it is living inside the house, it needs sunlight every few months.

If we see the plant is leaning towards the light, we can understand the fiddle leaf figs aren’t getting enough light. Therefore, it also lives in low light.

Should I put my Fiddle Leaf Fig outside in the rain?

Fiddle Leaf Figs originated in the rainforest of Africa. It grows in heavy rainfall. It is very healthy for them to get rainwater. These plants grow best in rainwater or natural water.

To keep them healthy, one should keep them in the rainfall for some time. But, too much water will rot the root. Furthermore, when the water level drops, the plant will begin to dry up.

It is an indication that the plant requires water when the soil begins to dry out. And the leaves start to fall. However, these plants need to get a water shower. So, Instead of a water shower, it is very good to put the plant outside in rainwater.

Do fiddle leaf figs like humidity?

Humidity is a very important factor for the fiddle leaf figs to grow. The fiddle leaf figs are natives from tropical regions. In that place, the level of humidity is moderate. A fiddle leaf fig needs 35-65% humidity according to their need.

When they grow indoors, you need to keep the humidity level in check to keep the plant healthy.

The fiddle leaf figs are kind of fussy plants. They don’t like to get wet so much. High humidity will not harm the fiddle leaf fig, but if the humidity becomes too high, the plant will become infected with a fungus or mildew on its leaves.

Final Thoughts:

The fiddle leaf fig is a delicate plant. Temperature is a key factor in the life cycle of this plant. As they are both suitable for outdoor and indoor, one must consider the weather conditions while placing them. The plant prefers a warm and humid environment.

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