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Why Are Fiddle Leaf Figs So Expensive & Popular? (Answered)

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If you have been on the home décor side of Pinterest and Instagram, you would know about the trendy plant fiddle leaf figs. These plants are surely worth the hype but that also means they can be heavy on your bank. So, what makes fiddle leaf figs so expensive and popular?  

Why are fiddle leaf figs so expensive?

Fiddle leaf figs are so expensive due to their rising popularity as a statement decor and eye-catching looks. The houseplant looks like no other indoor plant, and the size of the leaf can be altered according to pot size. The huge size of the fiddle leaf plants also adds to the cost of the plant.

There are several reasons fiddle leaf figs come with such a hefty price tag. Here are a few explanations:

Bigger in size:

What makes everyone go crazy over fiddle leaf figs, making it even more pricey is not just in how it looks.

The fiddle leaf figs are a handful when it comes to size and they can be as tall as six feet. If you are looking for a big house plant, unlike any other, fiddle leaf figs are where your cash should flow.

Statement décor:

When someone is decorating their home with a big, bold fiddle leaf fig, it does not just lie in the corner.

The plants are a statement decoration piece themselves and can cost as much as a centerpiece you would invest in. Since fiddle leaf figs make such a bold statement, they attract a starry price tag.

Unique Plant:

If you have one or planning on getting one, you already know how different it looks to other household plants.

Their size is striking enough, but the variety of the type of leaves you can choose from further makes fiddle leaf figs so expensive. Try placing them in a favorable location inside your home and notice how the leaves themselves create a big shade.

Controllable leaf size:

One of the major reasons for growing up the price of fiddle leaf figs is how you can simply use a smaller pot if you don’t want your fiddle leaf figs to grow too much.

How big the plant will be would depend on what room you are placing the plant in and what pot size you are using. This versatility and flexible sizing make these plants a pricey steal.

Regrowth from trunk:

What makes fiddle leaf plants more costly than other house plants is how you can easily save a drying and drying plant.

To do this, you’ll have to know the right ways on how to plant the tree for regrowth right from its trunk. This means you’ll not have to invest in more fiddle leaf figs, in case the leaves start turning brown for some reason.

Like trees in appearance:

Trees require effort and years of eating before they grow fully. Luckily, fiddle leaf figs are exactly like trees.

Plus, they do not require you to water them ever so often. Because of their tree looking appearance, they are more expensive plants to have in a house or outdoor plants.

How much does a fiddle leaf fig cost?

The cost of fiddle leaf fig can vary from 20 dollars to 200 dollars depending on a few factors. How much a fiddle leaf fig would cost you would mainly depend on how old the tree is, what is the condition of the plant, and where you got the tree from.

You may also keep in mind that a mature or full-grown fiddle leaf fig plant would cost a lot more than a young one, with the new ones usually having two-figure price tags.

If you still intend to get a fiddle plant that is on a budget, investing in a young plant from a local store is a good idea.

Here is how the price varies with size:

Size in feet Price in dollars
Less than 1 feet$20-30
1 to 2 feet$30-40
2.5 to 3 feet$50-80
3 to 4 feet$120-150
3 to 5 feet$170- 180
6 feet or above$190-220

How much is a 6-foot fiddle leaf fig?

A 6-foot fiddle leaf fig is always in demand because of its broad shaped leaves and the shade it provides. The size also means that the houseplant is a mini tree that does not require too much maintenance, nor several hours of sunlight.

Due to the size, and the demand, the price of a 6-foot fiddle leaf can range from 90 dollars to 250 dollars. The price would mainly depend on the source from where you are buying the plant. It would also be determined by the maturity, age, and condition of the fiddle leaf plant.

Why are fiddle leaf figs so popular?

Fiddle leaf figs are so popular because they are an active trend on the internet. Moreover, they are easy to look after as well. As an indoor plant, these greens require very low sunlight compared to other plants. The fact that they grow so fast is another reason why everyone wants one.

You must be wondering what the exact reasons fiddle leaf figs are so popular. Here is why:

Easy to look after:

Nobody wants a houseplant that requires too much time, effort, or energy to keep alive and well. Since fiddle leaf figs are low maintenance plants, plant lovers jump on the idea of investing in one.

You would first have to dust off the gathered dirt on the leaves once a week and you would only water the plant when the soil looks dry.

Low sunlight demands:

As indoor plants should be, fiddle leaf figs are not the most demanding when it comes to requiring sunlight.

Indirect sunlight for a few hours is enough to keep the plant healthy. Since indoor plants can be a hassle to move, these plants are in demand because of the low sunlight required.

Social media craze:

Whether it’s a color, a phrase, or a houseplant, social media has the power to make something most popular and in demand for years.

 For good reasons, social media has hyped up fiddle leaf figs for a long time, and now, even if it is for the size and looks of it, people want to jump on the bandwagon and buy one.

Ideal for apartments:

All you need is a place inside your home with indirect sunlight, and you can easily house a fiddle leaf fig without hassle.

The easy to maintain plant is a house favorite because of the ease and flexibility when it comes to having and growing them inside a house.

Quick growth:

Fiddle leaf figs looking like trees, having large leaves, and minimum maintenance requirements is a plus and reasons enough for their popularity.

But these plants are also quick when it comes to growth time and do require you to wait for years before they are in their usual big size.

When did fiddle leaf figs become popular?

The popularity and craze surrounding fiddle leaf fig cannot be pointed out for certain. However, according to many sources, in the 2010s, the social media platform Pinterest had pictures of the plant flooded with pins and downloads.

The rise of the fiddle leaf fig fan club mainly originated in social media. Closely, Instagram was swamped with photos of this house plant during 2012s.

There was another spike in demand for fiddle leaf fig plants when Swedish store IKEA began to sell the plant. By 2015, the prices of this easy to maintain tree plant had gone up, along with its soaring popularity.

Before the 21st century, nobody paid much attention to fiddle leaf figs.

What does a fiddle leaf fig represent?

The fiddle leaf fig plant is called the “it” plant because of its new age rising popularity. It is called so because of its capability to fit into modern homes as a statement décor without effort.

Because of its wide and fiddle-like leaves, the plant was named by the instrument itself. Generally, photogenic locations and pictorial scenarios, as are what made these plants so popular.

More so, fiddle leaf figs started to represent a house of the 21st century, that is ready to be put into social media and be in photos taken for Instagram.

Where to buy cheap fiddle leaf figs?

Buying fiddle leaf figs is no hassle these days as they are so widely available. If you want to save a little bit on these expensive trees, you can consider buying from the following sources:


Are fiddle leaf figs still trendy?

Fiddle leaf figs are the “it” plant that rose to popularity in the 21st century. Unlike few other trends, the trend of fiddle leaf plants holds strong on the internet and it’s still considered trendy and in.

Final Thoughts:

The “it” plant and the favorite among social media users. Fiddle leaf figs are a photography friendly plant that is both expensive and high in popular demand. Thanks to the easy preservation and unique looks of the indoor plant, fiddle leaf plants are still a trendy plant to be on modern houses.

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