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Why Is My Yucca Plant Drooping? (Helpful Tips!)

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Yucca plants are loved by all indoor plant lovers because of their spiky green leaves. So, it’s apparent that anybody will get worried to see a drooping Yucca plant.

Therefore, if you have a drooping Yucca plant at home and you don’t know the reasons behind such a concerning condition, certainly you will want to learn why your Yucca plant is drooping.

Thence, to eliminate your concern regarding the drooping Yucca plant, let’s take a deeper look and find the exact rationales.

Why Is My Yucca Plant Drooping?

Overwatering or under watering, a sudden and drastic change in temperature, an insufficient amount of sunshine, transplant stress, and pest infestation are the reasons that cause a droopy Yucca plant. Besides, cold/heat stress, sunburn, and fungal diseases can make a Yucca plant start drooping.

There are certain reasons that lead a Yucca plant to have all droopy leaves. For your better understanding of the droopy condition of a Yucca plant, all the potential reasons behind this problem have been explained and listed below.


Overwatering your Yucca plant is one of the major reasons that can cause the plant to have droopy conditions. Because Yucca plants are quite a lot sensitive to overwatering as they are born in a desert-like climate and they can’t withstand frequent watering.

So, if you overwater your Yucca plant, the roots won’t be able to absorb water. As a result, your Yucca will start getting all floppy and yellow leaves.


Although it’s been mentioned that a Yucca plant is capable enough of withstanding droughty soil, it absolutely doesn’t mean they don’t require water at all. All Yucca plants need water to survive and thrive fully.

Thence, underwatering is another main reason behind a Yucca plant with dangling leaves. Therefore, if you are missing out on watering your Yucca plant as per its need, no doubt it will start drooping.


Yucca plants are lovers of bright sunlight and they stay healthy and thrive fully upon getting full sunlight. So if you notice your Yucca plant is withering with all saggy leaves, not getting a sufficient amount of sunlight can be a certain reason.

Transplanting Stress:

:Transplanting or repotting a Yucca plant causes stress or sudden shock to the plant which is a possible reason that can make your Yucca plant droopy.

Because the plant faces unexpected changes in its growing conditions, as a result, some of its roots perish and can’t support the Yucca plant. Thence, the Yucca plant starts drooping.

Pests Infestation:

If your Yucca plant is infested by pests, there’s a high chance that pest infestation is the sole reason behind a yucca plant with limping leaves. Aphids, mealybugs, scale are the common pests that can infest your Yucca plant.

Changed Temperature:

The Yucca lives the best in a temperature as hot as 90° F (30° C) and as cold as 10° F      (-12° C).  When your Yucca plant encounters a sudden and drastic change in the temperature it’s inhabited in, it will start drooping.

In maximum cases, it’s seen that if the temperature is more or less than the mentioned temperature, a Yucca plant is seen with sagging leaves.

How To Revive A Drooping Yucca Plant?

Seeing your Yucca plant drooping, don’t be upset. You can bring the plant back to life. And this section is going to explain all the ways of reviving a drooping Yucca plant for you.

Provide Plenty Of Sunlight:

Providing your all droopy Yucca plant with plenty of bright sunlight is the first way of reviving it.

So as soon as you will notice your Yucca plant is withering, immediately place the plant near a south-facing window or spot so that the plant can get an abundant amount of bright sunlight.

Shortly after that, your Yucca plant will start healing itself and will be back to life with all spiky green leaves.

Stop Watering:

Yucca plants are highly intolerant to overwatering so if you notice droopy Yucca along with mushy roots and a soft trunk, just know that it’s happening because of overwatering the plant.

Therefore, stop watering the Yucca plant is the only way of bringing the plant back to life.

Also, don’t eater the plant until the topsoil up to 2-3 inches feels completely dry, and do keep the plant under sunlight so that water gets evaporated.

Provide Consistent Temperature:

Providing a consistent temperature to your Yucca plant will work greatly to help the plant revive when the drooping Yucca issue is caused by drastic changes in temperature.

So try to maintain a consistent temperature of the place where the Yucca plant is placed and keep the less humid, dry, and warm temperature around the plant. 

Proper Transplanting:

To prevent stressing out your Yucca plant and make it droopy, appropriately repot or transplant the plant in the ground or pot. 

For repot planting, take an accurately sized pot that will match the size of the Yucca plant and will let the roots spread and grow independently.

So that the roots can get strong enough to hold the plant and the plant doesn’t get stressed.

Eliminate Pests:

If pest infestation is the reason, to make your Yucca alive and eliminate the pests, use neem oil, rubbing alcohol, or horticultural oil to eliminate the pests from the plant.

How To Prevent A Leaning Yucca Plant?

Here the methods of preventing a Yucca plant from bending are described.

Choose The Right Sized Pot:

Yucca plants can lean due to translating shock as some of their roots dry during the transplanting/repotting procedure and the plant doesn’t get enough support.

Therefore, to prevent the yucca plant from such an aftershock situation that makes it bend, you should consider repotting/transplanting in the spring season.

Take a spacious pot that would allow the Yucca plant to have a one-inch gap between its roots and the edges of the pot. Also, use cactus potting soil for repotting/transplanting.

Provide A Well Drainage System:

A poor drainage system can also make Yucca plants lean over time. So plant the Yucca plant in soil with a good drainage system so that the soil doesn’t retain too much moisture.

Moreover, always allow the topsoil (about 2-3 inches) to get dried out before the next watering session.

Never Transplant Grown Up Yucca:

Large and grown-up plants don’t prefer transplanting so they bend upon getting transplanted. So always refrain from transplanting a large and grown-up Yucca plant outdoor in the garden soil.

Water Regularly During Drought:

If there is a prolonged drought condition appeared in the outdoor soil the Yucca plant is planted, water regularly so that the plant doesn’t lean.

How To Care For Drooping Yucca Plants?

Here the easiest yet effective ways of taking care of drooping Yucca plants are explained for your amenity.

Increase Watering:

The scarcity of water in the soil the Yucca plant is planted can be a reason behind the drooping Yucca plant, so increase watering is an effective way to take care of such a droopy plant.

Because the increased amount of water will moisten up the soil and the roots will receive enough water to get back their strength. As a result, the plant will start thriving again.

Keep Out From Direct Sunlight:

Yucca plants surely prefer bright sunlight but they can’t withstand excessive bright and direct sunlight suddenly when kept outside. Because it makes the plant droopy.

So, if the Yucca plant is drooping because of harsh and direct sunlight outside, immediately place the plant in a shadowy area. But make sure that the area gets plenty of indirect and bright sunlight. Over time the plant will get better.

Accurately Fertilize:

Yucca plants require balanced fertilizing, excess or insufficient amounts of fertilizer can make the plant saggy.

So if you are overusing fertilizer or underusing fertilizer and leaving the plant with all hanging leaves, stop this. And liquid fertilizer every 2 to 3 months when it’s the growing season for Yucca plants.

Eliminate Fungal Diseases:

A drooping Yucca plant can be a result of fungal diseases. To care for the plant during that situation don’t overwater the plant and use a copper fungicide to cure the plant of fungal infection.

How To Care For Indoor Yucca Plants?

Caring for an indoor Yucca plant starts from choosing the right soil for planting the plant in it. So first, choose soil that is well-drained. And to create a desert-like sandy soil for the plant by mixing coarse sand and perlite into the pot mixing. Then plant the Yucca plant in it.

Then provide the plant with plenty of sunlight by keeping the plant near a south-facing window or in a spot full of bright indirect sunlight.

An indoor Yucca plant doesn’t require frequent or overwatering. Thence, water the plant only when the topsoil is dried up to 2-3 inches. Also, prune the plant during the early spring season.

How To Take Care For Outdoor Yucca Plant?

To take care of outdoor Yucca plants, first, find a suitable place to transplant or move out the Yucca plant in the summer and spring seasons so that the plant gets an ample amount of sunlight.

Then routine wisely waters the Yucca plant every 14 days in warm seasons. And regularly check the soil’s condition to know whether it’s dried out or still is moistened.

During the spring season, feed the plant a fertilizer high in nitrogen. And must safeguard the plant by layers of frost blanket before the arrival of cold seasons.

How Often Do You Water A Yucca Plant?

You should water a Yucca plant once every 2 weeks because the Yucca plants don’t need watering often and they just do well if you water them one time every 14 days.

However, know that watering still depends on climate change, soil, and the plant’s need for water. You might need to water a Yucca plant more in warm seasons.

How Do I Know If My Yucca Needs Water?

To understand whether your Yucca plant needs water or not, simply check the topsoil of the pot mixing or the ground it’s planted.

Dip your two fingers up to 2-3 inches of the topsoil, if you feel that the soil has dried up enough that it can absorb water for the next watering session, know that your Yucca needs water.

Why Are The Leaves Falling Off My Yucca Plant?

The leaves of your Yucca plant are falling off because it’s not getting the adequate amount of light that a Yucca plant needs.

Therefore, the leaves start to turn yellow and eventually they start to fall off of the plant

Can A Yucca Be Revived?

A Yucca plant can be revived as long as the root of the plant is completely rotten or the plant is entirely affected by pests/insects.

Otherwise, you can revive a droopy Yucca or a Yucca plant with falling/yellow/brown leaves. Yucca plants partially infested by pests also can be revived.

Why Is My Yucca Plant Is Wilting?

Here are the reasons why your Yucca plant is wilting.

  • Overwatering
  • Low Sunlight
  • Changed Temperature
  • Transplanting Stress
  • Underwatering
  • Pests Infestation
  • Diseases

How Do You Save A Drying Yucca Plant?

Depending on the reasons that are causing the life loss of a Yucca plant, you can follow these methods to save a drying Yucca plant.

  • Stop overwatering/underwatering
  • Stop using excess fertilizer/less fertilizer
  • Provide sunlight/remove excess sunlight
  • Keep temperature stable
  • Eliminate pests/insects
  • Cure diseases

Should I Cut Off The Dried Leaves Off My Yucca?

Generally, it’s not necessary to cut off dried leaves of the Yucca plant. Because the dried and dried leaves fall off on their own of the plant. However, if you want to cut the dried leaves off the plant by yourself, just cut right above the basis of the dried leaves.

Final Thoughts:

Several potential reasons can cause a dropping Yucca plant. Overwatering or under watering, cold or hot stress, sunburn from direct and harsh sunlight or low light, transplanting or repotting shock, and pest infestations are the common and most potential reasons to make your yucca drooping.

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