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Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Slow Growers? How Fast Do They Grow?

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Fiddle leaf figs are beautiful plants with gorgeous green leaves, aren’t they? They enhance the aesthetics of modern home decor.

That being said, you must wonder how fast the fiddle leaf figs grow and how to make them grow faster. So let’s find the answers to all your queries one by one.

Are fiddle leaf figs slow growers? How fast do they grow?

The fiddle leaf figs are pretty slow growers but not the slowest growing plants. The growth rate mainly depends on how it is taken care of and the condition. When appropriately watered and given plenty of sunlight, fiddle leaf figs can grow 12 to 18 inches in a year.

The fiddle leaf figs, also known as Ficus Lyrata, grows slower compared to other ornamental household plants. The plant naturally grows in the tropical rainforest of West Africa, and they grow the fastest in that environment.

However, they don’t grow so slowly indoors that you will have to wait a lifetime to see them fully grown.

The fiddle leaf plants can grow between 1 foot to 1.5 feet each year if they get proper care and the right environment. Although these plants are slow growers, they grow approximately 10 feet in height.

Thus, to reach full maturity, these plants take about 10 to 15 years.

That being said, you won’t have to wait for the plant to get fully matured to beautify and improve the environment of your house. They become attractive ornamental house plants after 3 to 4 years of plantation.

The growth rate of the fiddle leaf figs depends on various factors. The figs need proper care and condition to grow at their full capacity. If they get plenty of water and natural light, they will grow faster than usual.

However, the plant might even stop growing due to overwatering.

How fast do dwarf fiddle leaf figs grow? How much does a fiddle leaf fig grow in a year?

A dwarf fiddle fig can grow a foot in height in a couple of years. However, their leaves can grow to cover the pot in about six weeks after planting. In general, the fiddle leaf plants grow anything from 12 inches to 18 inches in a year.

How fast do fiddle leaf fig leaves grow?

How fast a fiddle leaf plant leaves will grow mainly depend on how it is maintained and fed. A good fiddle leaf fig tree will grow new leaves during the growing season every 4 to 6 weeks.

Nevertheless, it’s usual for there to be no growth in the leaves of this plant during the winter.

How can I make my fiddle leaf fig grow faster?

From optimizing the pot size to providing plenty of sunlight, there are a few simple steps to increase the growth rate of your fiddle leaf fig. By following those steps, you can effortlessly make your fiddle leaf fig grow faster than usual.

Here are the steps by which you can make the fiddle leaf plant grow faster:

Plant it in the right sized pot:

The growth of fiddle leaf fig depends on the size of the pot in which it is placed. The more the root gets space, the faster and larger the plant will become. So, you should plant your fiddle fig in the largest pot possible.

Ensure proper drainage:

If your fiddle leaf fig isn’t draining properly, you’re going to have a lot of problems. The plant might even stop growing due to excess residue of water in the roots.

Finding a pot with good drainage holes will be crucial to get the drainage appropriate for your fiddle leaf fig. By putting some gravel on the bottom of the pot, you can prevent soil from filling the gaps, helping it drain more efficiently.

Water regularly:

Now that you have checked the drainage system of the pot, you should water your fiddle leaf fig regularly. It’s usual to water a fiddle leaf fig each 7 to 10 days.

Water transfers nutrients to the roots, which makes the plant grow. So, it is necessary to water your fiddle leaf fig frequently to make it grow faster.

Provide optimal lighting conditions:

Along with adequately watering regularly, you should make sure that the fiddle leaf fig gets proper lighting. The plant will be able to grow faster if the lighting conditions are ideal.

These plants prefer bright, continuous light, but it shouldn’t be direct. By creating a shaded area for the fiddle leaf fig, you may reduce the direct sunlight it receives.

Why is my fiddle leaf fig growing slowly?

A fiddle leaf fig can grow slowly for various factors; it doesn’t happen without reason. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons for your fiddle leaf fig to grow slowly.


Water is required for fiddle leaf figs to grow. It aids them in carrying out their metabolic activities. Underwatering will also prevent the nutrients from going to the roots. So, if the soil of the plant lacks water, it will grow slower than normal.


Overwatering will increase the moisture of the soil more than necessary, and it can cause root rot. Root rotting slows down the growth of the fiddle leaf figs and permanently damages the plant.

Improper drainage system:

If there is a lack of a proper drainage system or the drainage system is clogged, then the soil will have more moisture than necessary. It’s essential to have well-draining soil so that the roots don’t get too wet. Root rot develops as a result of wet roots over time.

Low humidity:

If the edges of the leaves are turning brown, then it is an indication that the humidity is low. When humidity levels are too low, the air becomes dry, resulting in brown margins on the leaves. This has an effect on the plant’s ability to produce new tips.

Pest Infestation:

Fiddle leaf figs are vulnerable to pests. Any type of pest infestation might hinder the plant’s growth. Looking for little patches on the leaves that turn into holes is an easy technique to spot these infections.

Low-quality soil:

Fiddle leaf figs thrive in nutrient-rich, well-drained soil that is kept slightly damp. However, if the soil is of poor quality, the plant won’t have enough nutrients to grow its unique and big leaves. Hence nutrient-rich soil is required for the overall wellbeing of the fiddle leaf figs.

Can fiddle leaf fig grow inside?

Although fiddle leaf figs naturally grow in tropical rainforests, they can grow perfectly even inside your house. In fact, it is a popular indoor ornamental plant.

The fiddle leaf figs grow the fastest when they get plenty of indirect sunlight and a temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained.

How tall do fiddle leaf figs grow indoors?

If planted in the right condition and watered abundantly, the fiddle leaf figs can grow up to 10 feet tall indoors. However, most of these plants grow at least 6 feet tall inside the house, no matter the environment.

How long does it take for a fiddle leaf fig tree to grow?

It takes almost 10 to 15 years for a fiddle leaf fig to grow fully. The fiddle leaf fig tree grows nearly 10 feet in height, and its growth rate is between 12 to 18 inches per year. So, to get fully matured, this plant takes up to 15 years.

When does fiddle leaf fig grow?

Fiddle leaf plants usually grow during spring and summer. In those seasons, fiddles tip numerous new leaves every four to six weeks. Growth occurs in stages, and it’s not uncommon for your plant to develop numerous fresh leaves in a matter of days.

However, it’s also usual for there to be no new growth during the winter.

Should I remove damaged leaves from fiddle leaf fig?

You should remove damaged leaves from your fiddle leaf plant as fast as possible after noticing to promote the overall health of your plant. Remove any leaves with significant brown spots or holes, regardless of the season.

By removing the fiddle leaf fig’s damaged leaves, you can prevent a potential outburst of the disease and eventually save it.

Do fiddle leaf figs grow from top or bottom?

Fiddle leaf figs typically grow from the top instead of the bottom. If leaves grow near the base, it might make your plant look imbalanced and bushy, which isn’t ideal for an ornamental plant. As a result, the fiddle leaf figs make for a great ornamental plant.

Do fiddle leaf figs like to be misted?

The natural habitat of fiddle leaf figs is the tropical rainforest of Africa, the humidity of which is exceptionally high. So, the fiddle leaf figs like to be misted as it replicates the moisture of its natural habitat.

Final Thought:

The fiddle leaf figs take a lot of time to grow. They don’t become perfect ornamental plants in a matter of weeks; it takes almost 3 to 4 years. To grow fully, they require at least ten years. However, these plants can grow faster if maintained properly and provide plenty of light and water.

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