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Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Outside in Summer? (Answered)

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Fiddle Leaf Fig is a glorious house plant with large leaves that prefer sunlight to live well. However, even though many indoor plants love a sunny spot/sunlight, they don’t thrive well if they are taken outside, especially in the summer season.

Therefore, it must be a general concern for you to learn whether Fiddle Leaf Figs can grow outside in the summer or not. Then, let’s go through the rationales to find out the answer. 

Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Outside In Summer?

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants can grow well outside in the summer season. But the plant must be kept in a sheltered area where it will get indirect bright sunlight as well as will not get thrashed by heavy downpours and wind. And know that the plant must be acclimated before moving it outside in summer. 

Can I Put My Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside In Summer?

A Fiddle Leaf Fig plant certainly can be put outside during the summer season for both permanent transplantation and taking out the plant for a summer vacation. 

But before putting the plant outdoors in the summer, a few inevitable things such as temperature, right spot, light, acclimation must be kept in mind. 

Whether the plant is kept indoor or outdoor, Fiddle Leaf Fig plants grow in the best way if they are kept in the right location. Thus the plant must be transplanted or moved in a sheltered area with bright indirect sunlight outdoors. 

Next comes the light. Though Fiddle leaf Fig can tolerate bright sunlight but the plant never must be put under direct bright sunlight. So transplant/place the plant’s pot in a spot where it will get bright yet indirect/filtered sunlight to grow well outside in the summer season. 

Moreover, make sure to make the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant acclimated before you decide to keep/transplant the plant outdoors in the summertime so that the plant can accept the bright sunlight of summer in a better way. Also, ensure that the temperature stays between 65°-75°F in that spot. 

So, upon getting fulfilled all these mentioned conditions, a Fiddle Leaf fig plant surely can be put/permanent transplant outside. 

Can A Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow Outside? 

A Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow well outside. In fact, these plants thrive the best when they are planted outdoors in a warm temperature and a sheltered area with lots of subtle yet bright sunlight. So to grow a Fiddle Leaf Fig outside, move the plant outside when it’s the spring and summer season. 

Because during this period, the climate is nice, warm, and the humidity is also like rainforests, so the plant will flourish.

However, remember that Fiddle Leaf Figs can’t tolerate the harsh afternoon sunlight. Thus the plants must be placed under a shadowy area with indirect sunlight.

Besides, the plant must be allowed to get accustomed to the outside temperature, light, humidity gradually so that they don’t get stressed all of sudden due to environmental change.

When Should I Put Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

You should put your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant outdoors when it’s the spring and the summer season. 

Because the time during the spring and the summer season is considered the best time as the weather during this time period is warm and much like the weather of rainforests.

Therefore, if you put your Fiddle Leaf Fig outside during this time they will thrive well upon getting adequate humidity and warmth.

4 Factors To Keep In Mind Before Moving Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

Since Fiddle Leaf Figs are indoor plants, there are 4 important factors that you must keep in mind before you decide to move your Fiddle Leaf Fig plant outside. 

So for your information, below those 4 important factors have been explained in detail. 

Placement Of The Plant: 

The first and the most important factor that you are bound to keep in mind is the placement of the plant outside.

A shady place with indirect bright sunlight is the best spot for a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant, so either find such an outdoor spot or create a shady place by the wall of your home. You can consider putting the plant under a big tree as well. 

But don’t put it at a south-facing outdoor spot as that place gets the most intense sunlight which is harmful to the plant. 


Light is the next most considerable factor when it comes to putting your Fiddle Leaf Fig outside. 

Strictly bear in mind that Fiddle Leaf Figs can’t withstand direct and intense sunlight, especially the harsh sunlight in afternoons. Because due to harsh sunlight the plant will get dry and the leaves will get scorched. 

So make sure to put your Fiddle Leaf Fig plant under medium indirect bright sunlight and consider placing a shade over the plant. Also, you must let the plant soak filtered sunlight for at least 6-8 hours every day. 


Fiddle Leaf Fig plants require the correct temperature while being put outside to grow and live well, so the temperature is the 3rd main factor that you must remember. 

Therefore, while placing your Fiddle Leaf Fig outdoors, always check the temperature if it’s in between 65°-75°F or not. Hence, 65°-75° F temperature is the ideal temperature for Fiddle Leaf Figs to grow. 

Also, remember that if the temperature falls down under 50°F, immediately bring it home. 


Watering the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant is the last important factor to be kept in mind. When you will be putting your plant outside, the requirement of water will change as well due to the changes in temperature and humidity outside. So you must keep checking the soil to know if the plant needs more watering or no watering at all. 

If you feel the soil gets dried up quickly, you have to water it often. If you feel the soil is still moist, wait until the soil comes in the state of soaking water again. 

How Do You Take Care For A Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

Here 3 ways to take care of a Fiddle Leaf Fig outside have been described below. 

Clean The Leaves: 

Try to wipe the leaves of the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant once every month with a damp cloth when it’s kept outside. So that the leaves look shiny and clean and dust/spider mites can not get latched to the leaves. 

Check Humidity: 

Pay attention to humidity as the plant thrives well in a humid environment. So if you feel the weather is dry, mist the plant with plain water to increase humidity. 

Check The Water Level In Soil: 

Indoor and outdoor temperature and environment are different. So to take care of your Fiddle Leaf Fig plant, check the water level in the soil to prevent overwatering and underwatering. 

Use your two fingers to check deep inside the soil. If you feel dry, water the plant. If you feel the soil is wet, don’t water for a few days. 

Can Fiddle Leaf Take Full Sun?

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants can’t take the full and intense sun. They do require loads of sunlight but they are tolerant to only the indirect/filtered bright sunshine.

So the harsh afternoon sun rays or sunshine falling on a south/west facing spot will be too intense for Fiddle Leaf Fig plants to endure. 

How Much Sun Does A Fiddle Leaf Fig Need?

Any Fiddle Leaf Fig plant whether it’s placed indoors or outdoor requires 6-8 hours of bright indirect sunlight to thrive well. 

It’s because Fiddle Leaf Figs enjoy sunlight and grow healthily upon getting sunlight. Therefore, if they get at least 6-8 hours of sunshine, these plants flourish. 

How Hot Is Too Hot For Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Temperature more than 95° Fahrenheit during the daytime is considered too hot for Fiddle Leaf Fig plants. Because any temperature above 95° F can make the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant dry as the water in the soil will evaporate.

Also, the leaves will get charred due to such intense sunlight. As a result, the plant may even perish. 

What Temperature Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Tolerate? 

Fiddle Leaf Fig plants can tolerate a temperature between 65°-75° Fahrenheit. Because temperature between this range is considered as the ideal temperature for Fiddle Leaf Figs.

As this temperature is neither too cold nor too hot for the Fiddle Leaf Fig plants so they can tolerate it and grow satisfactorily. 

Can I Transplant A Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree To The Outdoor Garden?

You certainly can transplant a Fiddle Leaf Fig tree to the outdoor garden. In fact, the plant itself will prefer living in the outdoor environment, hence it belongs to the tropical rainforests. 

But you are required to transplant a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant outside during the warm seasons like summer and spring. So that the plant can get acclimated to the outdoor environment in a better way. 

Where Should I Plant My Fiddle Leaf Fig Outside?

You should plant your Fiddle Leaf Fig under a shadowy spot outside so that direct and intense sunlight doesn’t fall upon it. Besides, you can plant the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant beneath the shadow of a big tree or by the wall of your home.

When To Bring Fiddle Leaf Fig Inside? 

You should bring your Fiddle Leaf Fig plant inside when the temperature falls down below 50° F. Because a temperature under 50° F is deemed to be too cold for a Fiddle Leaf Fig plant to tolerate as they are tropical plants and don’t thrive well in cold weather.

Final Thoughts: 

Being a tropical rainforest plant, Fiddle Leaf Figs grow well outside in the summer season as the plant loves sunlight and a humid environment. Therefore, make sure to move the plant only in the spring and summer seasons in a shadowy spot with filtered sunlight so that it can thrive in summer.

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