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Do Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Grow Back? (All You Need to Know)

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Fiddle leaf figs are known for their beautiful leaves. It is their most attractive feature which is why they have been sought after.

If you are wondering how to take care of fiddle leaf figs better and if you can regrow their leaves then you should do your research to help guide you through it. 

Do fiddle leaf fig leaves grow back?

The fiddle leaf fig plant is not as fast-growing as other plants. They do not grow back leaves properly as their growth is quite dormant. It is not impossible, but it will take a very long time for that to happen. This is why it is very important to take care of one diligently. 

Can fiddle leaf figs grow new leaves from the bottom?

Generally, fiddle leaf figs usually do not grow new leaves from the bottom. However, it can happen sometimes due to some underlying issues which you should pay attention to immediately.

This is because your plant needs to focus its attention on growing leaves at the top part instead of the base. 

One of the reasons new leaves grow from the bottom of the plant is because they are offtips. This is especially the case if the rest of your plant seems to be in good condition but there are still new leaves growing at the bottom of the plant.

In that case, ensure to remove the growth immediately so that the growth energy is focused at the main plant instead of the bottom. 

This growth can also be a sign of your plant not being healthy and in distress. If your fiddle leaf fig is not doing that well its immediate reaction can be to grow out new leaves at the bottom to shift energy from the leaves or branches from the main plant that might be in trouble.

It can also happen if there is an insect infestation in which case insecticide is the way to go.

If the roots are injured then you might see new leaves appearing at the bottom of the plant as well. This can happen when you have been repotting your plant and simply removing the leaves will do the job and let your roots heal. 

How often do fiddle leaf figs grow new leaves?

It depends on how well you take care of your fiddle leaf figs and how healthy they are. If your fiddle leaf fig is well taken care of, on average not it will grow new leaves during every growing season. This is during the spring and summer months.

This will range from five to around six weeks. It can grow up to eighteen inches in a year. When it is not the growing season and around the winter months, it is common to not see any growth. 

How do fiddle leaf figs grow new leaves? 

When it comes to encouraging new growth on your fiddle leaf fig, there are a few tips you should follow to help you grow a healthy plant. 

Sufficient sunlight:

To have your fiddle leaf figs grow new and healthy leaves, you must ensure to give it proper sunlight. The key is to give your plant bright but filtered sunlight so that the light does not end up scorching its leaves.

They love bright light and it will help provide them with the abundance of energy to grow a ton of new leaves and be healthy. 

Proper Fertilizer:

The growing season of fiddle leaf figs are during the summer and spring season because the temperature and sunlight are perfect.

Fertilizer is not a necessity, but do keep in mind that providing the proper nutrients will stimulate the growth of new leaves even more.

During the growing season, it is even more important to provide them with the necessary nutrients so that you can get bursts of new leaves that are healthy as well. 

Re-pot only when necessary:

These plants do not welcome change. If you re-pot them then it will take a while before any new leaves start to grow.

However, if you re-pot when the soil is very old and is lacking in sufficient nutrients then only there will be a major change in their growth and you will see new leaves spurting.

Fertilize according to growth rate:

If your plant is growing at a much faster rate then you must fertilize your plant more frequently as well. This is because the nutrients are sucked up more quickly if the plant is also growing at a faster rate.

This will provide your plant with stable nutrients and constantly providing them with that can ensure that they grow up to an entirety of eighteen inches in a year. That with proper light also ensures that they grow beautiful new leaves that are healthy. 

Is it normal for fiddle leaf figs to drop leaves?

You might sometimes notice that your fiddle leaf figs have dropped leaves. You must find out the cause behind it so that you can ensure that your plant is healthy.

Often it is natural for fiddle leaf figs to drop leaves. This drop happens at the bottom of the plant and you will see that three or four leaves droop downwards and end up falling off.

This is because these leaves are older and can be slightly yellow in the shade so it is normal for them to drop off since your plant does not require them anymore. 

The only time you should be concerned when your plant drops leaves is when the leaves have brownish spots or holes in them. This can be due to underlying causes such as under watering or overwatering, bacteria or insect plague, not enough humidity, or even rotting of the root. 

Why do fiddle leaf fig leaves fall off?

If your fiddle leaf figs are falling off in an excessive amount then there are certain things you should look out for to restore your plant’s health. 

Overwatering or underwatering:

You have to keep your plant’s soil moist. You should water the plant only when the top three inches of the plant have dried out.

If you overwatered your plant it can cause the leaves to start drooping and it can also trigger the root of the plant to rot. As a result, the leaves start to fall off.

Underwatering the plant depletes them of the nutrition they need from the soil as well as the energy to grow which can also lead to the leaves drying out and falling off. 

Improper temperature:

Your plant prefers a humid environment with lots of bright yet indirect sunlight. Not giving them such conditions can cause them to have stunted growth and the leaves to eventually fall off.

Ensure that your plant is not close to any air conditioner or facing direct sunlight as it can damage their leaves and cause them to fall off. 

Repotting the plant:

These plants are not happy about changes and unlike other plants repotting doesn’t do any benefit for them unless the soil was heavily depleted of nutrients.

The plants get shocked from the sudden change in scenario and as a result, their leaves may start to droop and fall. Their growth will be idle for a while and it will take time to see any positive changes in the plant.  

How to prevent fiddle leaf fig leaves from falling off?

If you can manage to find the cause earlier, it will not be difficult to restore the health of your plant. 

Proper watering:

Keep in mind to water only when the top layer of the soil is dry. You should put one-third of your index finger in the soil to check out its moisture level and if it feels dry then only water your plant.

Also, ensure to have a proper drainage system in your pot so that your plant can get rid of any excess water. 

Mimic its natural environment:

Your plant will thrive the most when you ensure to give it bright yet indirect sunlight and keep proper humidity levels in check where your plant is. They love moisture and even temperature levels. 

Do not shock your plant:

Keep your plant away from sudden harsh temperatures or wind. Also, ensure to not repot your plant unless the soil has run out of nutrients.

This is because these plants are not fond of such changes which can cause stress to them and make their leaves fall off. 

Can you save a fiddle leaf fig with no leaves?

It depends on how healthy the plant is. If there is no root rot and if the branches and roots are still healthy then the plant can survive provided that you are mimicking its ideal natural conditions.

Ensure to prune any branches that may seem dried or stressed and keep them in a warm environment with proper humidity levels and bright sunlight. Also, ensure to water your plant properly. 

Can fiddle leaf fig leaves repair themselves?

Not really, the fiddle leaf fig will not repair themselves. If the leaves are under stress or dried then they will droop down and eventually fall off.

This is to help the plant focus its energy on the leaves that are healthy or growing new leaves. In this case, it is just best to prune off any leaves that might seem stressed to you to help the plant grow better leaves. 

With proper care as well as mimicking the plant’s ideal conditions fiddle fig leaves can grow back. Their growth is more dormant than usual, especially when under stress or in a new environment. It is best to give them their time and proper care to encourage new growth. 

Final Thoughts:

The fiddle leaf figs leaf don’t usually grow back or take too much as it is a slow-growing plant. But if you can make sure that your plant is healthy, then it will grow back leaves and making itself look fabulous. But it must be ensured that you keep it in the right surrounding it needs.

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