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Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Grow in Low Light? (All You Need to Know)

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Indoor plants have become very much popular because of their low maintenance and their aesthetics. Most of the plants are okay under moderate lighting conditions. But that does not mean all plants will give the same condition.

The fiddle leaf fig is a very popular choice, even among the indoor plants. They have a unique shape of their leaves that complements any sort of interior design. If the plant is happy and healthy it can brighten up your entire house.

Can fiddle leaf fig grow in low light?

While most indoor plants are tolerant to both low lights and bright lights, the fiddle leaf fig has different conditions. These plants need tons of bright light, that too indirect. Also a few hours of direct sunlight will keep your plant happy and healthy. Low lights will get your plant feeling low.

Consistent and indirect bright light is perfect for the fiddle leaf fig. These indoor plants do not bloom well in low and insufficient lights. They will lean towards the light so you will have to turn the plant around every few months. Also notice the soil before it gets too dry.

When it comes to light, fiddle leaf figs can’t get enough of it. Direct sunlight can be harmful for the plant if you keep it for too long. A few hours every day should be just fine for your plant. But they do need indirect and bright light most of the time.

If you have experience with houseplants and indoor plants, you might think that the fiddle leaf fig will be okay with a moderate amount of light. But that is absolutely not the case. These plants are very different. They need a lot of light to stay alive and spread their full bloom.

But you will have to be careful of the lighting. There is a risk of the leaves burning if there is direct light. Make sure the light is indirect. And keep an eye on the soil, whether it gets too dry because of too much light or not.

Can fiddle leaf fig survive in low light?

It is very unlikely for a fiddle leaf fig to survive in low and insufficient light. These indoor plants require a lot of light. It is hard to say how much light is sufficient enough for them.

Throughout the day keep them under indirect light. And give them that good bright sunlight a few hours every day.

Some house plants are good with low light, and some just are not fussy about lighting. But not giving the fiddle leaf fig enough light can be one of the fatal mistakes you can make. The plant needs sufficient lighting and enough sunlight every day to grow fast. It is somewhat a necessity. 

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How many foot candles does a fiddle leaf fig need?

If you feel your fiddle leaf fig is in insufficient lighting, make sure to put some foot candles near it. Do not leave your plant without enough lighting. Around 400-to-800-foot candles will be enough for the fiddle leaf fig. But do not be alarmed if your plant needs more candles.

Usually at least 500-foot candles are enough for the fiddle leaf fig. When there is insufficient lighting, you need to use foot candles. 400 to 800 is enough. But do not be worried if your plant requires more. Some will use 1000-foot candles to provide enough light for the fiddle leaf fig.

Do fiddle leaf figs like direct sunlight?

Fiddle leaf figs love natural and bright light. The house plant can’t survive in low lights. They need enough bright light. And for sunlight, the happiest your fiddle leaf fig is when you let it sit in direct sunlight for a few hours every day.

Direct sunlight can be harmful for the plant if you do not change sides every few days. The leafs might get burnt and the soil might dry faster. Even so, direct sunlight is one of the most important things for the fiddle leaf fig.

Can a fiddle leaf fig get too much sun?

While the fiddle leaf fig needs direct sunlight every day, there is still a risk of the plant getting too much sun. There is some harm involved in getting too much direct sunlight. The leaves might burn or your plant will get brown scorch marks all over.

It is important for you to change the position of your plant after a few days to avoid getting it sunburnt. The plant loves direct natural light. But too much might do more harm than expected. Make sure to check the soil as well. Do not let the plant dry out.

How many hours of sunlight does a fiddle leaf fig need?

For your fiddle leaf fig, direct, natural light is somewhat essential. And that too for a long time. At least 6 hours of direct sunlight is needed for the healthy growth of your fiddle leaf fig.

Make sure to change sides every few days. This way the whole plant will get enough sunlight and there will be less risk of one side getting sunburnt.

Natural and direct sunlight is very important for the fiddle leaf fig. Unlike other house plants, they love the natural and bright light. Keep them under the sunlight for about 6 hours every day and watch them bloom happily.

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Can you grow a fiddle leaf fig with a grow light?

The fiddle leaf fig requires sufficient, be it direct or indirect. The plant can grow beautifully under a grow light as well. The plant just needs enough light to grow, it does necessarily need natural light. A grow light will be enough for your fiddle leaf fig to bloom.

As long as your plant is getting enough light, your plant will grow happily. The fiddle leaf fig cares very little about where the light is coming from. But it is true that they will need direct sunlight. But they can grow under a grow light.

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How to use grow light for fiddle leaf fig?

Fiddle leaf figs need light. The source does not matter as long as there is sufficient lighting for them. You can use a grow light for the proper growth of your fiddle leaf fig. The steps are simple to follow-

  • Place your plant directly under the grow light.
  • Placing more than one grow light from different positions so your plant gets enough light.
  • Keep the power of the light at a moderately high vault as the plant requires much light.
  • For at least 6 to 8 hours keep the light on. More than this might damage the plant and the leaves if it.
  • Turn it off timely.

Using a grow light for your fiddle leaf fig is not a big deal. They will grow just fine under these lights as well. Just make sure they get enough light and from every direction.

What kind of light do fiddle leaf figs need?

Any sort of natural light is perfect for fiddle leaf figs. They love direct natural lights more than anything. Sunlight and afternoon lights keep them happy and healthy. These plants have no issues with direct sunlight. They need at least 6 hours of it daily.

But if your house does not have sufficient natural lighting then no need to worry. The plants can grow and survive well in artificial lighting as well.

You can use grow lights as well to make sure the plant is getting enough light. As long as the plant is getting enough light, the source of it does not matter.

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Can fiddle leaf figs live in shade?

A fiddle leaf fig will grow under many different sources of light. They might even survive in partial shading as well. But the plant will not survive living in a shade. For the healthy growth of the plant, sufficient lighting is necessary. The plants can’t survive under low lights.

Low lights are not appropriate for the fiddle leaf fig. They need loads of light to survive. It is very unlikely for the plant to live in shade. Partial shading occasionally might be okay but total shade is definitely not good for them.

What to do if your fiddle leaf fig doesn’t have enough sun?

It might be possible that your fiddle leaf fig is not getting enough sunlight. In such a case you can follow a few methods-

  • Use artificial lighting;
  • Use LED lights around the plant;
  • A grow light will be okay;
  • Move the location of the plant;

The best solution you can come up with in this situation is to use artificial lighting if there is not a location with enough sunlight. 

Where should you put your fiddle leaf fig?

The most appropriate position to place your fiddle leaf fig would be on a window that has enough access to sunlight or afternoon light. Eastern, western or the southern exposure would be best as these places get the most light.

As long as your fiddle leaf fig gets enough light, the plant will stay healthy. The perfect position is where your plant gets enough light.

Final thoughts:

The fiddle leaf fig has very different conditions when it comes to light exposure. Unlike the other house plant, these plants require a lot of indirect light to survive. It is very unlikely for the plant to grow under insufficient lighting. They need enough light, be it natural or artificial.

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