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Can Fiddle Leaf Fig Recover from Sunburn? (Read This First!)

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The trendy plant of the moment (or perhaps the past several seasons), the fiddle leaf fig, is a beautiful architectural statement in every area of the home. With its bright, violin-shaped sheets, this rich plant uplifts the entire ambiance of the room.

But it may be challenging to maintain it. Maintaining a fiddle leaf fig can be tricky at times, mainly because you have to keep an eye out for every symptom. Fiddle leaf figs are known for getting sunburnt, but can they recover from sunburn? Let’s find out.

Can fiddle leaf fig recover from sunburn?

The unfortunate thing about sunburned fiddle leaf figs is that they do not recover. The only action you can take is to trim off the sunburned leaves and avoid making the errors that caused the sunburn in the first place. A window or outdoors may receive direct sunshine on your fiddle leaf fig.

Fiddle leaf figs love coherence. If you put your plant inside the house, but suddenly you decided to put it outside in the sun, it would get sunburn. Putting it directly under the sunlight can also cause sunburn.

A few hours of intense sunshine is sufficient to scorch it. The leaves of the fig plant require time. Thus introducing a substantial change to the environment can not only harm but also create stress or shock.

Brown patches on fiddle leaf fig leaf leaves don’t always indicate the leaves are sunburnt. Including sunburns, there are other reasons why the FLF may have brown spots.

If it is a sunburn, there will be no brown patches on the leaves, concealed beneath or under other leaves. You may be assured that your fiddle leaf fig is sunburnt if you observe that only the top leaves exposed to the sun exhibit the spots.

These tropical plants detest draft, so pick a place directly near the outside entrance, the open window, or the air ventilation. They also flourish in bright, indirect light (never put it under direct sunlight).

Position your Fiddle Leaf Fig In a bright room or near the window, not where the light directly touches the plant.

Can fiddle leaf figs get sunburned?

Fiddle leaf figs are prone to direct sunlight as they can very quickly get sunburnt with just a few hours of intense daylight. Only the leaves exposed to the sunlight will get brown spots as a result of the sunburn.

The bottom leaves or leaves that are hidden away won’t have these brown spots. This is the ideal way to identify the symptom, as brown spots in the entire plant can mean other issues.

Fiddle leaf figs are pretty delicate when it comes to their maintenance. Too much change in their surrounding environment can cause harm if they’re unable to adapt.

Can fiddle leaf figs have direct sun?

Fiddle leaf fig wants the kind of light that most homes and apartments naturally provide — not too much, nothing too aggressive, nothing too luminous, and also nothing too dark. East-facing windows are an excellent place to keep your plant.

Fiddle leaf figs need a lot of indirect light and direct sun. The afternoon sun will be too intense from a window facing south or west.

So just like the nutritious rays filtering from the thick canopy of the forest, your fig requires sun in your house. Save the window to the south for desert plants such as cactus and succulents.

What happens if fiddle leaf fig gets too much sun? – Signs of sunburn on fiddle leaf fig

When fiddle leaf figs get too much sun, they can sunburn if they are not accustomed to such heat. Especially during hot summer days when the sunbeams fall directly onto the earth, that’s when the figs are at significant risk.

When the fiddle leaf figs get sunburnt, the following signs appear:

Light Brown patches:

If your plant has too much direct sun, it may develop a sunburn that looks bleached as light brown patches. The dots are primarily on the upper leaves and may occasionally be red/yellow.

Yellow Patches:

Depending on the level of sunburn, the color of the patches can vary. Yellowish patches are another sign of sunburn. Recent sunburns typically have a yellowish tint, and it slowly turns brown with excessive sunburns.

Excessive sunburn:

Excessive sunburn may turn the leaves red. The leaves have a bleached appearance when they get excessively sunburnt.

Healthy roots:

If the bleached patches appear only on the exposed leaves and the rest of the plant seems alright, that’s a sign of sunburn. When it comes to brown spots, it can mean a variety of things.

But when only the leaves that get direct sunlight have brown spots, that’s a clear indication of sunburn.


After the leaves get sunburnt, they start to shrink. Sometimes the entire leaves can shrink and become a miniature version of their original size.

What are the causes of sunburn on fiddle leaf figs?

Fiddle leaf figs need that extra bit of owner from you. If you manage to look after the plant properly, it will repay you by elevating the environment. So let’s find out what causes sunburn on the fiddle leaf figs.

Direct sunlight:

the fiddle leaf figs receive direct sunshine in the natural, which does not give the plant any issue. However, if the plant is inside, it may not be utilized or comfortable with direct sunshine.

Excessive Exposure:

Direct sunlight may ensue if you put your fiddle leaf fig beside or outside a window. If it is exposed to sunlight for a time, the leaves start to shrink, resulting in sunburns.

That’s why even if you put the Fiddle Leaf Fig beside a window, make sure you have curtains to protect it from the harmful rays.

Sudden solar exposure:

fiddle leaf plants appreciate consistency. If you bring your plant inside and give it the ideal indirect light, but you decide to put it under the sun all at once, it will sunburn.

Just a few hours of intense sunshine afternoon is enough to burn the leaves.

Changing the environment:

The fellow leaf figs require time to adapt to various circumstances so that suddenly a significant shift would harm their habitat and create stress or shock.


Brown stains on the leaves of the FLF do not indicate the leaves are sunburnt. There may be various reasons why leaves get browned.

If it is a sunburn, the leaves covered below will not have brown spots on them, indicating that it is a sunburn. You can be sure that your fiddle leaf fig is sunburnt if you observe that only the top leaves exposed to the sun exhibit the spots.

How to treat sunburn on fiddle leaf fig?

There is nothing much you can do once your fiddle leaf fig got sunburn, so it’s better to take a few precautions. Some tips to save your fiddle leaf fig are given below –

Trimming off the leaf:

The unfortunate part about sunburn is that it doesn’t restore the leaves. The only thing you can do is peel off the sunburnt leaves and follow the instructions so that nothing similar happens.

Whenever you cut any portion of the fig leaf, be sure to use a sharp and sterile instrument to accomplish this. And the cut needs to be clean.

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Changing the position:

If your fiddle leaf fig receives direct sunshine, remove it and put it in a location where it gets enough indirect light. However, you shouldn’t place the plant somewhere dark as it won’t survive there.

 You need a place that has sufficient indirect sunlight.

Letting the plant adapt:

Do not change the location abruptly if you wish to alter the light levels for your fiddle leaf fig and vary it gradually and consistently, so the plant can adapt with time. Constantly changing its location can cause more harm than good.

So be decisive when you’re moving your fiddle leaf fig.

Installing humidifier:

If the weather becomes too dry, it can also cause sunburn with bare minimum sunlight. In this instance, installing a humidifier will help you immensely. The condition needs to be favorable for your fiddle leaf fig to grow appropriately.

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Misting the plant:

If you cannot get a humidifier, you can mist the plant regularly. It will keep the plant nourished, and the water particles further protect the plant from sunburns.

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How much sun can a fiddle leaf fig tolerate?

According to expert gardeners, fiddle leaf figs can tolerate up to five hours of direct sunlight if it is well accustomed to it. When the plant is relatively young, you shouldn’t put it directly under the sunlight.

Try to slowly introduce the plant to the outdoor heat and let it adjust to the environment. Direct sunlight can be harmful to the plant. That’s why you should place it somewhere where there is indirect sunlight but not at an excessive level.

Should I remove brown leaves from the fiddle leaf fig?

You should remove the leaves and the stems frequently by pruning them when they start to turn brown.

Any leaves with big dark patches or holes can be removed safely to enhance your plant’s general health. A wounded or diseased leaf consumes your plant’s nutrients and may transmit an illness.

When you can see the disease infected or damaged leaves, remove them fast at any given time.

Can fiddle leaf figs be pruned?

Fiddle leaf figs can be pruned without any significant worry.

 When pruning, you should follow all the necessary precautions, including wearing gloves and sterilizing the blade you’re going to use for trimming.

Should you prune a sunburnt fiddle leaf fig?

You should prune a sunburnt fiddle leaf fig as it is the only plausible way of curing it.

The plant can’t recover itself. That’s why you’ll have to prune it.

Final Thoughts:

To sum things up, the bad part about the burnt fig leaf is they don’t recover. The only thing you can do is prune the burnt leaves and eliminate making the mistakes that produced the sunburn. As soon as you see the evidence of sunburns, you should act immediately to save your fiddle leaf fig.

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