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What Size Pot for Strawberries? (Quick Answers)

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Strawberries are a sweet-sour delicacy. This fruit has beauty and a unique flavor. Naturally, this fruit grows in the northern hemisphere.

Though a different variety of strawberries are now produced throughout the world to meet the current demand for this fruit. Let’s see what pot size is suitable.

Pot size for strawberries

Strawberry plants have relatively small roots. So, this fruit doesn’t require to have a giant pot or space to grow. Only a diameter of 10 to 12 inches and an 8 to 9 inches deep pot can grow this plant properly. These plants are so delicate that you must provide more care while growing this fruit.

Strawberries are loved by almost everyone. When they are properly ripe, they become red in color. These fruits rot so easily that it is recommended to eat them as fresh as possible. So, people want to plant these plants near their homes.

Though these plants require to have good care to get a good result. Throughout the world, a total of 20 species of strawberries are found.

From them, three particular varieties such as the Tristar, Temptation, and the Seascape variety grow quite well in a pot.

However, if the plant gets enough sunlight and nutrition, any species can adjust suitably inside of a pot. Ensure the pot, thus the plant gets enough light, and that the composite of the pot is perfectly maintained.

And the container or the pot is not overcrowded. Just 2 to 3 plants are enough if the pot is relatively big. Strawberries don’t need deep pots or containers, only an 8 to 9 inches pot can be perfect for these plants to nurture.

While you are planting 2 to 3 strawberry plants in a pot, ensure the plants are of smaller species.

You need to water the plants once in two days, and the plants need direct sunlight for six hours every day. Moreover, before planting the tree prepare the soil as per the strawberry plants’ needs.

Also, if you are living in a cold area or the winter season is near, then you have to provide winter protection. Don’t let the root freeze in the winter.

People around the world plant strawberries in containers or pots for a few reasons. First, if you plant them in a container, there might not be any economic benefit to them. But you can decorate your place with the tiny red fruits hanging by the side of the plant.

This immense beauty is only possible when you plant strawberries. Second, you have your strawberries out of all the pests, bacteria, and fungus, when you will use pots or containers to grow strawberries.

These short-lived plants need some extra care while they can produce beautiful and tasty fruits for you. So, take good care, and don’t plant too many plants together. Or these perennials may lose their beauty and may not grow properly as well.

How many strawberry plants per pot?

The standard size of a pot to plant and grow strawberries are 10 to 12 inches in diameter with 8 to 9 inches deep. Because, the plant is not that big, and the roots don’t go deep. Also, there are different varieties of strawberry plants, and they are kind of bushy.

You can plant 2 to 3 plants inside of a container of 12-14 inches. Ensure the roots are covered with the soil and the roots are firmly attached to them. If the roots are not attached, then any slight movement of the pot can lift the plant off the pot.

While you have planted strawberry plants, you must be careful of moving the pot. As you know, these plants’ roots are not strongly holding the ground.

Don’t plant other plants such as mint, peppers, potatoes along with strawberries. Let the strawberries have enough space to grow properly.

Three factors that determine pot size for strawberries

There are certain factors you need to know in mind. Let’s get to know them.

Number of Strawberry Plants:

One of the most important things to consider while planting is the space for each plant. If you plant too many strawberry plants, there will be shortages of nutrition among the plants, and they might not grow properly.

Two to three plants are allowed in one pot of 10 to 12 inches. Ensure the pot can carry enough soil for the plants and doesn’t gather moisture or hold the water in it for a long time.

An adequate level of water is required for strawberries. Too much water will damage the roots and the plants, and too less water is also harmful.

Place of Planting:

If you are considering planting in a large number, you may plant it differently. Because a pot can carry 3 plants at best.

But, if you are willing to grow these plants for doing business, then planting them in a small pot will not provide you with a good number of strawberries.

Though there are some strawberry plants, that can be planted vertically which is a topic that needs a huge discussion.

See if the pots have a hole:

A hole under the pot is needed. So that the extra water can flow through the hole and keep the nutrients properly in the soil. Moreover, the fungus and bad bacteria cannot grow due to the water cannot stay in the pot.

Strawberry plants can be planted for ornamental usage. But, the growth possibilities increase when you provide 6 hours of direct sunlight, water the plant properly, and nurture them.

What are the best pots to grow strawberries in? Deep or wide?

Strawberries can be planted in a small pot. But as the plant is bushy and comes with a little root. These plants don’t require a deep pot, rather wide pot is better. You can plant 2-3 strawberry plants in one pot.

Though a wide variety of pots is required. In a 10-12- or 12-14-inches pot, you can plant 2 or 3 plants. But for a 6 to 8 inches pot, you can only plant one strawberry plant. If the pot is not deep enough to hold the small roots of strawberry plants, then there is a problem as well.

You need to bring a pot of 8 to 9 inches deep to have a better result from your strawberry plants. However, the wider is better. So, try to manage urn-shaped pots to grow your strawberries.

Tips to choose the best pot for strawberries and how to grow strawberries in them

There are certain tips you need to follow. Let’s take a look at them.

Choosing the Best Pot for Strawberries:

There are different types of strawberry bags or pots to get a good healthy strawberry plant. You can use a growing bag, to grow your strawberries. That is one of the easiest ways to plant and grow strawberries.

You can plant 5 to 6 plants in a 33 liters bag. Though it may need a huge space to grow the strawberries in a growing bag.

You can use bespoke strawberry pots or urn-shaped pots. In 35 by 35-sized pots, you can plant about 8 plants. These pots are so attractive, and the growth rate is better than these pots.

You can use a hanging basket to plant strawberries as well. This is also an attractive way to plant strawberries. When you hang strawberry plants, the slugs cannot get them. So, it is also a safer way to plant strawberries.

Preparing the Soil and the plant:

 Try to collect a healthy plant first. You can use bare-root strawberry plants, or you can use transplants. Bare-root strawberry plants may not be beautiful immediately. But the transplants will.

However, don’t overcrowd the planting spot, rather 2 or 3 plants are enough per pot. Make a compost of different nutrients and mix it with the soil, so that the plant can get immediate nutrients after plantation.

Plant and Set the Pot in a proper place:

After you prepare the plant and the pot, you should plant the strawberry plant. And set the pot in a place where the plant can get enough sunlight daily. Ensure minimum sunlight of 8 hours every day.

Water and feed the plant:

You should water the plant twice a week and along with that, you need to provide good care to the plant. You need to feed your strawberry plant once a week.

You can use dedicated strawberry fertilizer to have healthy strawberries. Though this is not mandatory, you should do it for better outcomes.

Final Thoughts

While planting the strawberries, the most important thing you need to consider is how delicate these plants are. The roots are small, and the fruits can lose their freshness at any time. Planting these perennials in a pot of 10-12 inches wide and 8 inches deep is highly suggested.

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