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Why Is My Apple Green Inside? (Answered)

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When we think or talk about fruits, apples are one of the very first options. And the most common proverb we hear about consuming apples is ‘an apple a day keeps doctors away’. 

Which means if we eat an apple everyday after we have woken up from bed, the doctor won’t earn his bread. 

Now, have you ever bit into an apple and found that it wasn’t white inside? How about it has a greenish tint inside? And you are wondering why your apple is green inside!

If you are disturbed by this kinda situation, you are at the right place. We are here to have a detailed discussion on the reasons behind apple’s being green inside. Therefore, to find all your answers, bear with us till the end. 

Why is my apple green inside?

Generally, apples that are unripe have a greenish tinge inside of them. Therefore, if you are noticing that your apple is green inside, it means there is more room for growth. Cutting or biting into an apple that is green inside can be both scary and disappointing. 

When we think of apples, we imagine a bright red fruit with a white and juicy inside. However, there are circumstances under which you can see otherwise. 

Apples may or may not ripen after having been plucked from the trees. If they are not mature and ripen enough, they will have a green tinge in them. And you would know this as soon as you bite or cut into it. 

If you are worried about whether or not your apples have gone bad, then don’t be. Apples which have a greenish tinge cannot go bad. 

However, there will be visible signs that your apple has gone bad. Some of these signs include browning of skin or small spots in the skin. Brown blemishes, holes , wrinkled skin and a mushy texture inside the fruit. 

Fuji apple

If you know a thing or two about varieties of apple, then you must have heard the name fuji apple. They are known to be the best varieties that need to be consumed fresh. These apples have their origin in Japan. 

However, you may notice your Fuji apple having a  green inside, here is why:

The apple is unripe: 

Unripe apples mostly have a green inside or a tinge of green in them. Now most fuji apples are great for desserts or cooking. From sauces to pies you can make anything you want. However, unripe apples would not taste as good as well ripe apples. 

Anyhow, you can rather use them in cooking rather than wasting the unripe apples. The cooked apples are easily edible as they will become softer. Moreover, cooking enhances the natural flavor of the apples. 

Therefore, if you find your fuji apples having a green tinge inside, you can simply cook or bake them. 

Granny smith apple

Granny smith apples or generally known as sour apples. They are green in color and have a tangy aftertaste. These apples have their origin in Australia. 

These apples are known to be the best for its crisp and juicy flesh.Now there are times when you may notice that the inside of your granny smith apples are green. This is why this can happen: 

There’s room for growth: 

In general the apples that are immature and have room for growth tend to have a greenish tinge on the inside. Apples when plucked from trees while they are still raw and unripe usually have more of a greenish tint in the inside. 

Been froze and thawed: 

At times we tend to freeze fruits in order to preserve them. If you are doing the same with your granny smith apples, then there’s a chance you will find your apples to have a green inside. 

In case this happens, there is nothing to be scared of. You can still bake or cook with these types of apples. 

Is green on the inside apple harmful? 

An apple that is green on the inside is not harmful. Usually, unripe apples are green inside. It is not harmful to consume such apples, as they haven’t gone bad. Apples that are red outside but have a green tinge inside may cause it to have more room to grow. 

Now, consuming an unripe apple can be hard and chewy. Additionally, they may not taste as good as the ripe ones. However, these apples taste great when cooked. Essentially, these apples taste sweeter and softer after they have been cooked. 

Moreover, consuming an unripe apple can lead to causing discomfort in your stomach due to ethylene gas. Most unripe apples tend to be too sour. And directly consuming them can cause some irritation in your stomach. 

So, be sure to porch, fry or bake your unripe apples before eating them. 

Is it okay to eat an apple that is green inside? 

It is okay to eat an apple that is green inside. The inside of an apple turns greenish only when it is picked early. Which means unripe apples have a green tint in them. It is absolutely fine to eat an apple that is green inside. 

However, it is better not to consume an apple that is green directly. 

These apples have a high amount of ethylene acid in them. Therefore, consuming too much of the unripe apples directly can cause health issues. 

Apart from that, there are signs that an apple cannot be consumed. Whether you are eating a regular apple or green apples, you will see some visible signs. The most common sign that it is not okay to consume these apples is noticing brown marks. 

Additionally, you will see a mushy texture, holes, wrinkled skin etc. Therefore, it is okay to eat an apple that is green inside. 

What to do with apples which are green inside? 

Apples are meant to be consumed whether or they are green inside. Apples that are green inside, are usually considered unripe. Now, it is okay to eat such apples, if eaten right. 

Directly consuming them without processing them may cause some stomach issues. Therefore, here are a few things that can be done with apples that are green inside: 

Preparing a pectin: 

Unripe apples have a higher amount of pectin in them. Therefore, they can be used to prepare natural pectin which can later be turned into jelly and jam. This way you would not have to waste any fruit. 

Moreover, it helps you save some money as you wouldn’t have to buy extra pectin from the market. 

Making jams and jellies: 

We all need a thing or two to have with our breads. And a combo of PBJ can never go wrong. How about a jam that has been made with zero preservatives? 

You can make homemade apple jam and save your money. Additionally, it is considered to be more healthy when prepared at home. Moreover, this decreases food waste which is a great initiative. Therefore, try making some apple jam using the unripe apples. 

Preparing apple cider vinegar: 

Apple cider vinegar is a multi-purpose ingredient. Additionally, it can be great for cleaning and other non-culinary purposes. This is a DIY way to reduce food waste and use unripe apples. 

Using as a feed for livestock: 

Unripe apples can be a great supplement for livestock such as pigs. If there is a large amount of unripe apples present with you and there’s nothing you can use them for, simply use them as a feed for livestock. 

Apart from pigs they can also be fed to horses and other animals. However, it must be kept in mind that the feeding is done in moderation. Feeding them unripe apples in excessive amounts might lead to them losing interest in them. 

What happens when you eat an apple which is green inside? 

Apples are known to be beneficial for our health. However, under some particular circumstances, it can be otherwise. Here are a few things that can happen when you eat and apple which is green inside:

Does not taste great:

Apples are usually known for their juicy and crunchy taste. But, when it comes to unripe apples they do not have a sweet and juicy texture. They are usually hard and chewy in texture. Moreover, they do not taste great. 

This is why they should not be consumed directly. It is best to consume these after they have been cooked, baked or fried. 

Can cause stomach discomfort: 

Excess of anything is bad- this proverb more or less goes for almost everything. Unripe apples usually contain a large amount of ethylene acid. Therefore, when ethylene acid is consumed in a larger amount, it can lead to stomach discomfort. 

Final Thoughts 

Apples that are unripe usually have a greenish tinge inside of them. These apples are hard to chew and have a sour taste.. Therefore, they need to be cooked before consuming. Eating uncooked apples can lead to stomach discomfort as they have a higher amount of ethylene acid.

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