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Is Dragon’s Breath Plant Annual or Perennial? (Celosia)

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Dragon’s breath plant has been under close speculation for its unique growth pattern, flowers, and colors. But it is still a common concern whether Dragon’s breath plants are annual or perennial.

In this article, we will find out the answer and many other aspects associated with caring for a dragon’s breath plant.

What is a Celosia or Dragon’s Breath plant?

Dragon’s breath plant is a beautiful annual plant that blooms with maroon flowers. The flowers are so mesmerizing that they are sure to turn a lot of heads.

The plant is known as a branching plant. It grows upright for about a year before blooming with brilliant maroon flowers. The plant has bright green-colored foliage that further enhances its beauty. The flowers last for a long time, upholding their charm.

Is Celosia or Dragon’s Breath plant annual or perennial?

Dragon’s breath plants are annual. Their flowers bloom once a year. The maroon flowers bloom in spring. The plant lives beyond its blooming season and the flowers also come back every year. Most annual plants live year to year, but the dragon’s breath plant lives for a long time.

Dragon’s breath plants are annual plants that live for a few years when taken care of properly. Generally, annual plants lose life after their blooming season, living year to year. But dragon’s breath plants live beyond their blooming seasons.

But you will need to care for them if you want them to survive till the next season. It would be ideal to bring the plant indoors if you want them to live till next spring.

These plants have beautiful green foliage. And they bloom with beautiful maroon flowers. Their flowers live for a long time as well. Keep them in adequate sunlight and moisture if you’re expecting a nice bloom.

These plants allow about ten weeks of blooming season at best. The weaker plants will bloom for a shorter period. But if you trim the plant well and prune it then you can expect a longer bloom. You will also have to remove the dried heads as part of its maintenance.

In warm climates, the plant lasts for a few years before. But in colder climates, you might have to replant a dragon’s breath plant every year. This is a perfect plant for growing in zones 9 and 10.

For a nice bloom, you will need to water the plant regularly. The dragon’s breath plant demands a well-moistured environment, especially when they are younger. However, the older plants are very drought-tolerant.

Does Celosia or Dragon’s breath plant come back every year?

Yes, dragon breath plants come back every year. These plants grow incredibly well in warmer climates. One plant can offer blooms for a few years straight.

However, in moderate to colder climates, these plants cannot offer more than one bloom. Instead, you will have to replant the plant for bloom the next year.

Dragon breath plants offer incredibly beautiful maroon flowers during their blooming seasons. The blooms start to show up during early spring.

Their blooming time lasts for about ten weeks on average. A well-cared-for plant will bloom for even longer. Older plants, that have not been pruned or trimmer, will bloom for shorter.

But if you have watered your plant well throughout the year and pruned it in time, then you can expect the plant to come back every year. While most of the annual flowering plants live year to year, dragon’s breath plants live for a longer time.

How do I get the dragon’s breath back?

Dragon breath plants usually bloom in early spring. And their blooms last for a long time. You can expect the flowers on the dragon’s breath plant to last for at least ten weeks.

With optimum care, the blooming time will be extended even further. If you prune the plant well and water it regularly, the blooming time will be even longer. And older and weaker plants will bloom for a shorter time.

So if you’re wondering how you can get dragon’s breath plants back then there are some simple steps that you can follow.

If you’re expecting a bloom in the next season as well, then it would be best to move the plant indoors if possible. The plant demands adequate shade once its blooming season is over.

But if it’s not possible to move the plant inside, then there’s no need to worry. You will need to make sure that the plant is well-watered. These plants demand good quality moisture all through the year.

In addition, make sure to prune the plant well. Pruning can work like a magic on dragon’s breath plant. It will bring back bloom the next year and the flowers will look magnificent.

How long does the Dragon’s Breath plant last?

Dragon’s breath plants last for a long time. Despite being annual plants, these plants stay alive even beyond their blooming season. The flowers start to show up from early spring.

And the bloom lasts for about ten weeks on average. But with proper care, you can make the flowers last even longer. However, older dragon breath plants are most likely to not have such extended blooming time. In such a case, the blooming time will be about six to eight weeks.

How do you overwinter Dragon’s Breath or Celosia?

Dragon’s breath plants grow well in warm climatic conditions. So you will need to take special care of them if you want to overwinter them. Here are a few steps that you can follow to overwinter dragon’s breath celosia.

Trim them:

Trim your plant during winter. This helps them survive the cold climate as well as prepare for its blooming season. Since these plants bloom during the spring, right after winter, trimming will make way for a beautiful blooming time.

Move the plant indoors:

It is best not to expose your dragon’s breath plant to the cold. So if it’s possible, you should move the plant indoors. That way, you will be able to regulate its environment and the temperature around the plant.

Can you grow Celosia or Dragon’s Breath indoors? How to?

Yes, you can grow dragon’s breath indoors as well as on the porch. There are certain tips that you should keep in mind in such a case.


Dragon’s breath plants need adequate whether you are growing them indoors or outdoors. However, they cannot grow under direct sunlight or high heat. It is known that these plants end up with rotten buds if you put them under high heat.

So growing them indoors will take a lot of stress off of these plants.

So if you’re growing your plant indoors, make sure that it is getting enough sunlight. While shade is important for these plants, they also need their fair share of sunlight.

Shape it up:

Make sure that you’re pruning the plant when needed. These plants can flourish when you’re taking care of them properly. Shaping up your plant is crucial, especially when you’re caring for a dragon’s breath plant.

Regular pruning will save your indoor dragon’s breath plant from being overwatered. It will also make sure that your plant is blooming fine for several years to come.

Keep the moisture level right:

While it is easy to overwater a plant, it is also quite common for houseplants to lose life due to a lack of adequate moisture.

Make sure that you’re watering your indoor dragon’s breath plant as soon as you notice that its soil is dry. The right moisture level is very important for these plants to grow indoors properly. 

How do you take care of a Dragon’s Breath?

Caring for a dragon’s breath plant can be quite tricky sometimes. But you will need to ensure their proper care to enjoy their majestic maroon flowers for a few years.  Here are a few simple tips on how you can take care of dragon’s breath:

Provide plenty of water:

These plants grow well in warm climatic conditions. But they also require plenty of water in order to grow. So make sure that you’re watering your dragon’s breath regularly.

Most importantly, they need the perfect moisture level during the warmer and dry days. If you want to get a nice bloom from your plant, you will need to water them as soon as the soil gets dry.

Keep them away from high heat:

The buds of these plants get rotten and lose life off when these plants are exposed to high heat. So you should make sure that the dragon’s breath plants are not kept under direct sunlight or high heat.

Final thoughts

Dragon’s breath plants are annual plants. They bloom during the spring and the flowers last for about ten weeks. But unlike most other annual plants, these plants can live beyond their blooming season and come back the next year. Just make sure that you’re taking proper care of the plant.

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