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Does Eucalyptus Need Water? (All You Need to Know)

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Eucalyptus is one of the most adored ornamental plants by gardeners. They grow naturally in the aridest zones of the world and can tolerate drought. Does that mean that a gardener can grow Eucalyptus without water?

The answer to this query with other related facts on Eucalyptus rearing is our topic today. So if you are interested in planting Eucalyptus, our article might help.

Does eucalyptus need water?

Eucalyptus needs water to grow and survive. They are evergreen plants. It means the leaves draw a lot of moisture and evaporate, leading to the draining of water. Whether eucalyptus is planted as a tree or in a pot or a vase, they need water to thrive. Otherwise, eucalyptus won’t live long.

Even though eucalyptus naturally grow in dry regions, they require water to survive and thrive. Moreover, caring for this plant is super easy. 

When you buy eucalyptus branches from a florist and intend to keep them for a long time, you must put them in water. Without water, they can only survive a few days.

Now let’s see if they need water when planted in different ways.

Eucalyptus tree:

Watering is essential for eucalyptus trees. These plants are evergreen and do not recover well from wilting. They cannot drop their leaves like the deciduous trees. So they lose moisture through leaves and evaporation.

Young trees need 1 to 2 gallons of water per week in usual weather. Moreover, the soil needs to be moist 2 feet down the earth. The mature trees require twice the amount of water, while the soil should be moist up to 3 feet deep down.

The watering again should be expanded as the root system spreads. 

Eucalyptus plant indoor:

Eucalyptus is also grown as potted plants or in a vase. The roots start circling inside the pot. Hence, at some point, you need to replace the plant outside. Mostly the E. globulus is a popular choice to grow indoors. After 1 or 2 years, they need to shift outdoors.

Again, eucalyptus needs full sun to thrive. 

When the plants are growing, you need to water them moderately. Make sure to water throughout the soil. Wait for re-watering until you see the top third layer of the soil dry. Without enough moisture, the plants cannot grow well and may even shed leaves. 

Eucalyptus stems or branches in a vase:

You can get stems or branches of eucalyptus from the florist. However, you need to put them in water immediately for them to last long. With water, the stems will last about three weeks. They may live for 2 to 3 days without water. 

There is a way to extend the lifetime. For that, re-cut the stems every three weeks. If needed, add preservatives to the water. One such mixture is a half teaspoon of sugar with a splash of bleach in a gallon of water. 

Dried or Preserved eucalyptus:

Dried eucalyptus lasts for a year. Nevertheless, the leaves are brittle and will break easily without proper care. To get dry stems, you need to remove the eucalyptus from the water. Otherwise, they won’t dry as usual.

Preserved eucalyptus stems are a little different from dried stems. Preservation is done using a solution which is technical-grade glycerin. It keeps leaves soft and flexible for many years. Mix water with the preservative to avoid dryness. The leaves also change colors.  

How often to water an indoor eucalyptus plant (in a pot)?

Though eucalyptus is partially drought tolerant, they need regular watering as indoor plants. Also, ensure enough sunlight. The watering helps prevent the leaves from falling off. To retain moisture, you can even put mulch around the base of the plant.

The growing phase of the plant requires a moderate amount of water. You need to water throughout the soil. Again do not re-water before the top third of the soil isn’t dry yet. If it does not rain, then the watering is usually done in a week’s interval.

How much water does a eucalyptus tree use per day? Does it need a lot of water?

Eucalyptus trees need watering both in their growing stage and in maturity. Without water, the leaves will fall off. Again, since it is an evergreen tree, the leaves soak most of the moisture and release it through evaporation.

The watering depends on the season, soil porosity, and the site they are growing. For a young plant, 1 to 2 liters of water a week during is enough. However, during the dry season, the plants require 3-6 liters of water per week.

The mature plants need double the amount of water. Also, the topsoil should retain moisture 3 feet underground, while the young trees need 2 feet of soil moisture. Again, the watering should expand with root expansion. 

The amount of water should be moderate. Not too much to get negative results in the growth of the plant. 

How long does fresh cut eucalyptus last in the water and out of water?

One can put fresh-cut eucalyptus in a vase with and without water. However, depending on the presence of water, the plant will maintain its freshness.

In water:

If you place water inside the vase with freshly cut eucalyptus, it will survive for three weeks. Cut the end of the stems before placing them in the vase. Skipping the process will dry the eucalyptus stems rapidly.

Without water:

With the absence of water fresh-cut, eucalyptus will last only for about 3 to 4 days inside a vase. The stems will eventually dry.

Does seeded eucalyptus need water? How long does seeded eucalyptus last out of water?

Seeded eucalyptus is immature eucalyptus with the operculum attached. If you want to preserve them for a long time, they need water. You may expect it to last one week or more with water. However, proper handling is necessary.

Place the eucalyptus branches in water when you bring them home. Again, before cutting the end of the stems. A type of eucalyptus named silver dollar will last 2 to 3 weeks.

Without water, a seeded eucalyptus may last up to 2 to 3 days only.

Are eucalyptus trees drought tolerant? How do they survive the drought?

Eucalyptus plants are partially drought tolerant. They grow naturally in arid regions. Eucalyptus can tolerate a period of stress and even survive fire events. They sprout from the dormant buds under the bark after a fire event. 

Eucalyptus plants are known as sclerophylls or are hard-leaved. The leaves are leathery, thick, and resilient because of lignin. It helps avoid wilting and allows them to live in hot and dry conditions. 

During drought or stress, eucalyptus will shed perfectly healthy branches without any warning signs. Nevertheless, drought-tolerant does not mean they should be left without water when you plant them. 

Can you propagate and grow eucalyptus in water?

Propagating eucalyptus is relatively easy. It can grow in water for a certain period. According to the Department of Agriculture and plant hardiness zones, eucalyptus falls under 8 through 11. Here we have jotted down the processes of rooting eucalyptus cuttings and growing them in water, 

Rooting eucalyptus cuttings in water: 

Select a healthy stem from the eucalyptus tree. Avoid older stems. You may even collect stems from the local florist. It is better to take cuttings during the late summer. 

The stems should have 4 to 8 leaves and be 3 to 5 inches long. If needed, trim the stems just below a leaf node. Now put the cuttings inside a bucket of water or in a vase. Soon they will grow roots and get ready to be planted.

Since the roots grow fast, you need to re-pot the plants repeatedly. Better plant it in a bigger pot the first time. Choose a container with drainage holes. 

Growing eucalyptus in water:

Propagating eucalyptus in water may need some extra effort. Once you get some healthy stems, you need to put the cuttings inside a jar. You may need to mix rooting hormones. Also, make sure that the medium is germ-free. 

For the solution, you can put 0.2 percent NAA and 0.2 percent IBA rooting liquid. Put the preservative in a disposable cut. 

Dip the lower half of the eucalyptus in the solution for 10 seconds and remove the excess liquid. Now, put the stems inside the water. Wait for a few weeks for roots to appear. 

You can also grow them in normal water. It may work. But a little effort will give a much better result. Once root appears, and the jar can no more hold it, plant the eucalyptus in a pot or your backyard. 

Final thoughts

Despite eucalyptus being drought-tolerant, they require water to grow. The quantity of water depends on the size, site, and growth stages of the plant. They can also be grown inside the house as indoor plants or in water for some time. Again, the plants can be dried and preserved for a long time.

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