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How Long Do Flowers Typically Take to Grow? (Answered)

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Gardening is a great hobby that helps one to keep one’s mind cheerful and relieve stress. It’s a source of enjoyment having a lot of flowers in your garden. But we become restless if we don’t find flowers in the garden. 

Actually, It’s a complicated process to grow flowers from a seed and so, it takes some time. 

How long do flowers typically take to grow?

Flowers typically take an average of fifty to ninety days to grow depending on the type and nature of the seeds along with the factors like moisture, nutrients, temperature and the weather. The fastest growing flowers take four to six weeks where the slowest growing can take up to several months.

Typically the time required to grow flowers from seed, depends on some factors. It actually depends on the nature of the seeds, quality of the garden soil for nutrition, moisture and temperature. 

There are three categories of growing speed among flowers that are fastest growing, average growing and slowest growing flowers. 

Quickly growing flowers are usually considered blooming within 50 to 60 days. ‘Sunflowers’ are annual flowers that start to germinate at two to ten days after planting seeds then grow into a bud after thirty-five days and blooms into a flower on average of sixteenth day. 

The average growing flowers particularly do not need a long time to bloom; the average time range from seed-lining to flourish is between eight to twelve weeks. 

‘Cosmos’ that’s a average growing flower, mostly requiring 8 to 10 days to germinate and within seven to eight weeks they start to bloom. Where, the lowest growing flowers take an average of 100 days to bloom fully into a beautiful flower from a bud. 

‘Sedum’ are low maintenance but slow growing plants which take a long time to germinate then grow into a flower. 

What is the fastest growing flower?

The flowers that germinate within ten to twelve days after planting and bloom in flowers budding on an average of sixty to seventy days are the fastest growing flowers. They take less time, effort and care as they bud off quickly. 

Their growth mostly depends on the type of soil, climate, proper maintenance and handling.


Sunflowers grow rapidly, usually they need nine or ten weeks if proper daylight is given. The sowing seeds start to germinate in ten days and then the sprouted seed undergoes a development period of 12 to 35 days. 

Within 60 days they start to bud off and within 10 to 20 day a young flower grows.


Marigold is a bright, quicker growing annual flower that generally requires 45 to 50 days until flowering. Their sprouts quickly germinate within four to fourteen days. 

Transplanting it from sowing needs 15 to 20 days and in the next twenty days it becomes a blooming flower.


Petunias grow quicker in the summertime. This can germinate within one week at optimum temperature as they need a lot of light. Their approximate time to get flower buds is 6 to 8 weeks.


Poppies also bloom rapidly. It normally begins to germinate within one to three weeks in autumn and sprouts within 10 to 20 days. But the soil has to contain proper nutrition to grow quicker. 

Some hybrid varieties usually take 50 to 55 days to get flower buds, though it will take 9 to 12 weeks to flower.

How long do flowers take to sprout? 

The rate of sprouting differs between blooms. Flowers can sprout in five to seven days or one to two weeks, depending on the type and nature of the seeds. Some varieties may take longer according to the growth zone and habitat. 

Annual flowers develop quickly and germinate rapidly, with the exception of perennials, which take three to five weeks to germinate. Fast-growing flowers like sunflowers and marigolds, on the other hand, germinate in seven to ten days. 

After sprouting these start to bud off and bloom into flowers within sixty days.

Calendula, phlox, nasturtium, sunflowers, marigolds are quick sprouting and blooming flower seeds. Calendula is short-lived annuals that sprout in one week after being sown in seed trays indoors. In the dark, phlox sprouts in five to ten days normally. 

Nasturtiums grown under lights sprout in ten to twelve days after proper watering.

How can you encourage your plants to flower faster? 

To speed the process and encourage more flowers, they need to plant in appropriate places and give them what they need. Here are some ideas that you can follow to faster flower:

Ensure proper light and shade:

The major condition for blooming faster and their overall health is proper sunlight and shade. Most of the plant grows in the full sun so, ensure the location where they’ll get maximum sunlight or partial shade. 

Improve soil:

Soil is the place where all the nutrients are stored and for faster blooming, the soil must be rich with micronutrients containing phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. 

Test your soil and increase the amount of essential micronutrients that’ll ensure faster bloom.

Use chemical fertilizer:

Chemical fertilizer is well balanced and contains higher quality nutrients that are necessary for blooming. Use a low nitrogen, high phosphorus containing fertilizer when plants will start forming buds. 

It’ll increase the amount of blossoms in your garden.

Pluck the heads:

Whenever you notice wilted and faded blooms, you should pluck them off or cut them off as they waste the plant’s energy and slow the blossoms.

Water regularly:

Plants need proper moisture for their health and growth. First learn how much your plants require water and water them as per the need. As a result, it will increase the speed to flower faster.

Add mulch:

Mulch is good at protecting plant’s roots and maintaining the soil temperature. It also helps better water and air movement and as a result, plants will bloom faster.

How to help flowers to bloom?

If you’re not getting flowers in your garden that’s because plants aren’t getting their proper needs and you need to find out the reason first. If they are deprived of proper sunlight, you should move them to another appropriate location. 

You need to water them regularly as they need water for their growth and nourishment. Also, their roots need nursing for blooming.

Moreover, the soil has to be rich and fertile. You also need to check the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil. However, you should also be careful choosing flowers for your garden for frequent blooms. 

Choosing perennials would be a wise decision as they are long-blooming flowers. Plant multiple varieties of perennials with fulfilling their needs and you can get your garden full of flowers.

How long does it take for a flower to grow from a seed? 

Not every flower grows at the same speed. In fact, the life of a plant has various stages and it depends on the time how quickly they go through the stages. From a seed to becoming an adult plant and starting the reproduction process, it takes much time. 

On average, the annual flowers take fifty to ninety days to grow from a seed.

Depending on the speed, there are three categories of flowers- fastest, average and slowest growing flowers. Fastest growing flowers require approximately 50 days to grow from seed. 

Average growing flowers take 70-90 days where slowest growing flowers take average 100 days to 150 days to grow from a seed. Moreover, it also depends on various factors including sunlight, fertile soil, weather, temperature and climate to grow. 

What are the 4 stages of plant growth? 

There are four stages in a plant’s life cycle. From a plant’s birth, development, reproduction and life loss, they go through these four stages. Here are the stages: 


A seed is formed by pollination and fertilization and it’s the beginning of a plant’s life. Actually, seeds carry the embryo of the plant so, if it gets to place in a suitable place it starts to grow. 


When the roots of the seed start to grow downward and it needs some conditions to birth, the phase is germination. It requires proper oxygen, water, warmth and food. The optimum temperature is 24°- 32°C.


When the roots start to grow the stage is called sprout. This youngest state is named ‘seedling’ and it’s the most valuable growth. Plant needs proper oxygen, sunlight, and nutrients to grow bigger.

Adult plant:

They start growing and growing and become adults. Now they’re fully mature and starting to generate their food. Then they finally reach their reproductive stage and produce flowers, fruits and seeds.

Final Thoughts 

Different flowers have different speeds but on average, flowers typically take fifty to ninety days to grow from a seed. This period is required for their various stages to become an adult flower. The speed also depends on some factors like the type of seed, soil, moisture, temperature and weather.

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