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Can You Put a Money Tree Outside? (Quick Answers)

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The scientific name of the money tree is Pachira aquatica. How this plant got its “Money tree” name is a matter of folk-tale. Some of its other names include Guiana chestnut, Saba nut, and French peanut. 

Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether you can put a money tree outside or not. 

Can you put a money tree outside?

One can certainly put a money tree outside as it is a very adaptive plant. However, money tree plants placed outside need an extra amount of caring because of changing weather conditions. Money tree plants can not deal with windy conditions. Money tree plants should be placed under partial sun. 

Money tree plants have impressive survival ability. They can survive both indoors and outdoors. The important thing to remember here is that they can not handle too warm or too cold weather when placed outside. 

That is why you will need to place the money tree plants under partial sunlight or indirect sunlight in the outside environment.

They also need excessive amount of watering when they are placed outside. Because their soil becomes dry easily because of sunlight. Money tree plants placed outside also can not fight against excessive wind pressure and your money plant will often lose leaves because of it. 

So a money tree plant can be put outside if you manage to take some extra precautions and measures. Placing it outside without enough preparation and care can impact the growth of the money tree plant negatively.  

Can a money tree plant live outside? When can I put my money tree outside?

Money tree plant is mostly known for being an indoor plant. But it can certainly survive in outdoor conditions as well. But it can not survive through all kinds of weather in the outside environment. 

It needs a decent amount of caring if it is to live through changing weather of the outside environment. 

For example, a money tree plant can only live outside if the temperature is in the range sixty five to eighty degrees Fahrenheit (F). It also requires an excessive amount of watering in order to cope up with the outside weather. 

Considering all this, you can put your money tree outside in the summer season and keep it there until the fall season comes.

Is a money tree better inside or outside?

Money tree plants are adaptive to both indoor and outdoor conditions. But when the money tree is planted in a pot and placed outside, it requires an extra amount of caring because of changing weather conditions. 

A money tree plant grows better in full sun outside but it is easier to grow them inside

Because when it is grown in an indoor environment, it does not require too much watering. But when it is placed outside, it has to be watered more regularly because of the soil becoming hard earlier due to full sun.

Money tree plants found in the wild have been known for growing up to about sixty feet compared to the money tree planted in pots which can grow up to only eight feet. 

But the growth rate of money trees planted in pots is the same for both the outside and inside environment.

So it is easier to grow a money tree inside but the growth rate remains the same in both inside and outside conditions.

3 reasons why you can put money tree outside

There are several reasons which enable you to put money trees in an outside environment. Let’s discuss them in detail. 


Money tree plants are really adaptive when it comes to surviving in any conditions. They grow very high in wild conditions. But they can also grow well at a good pace inside and outside your home. 

Any plant that can cope with changing conditions and environment is a blessing for gardeners and plant lovers. Money tree plant is one of those highly adaptive plants that makes it easy to grow. 

Easy Caring Method:

As the money tree plant is an adaptive plant, it is very easy to care for. For example, it can survive under full sun outside and can also survive inside with a minimum amount of sunlight. 

When the money tree pot is placed outside, it requires an extra amount of watering on a daily basis.

Other than that, money tree plants do not deal well with windy conditions. Precaution measures should be taken when there is an excessive amount of wind blowing that can affect the leaves of money trees.

The outside weather:

The weather in the summer is perfect for money tree plants to grow. That is why most gardening experts suggest that you should put your money tree plant in an outside environment in the summer. 

The warm conditions of summer can be ideal for the growth of money tree plants. Generally, money tree plants are known for surviving under sixty five to eighty degrees Fahrenheit conditions.

Where should I place my money tree outside?

Many plant growers face the dilemma of where to place their money tree outside. As you already know, money trees can be grown both in indoor and outdoor conditions in a pot. 

When it comes to placing the money tree plant outside, choose a place that gets a decent amount of sunshine regularly

But you have to be careful about putting them in a spot where the sun is too hot to handle as it can burn the leaves of the money tree plants. You will also have to consider the wind pressure of the spot you want to put your money tree. 

Because excessive wind blows can damage the leaves of the money tree plant. 

If you manage to maintain these things while placing your money tree plant, the optimum growth of the plant will be ensured. 

How to care for a money tree outside?

It is more challenging to care for a money tree in the outside environment. But there are some steps and methods you can follow that will make caring for a money tree outside easy. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Prepare the soil:

If you are planning to place your money tree pot outside, then the soil must be specially prepared to handle the outside weather. You can take the step to mix peat moss or sand with the soil of the pot. It will enhance the drainage power of the plant. 

Place it wisely:

Taking the decision of choosing the appropriate place for your money tree outside will decide the success or failure of the growth. Instead of full sun, money tree plants grow better under partial sun. Placing them under the sun will burn their leaves. 

So you will have to be cautious about the placement of your money tree plant. 

The important thing to remember is that money trees can not survive outside if the temperature is less than sixty five degrees Fahrenheit and more than eighty degrees Fahrenheit. That is why you will need to place it wisely.

Water it regularly:

Indoor money tree plants do not require as much water as outdoor money tree plants. The outdoor money plant needs water on a regular basis because of being under direct sunlight. Their soil become hard sooner than indoor money tree plant. 

You will have to consistently check the soil of your money tree plant using your finger to know if it needs watering. 

Avoid wind:

Money tree plants can not deal with excessive wind as their leaves are fragile and prone to falling off under windy conditions. You will need to put your plant in a place where the wind flow is minimum.

Does a money tree like direct sunlight?

A money tree plant does not particularly like being under direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can potentially burn the leaves of a money tree plant. It grows better under partial sunlight when they are placed outside. 

Indoor money tree plants need indirect sunlight in order to grow properly without their leaves becoming burnt.

If you want to keep your money tree plant safe, you will need to avoid putting them under full sun. A money tree plant can handle only sixty five eighty degrees Fahrenheit temperature. That is why putting them under direct sunlight decreases their chances of survival. 

Final Thoughts

A money tree plant can be put outside as it has the ability to survive in outdoor weather and temperature. The required temperature for a money tree plant is said to be sixty five to eighty degrees Fahrenheit. The leaves of money tree plants can not survive under full sunlight.

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