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Will Deer Eat Bromeliad? (All You Need to Know)

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Bromeliad is a tropical plant that you might have seen around. Many people use bromeliads as indoor plants. Besides, they are often seen outside. Generally, you might see deer grazing in the field and having many random plants.

So, you might be confused about whether deep will eat bromeliad or not. Well, you have to know details about the elements of bromeliad. Moreover, you have to know about deer’s choice of food. So, let’s see whether deer will eat bromeliad or not.

Will deer eat bromeliad?

Deer will not eat bromeliad. Generally, deer don’t like bromeliad. Bromeliad plants are deer-resistant. You might see them throwing out from the ground, but they will not eat this plant. A hungry deer might eat any plant in front of it, but in general, deer will not eat bromeliad plants.

Some plants are resistant to animals. So, the bromeliad is considered deer-resistant. Simply, deer don’t like this plant. But there might be some reasons behind it. Deer don’t eat some plants because they are fragrant, prickly, or sap-filled.

Some variants of bromeliads are heavily fragrant. Moreover, bromeliads are also sap-filled. So, this is pretty difficult for deer to eat bromeliad. Besides, bromeliads have spiky leaves. So, deer have to face difficulty eating bromeliads. That’s why deer don’t like to eat them.

Are bromeliads deer resistant?

Yes, bromeliads are deer-resistant. Plants that are deer-resistant means deer don’t like to have these plants. Moreover, deer might face digestive problems if they eat deer-resistant plants.

Generally, deer don’t like plants that are fragrant and spiky. So, bromeliads are also fragrant and spiky. However, deer don’t like spiky plants. These plants are difficult to eat. Moreover, they might face digestive problems after eating bromeliads.

So, if a deer is hungry, you might see him eating any plant. But generally, bromeliads are considered deer-resistant.

What animals eat bromeliads?

Generally, small insects and bugs eat bromeliads. You might not see any large animals to eat bromeliads. Moreover, many animals might graze in the field but don’t like to eat bromeliads. Besides, bromeliads have spiky leaves.

That’s why deer, cows, and other grazing animals face difficulty having these plants. But Arthropod herbivores like to eat different parts of bromeliads. So, let’s see what animals eat bromeliads.


Snails eat bromeliads. Generally, you might not notice them eating since they are pretty slow. But snails eat stems, leaves, roots, and flowers of bromeliads. You might see holes in the leaves of bromeliads sometimes.

Snails generally eat the leaves and flowers and create holes in them. They also leave slimy elements on the leaves and flowers.


Like the snails, slugs also eat bromeliads. They also eat different parts like flowers, leaves, stems, etc. They also leave slimy elements on the leaves like the snails. So, snails and slugs have similarities in eating bromeliads.

You might not notice them in general, but the big holes in the flowers and leaves prove the existence of slugs on them.


Squirrels also eat bromeliads. Though they might not eat a large number of bromeliads like some bugs, they have a taste for this plant. So, you might notice squirrels eating different parts of bromeliads.

Other bugs and pests:

Many other bugs and pests eat bromeliads and their different parts. For example, Curculionidae (Coleoptera), Diceratobasis, and Lepidoptera are common animals that eat bromeliads. Moreover, Metamasiuscallizona, also known as Evil Weevil, eats bromeliads.

What is eating my bromeliads?

Bromeliads are both indoor and outdoor plants. You might see these colorful plants outside. Besides, like many other people, you might have bromeliads in your house. So, there is a chance you are experiencing something is eating your bromeliads.

Generally, big animals don’t eat bromeliads. So, you might be confused about what is eating your bromeliads. Generally, most animals that are eating your bromeliads are pests and bugs. So, let’s see which animals might be responsible for this.


These insects might be responsible for eating your bromeliads. Generally, these weevils are also known as Evil Weevils. These insects are so serious that they can make a tunnel to the plant’s root.

So, you might not notice these insects but they are eating your bromeliads.


Caterpillars are common insects that eat many plants’ leaves and flowers. So, they also eat bromeliads. You might see them often sitting on the leaves or the stems. But they will leave signs of eating bromeliads.

Snails and slugs:

Snails and slugs also eat bromeliads. They are one of the common insects that eat bromeliads. Generally, snails and slugs eat the leaves and flowers of these plants. Moreover, they leave holes in the flowers and leaves.

So, you will notice their existence by holes in the leaves and flowers. Besides, snails and slugs leave slimy elements on the leaves and flowers from their body.


Aphids also eat bromeliads. Generally, aphids are small animals that might have different colors. They eat roots or leaves of bromeliads. Generally, they don’t cause severe harm to bromeliads.

But sometimes, your bromeliads might struggle because of the invasion of these small bugs.


You might think about uncommon animals and insects who are eating your bromeliads. But squirrels can also eat bromeliads. They eat flowers, stems, or leaves, of these plants.


Like aphids, mites can also eat bromeliads. Mites have different types. Among them, spider mites eat bromeliads most time. They might eat leaves or flowers of bromeliad plants.

Other insects:

Not only might these insects, but many other insects also eat bromeliads. For example, mealybugs, scale, thrips, etc., bugs and insects can also eat different parts of the bromeliads.

Why do dogs eat bromeliads?

Generally, dogs like to eat bromeliads. If you notice your dog is eating bromeliads, it might be because of the scent of stagnant water in the center of your bromeliads. Generally, dogs eat plants when they face nutritional deficiency.

But bromeliads are fragrant plants. So, dogs might be attracted to this scent and eat these plants. Bromeliads are not toxic to dogs. So, dogs don’t get sick after eating bromeliads.

However, it’s unlikely for big animals to eat bromeliads. But dogs often eat bromeliads. Bromeliads are non-toxic to dogs, so they can eat these plants.

But just placing the plant out of their reach and placing diluted lemon juice can stop them form eating the plant. 

Do squirrels eat bromeliads?

Yes, squirrels eat bromeliads. Squirrels eat many grass-type plants. So, they also have a taste for bromeliads. You might not see a squirrel eating bromeliads.

But squirrels are likely to eat bromeliads like many other plants. Bromeliads have many types. So, squirrels might not eat all types of bromeliads. But they eat bromeliads. Generally, they eat leaves, roots, stems, and flowers of bromeliad plants.

Final Thoughts:

Deer will not eat bromeliad since they don’t like the fragrant. Moreover, the sap-filled structure of this plant discourages deer to eat the plant. Besides, bromeliad leaves are spiky. So, it will be difficult for deer to digest the plant. Hungry deer might eat bromeliad but generally, they don’t.

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