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Why Are Staghorn Ferns So Expensive? How Much Do They Cost?

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Before buying any houseplant you should check about the price of it and make a budget according to that range. Not all plants will cost the same. A lot depends on the rarity of the plant.

Ferns have always been a favorite for the plant lovers. If you want to get one for your place, make sure to do your research first.

Why are staghorn ferns so expensive? How much do they cost?

Staghorn ferns are a very rare and equally expensive species of plant. Apart from being very rare, the plant requires a lot of care. Which makes the plant very expensive compared to the other similar plants. They have a lot of growth requirements which makes their price go from 10-300 dollar.

Ferns are very much cared for and favored for as houseplants. Most of the species of the ferns are seen to be kept inside the houses and outside as well. It is because they are very much adaptable and easy to maintain compared to a lot of other plants.

But there are some species of the plants that are not so easily found. These species of the plant tend to be rare and that is why these plants are expensive.

One such species of the plant is the staghorn fern. The staghorn ferns are not reasonable at all. Apart from them being rare, there are other factors as well-

Beautiful plants:

The staghorn ferns exceptionally beautiful, especially among the other species of the fern. This is why these plants are deemed as a rare type fern. They have exceptional features from the general fern species. One of the reasons they are set at a higher price.

Rare ferns:

Unlike the other ferns, the staghorn is not easy to find. These ferns are very rare, not only among the ferns but also within the other house plants. Which is why they are set at a price higher than the other plants.

Favorable environment:

Staghorn ferns require a very specific and unique environment to grow and survive in. This is why it is not easy to manage and keep these plants. To maintain the perfect humid environment around them is a costly work.


During the growth period of the staghorn fern they require a lot of specific fertilizers. It is not easy to get a hold of these at the same time and they need a lot of the fertilizer as well. And the mixture of it also very difficult to get right.

Staghorn ferns comes at a high cost and their maintenance is also not very easy. In fact the plant is actually labeled as an expensive plant.

But the beauty of the fern is definitely worth the cost. You will not regret investing in the plant. But you will have to maintain the plant with much caution and care.

Are staghorn ferns rare? What is so special about a staghorn fern?

Ferns in general are not very rare to find and plant. However whether the plant is rare or not depends a lot on the type and species of the fern.

While most of the plant is not very rare, the staghorn fern is actually a rare plant. Though it was more rare a few years ago and has been found in many places now, still it is rare than most plants.

Though ferns are very pretty in general, the staghorn ferns are exceptionally beautiful in comparison to many other house plants; not only among the ferns.

There are many varieties among the staghorn ferns as well and all of them are equally and uniquely beautiful. Their rare beauty makes them so different and special.

Along with their exceptional beauty, the staghorn fern has a unique quality that makes them so special and different from the other fern plants.

The staghorn fern plant has two types of leaves. The sterile leaves of the plant will usually wrap around a tree or other plants, while the normal leaves will drop gracefully.

Staghorn ferns grow well inside the house as well. They do good in the warm environment, adequate care and proper nourishment.

How much do staghorn ferns cost?  

Staghorn ferns are very much expensive, compared to the other house plants and ferns. Because of how much rare the plant is, it is common that the plant is set at a price that is higher than the other similar and contemporary plants.

The price of the plant can be set from $10 to as much as $300 and more.

The price of the staghorn fern mostly depends on its’ age. The more age this type of fern is the more its’ price is. There is still a price range according to the age group for the fern-

40 year old staghorn fern:

Usually any staghorn fern that is above the age of 25 will range between $500 to $1,000. Though this price can vary according to the condition of the plant. Still it is better to make the budget within this range.

30 year old staghorn fern:

As these staghorn are relatively new to the age range, they can come at a slightly lower range. But still they will range along the lines of $500 on an average. If the plant is smaller in size then you could get it at a lower price.

Baby staghorn fern:

The new and baby staghorn ferns can come from $10 to around $300. This is the average range of the young staghorn ferns as they need less maintenance cost.

Lemoine staghorn fern:

These type of ferns cost twice as much as the regular baby staghorn ferns. They can start from $25 and can go up to $50 to $100.

Large staghorn fern:

Depending on the size, the price of a staghorn fern can vary. But in general, a large staghorn fern will cost you at least $100.

The price of the staghorn fern is higher than the average house plant. Which is why you need to know and budget properly beforehand.

Where do staghorn ferns grow?

Staghorn ferns are mostly native and they can be found in the African region more. The fern can also be found in areas of Australia and Southeast Asia. But in Africa the fern can be found in their many species and varieties, which are not available in all places.

And in general the fern grows in places where there are a lot of shade. The plants are good with the little to enough water from the plants, which is why they can be found clinging to other trees.

Staghorn Ferns can be found clinging to the limbs or the crotches of other trees and plants. They receive nutrients and water from them.

Just like many other fern plants, the staghorn fern grow well in native areas. They do not need much water or food but they do require much shade. Which is why the fern plant can be found in African areas more.

How to grow staghorn ferns? How do you care for a staghorn fern?

As indoor plants, the exceptionally beautiful staghorn fern is grown and taken care of with much interest. The fern has become very popular and can be easily found near you. But if you wish you can grow the fern in your backyard. It requires a little bit of work that’s all-

Plant near large tree:

You can plant the fern near any large tree as they require support. The fern will take water and nutrients from the tree that they are intertwined with.

Mound them in:

One popular way is to mound them in wooden planks with moss and other burlap. This is very easy to maintain as well.

Grow in a hanging basket:

And as the last option, you can always grow them in a hanging basket. This way the plate like shield fronds will dry soon and protect the roots of the plant.

Though the fern plant is known as a low maintenance plant, there are a few things that you should keep in your mind when you start to take care of a staghorn plant-

Proper watering:

It is important to check the roots and the color of the leaves to adjust the level of watering in the plant. If you see the leaves change color to brown it means you should reschedule the time and amount of water.


Make sure to provide indirect and bright lighting to keep your staghorn fern happy.


Young staghorn ferns need more fertilizer than the matured ones. Matured staghorn fern will be happy with only getting fertilizer two times a week.

Final thoughts

The price of any plant depends on how rare the plant itself is, along with how much maintenance it requires. And by ticking off both of the boxes, the staghorn fern is labeled as an expensive plant. The staghorn fern is exception among the fern category because of their beauty.

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