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Why Are Some Plums Red Inside? Which Plums Are Red Inside?

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Eating plums can have a significant improvement on our health because of the antioxidants that are present on their red flesh which can strengthen our bones and can protect our skin from radicals.

While some plums have a different color on the inside regardless of the color on the outside.

However, red plums have dark red-colored flesh on the inside just like the outside. Therefore, in this article, we are going to find the exact reason behind it.

Why are some plums red inside? Which Plums Are Red Inside?

The reason behind the plums being red is the dark red skin on the outside. Usually, the red flesh automatically forms inside due to natural causes, however, sometimes the color of outer skin triggers the color of the flesh of the inside. Some of the red plums are Blood plum, Santa Rosa, etc.

There are many reasons behind the plums being red inside. One of the main reasons plums get destroyed and eventually they develop dark red spots on the inside and the outside.

Other reasons can be due to the red skin on the outer side of the plum as well as due to genetic modification on the plum fruit. Due to genetic modification, sometimes the red-colored plums have yellow-colored flesh on the inside.

In addition, sometimes the other natural causes like abnormal change in the temperature as well as the change in seasons trigger the color inside the plum.

Also, the outer color on the outside of the plum changes the color on the inside of the plum too. That is why the dark red colored plums have really dark-colored flesh inside them.

What Kind Of Plums Are Red Inside?

There are plums in which the inner color doesn’t match with the color on the outside. Some yellow plums can have white flesh inside them while other dark black colored plums can have yellow flesh inside them.

However, these types of plums are highly available in the market while the varieties of red plums are limited in the market.

There are not many varieties of red plums available in the market. You will hardly find only three to five varieties of plums that have red flesh inside them.

Elephant heart plums:

One of the sweetest varieties which are basically grown in Japan is the Elephant heart plums. This variety of plums have very dark flesh inside them and you will feel a sweet taste if you eat them fresh.

Santa Rosa:

Another variety of plums that have red flesh inside is the Santa Rosa.  This variety of plums also have dark red flesh inside them and you will hardly taste any tartness inside the plums.

Blood plums:

The blood plum is also another variety of plums that have red flesh inside them. This variety tastes very sweet just like the Elephant heart plums.

What does it mean when a plum is red inside?

Usually when a plum has red flesh inside it means the plum will turn out very sweet and highly nutritious.

In addition, some of the jam manufacturers always choose the red-colored plums because the plums which have red flesh inside can make tastier jams. Also, the jams will be much sweeter when it is made from dark red plums.

The plums which have red color inside also mean that the plum is ripe and it is ready to be eaten. However, the plums which don’t have red color inside them can turn out to be sour when eaten.

Also, you will need dark red colored plums in order to make fresh juice because when you crush the plums which have red inside they can give you very natural sweet juice.

Most importantly, the doctors also prescribe to their patients who have bone or muscle problems to drink juices freshly made from red plums. Because the juice made from red plums is highly nutritious and can make you energetic.

Which plums are better: red or black?

Well, both red and black plums are better. Because they both have important nutrients which are highly important for our body.

If you think health-wise then both red or black plums have Vitamins and this nutrient is for healing any wound on your body or sharpening your eyesight.

Both red and black plums have the capability to ensure proper blood circulation inside your body as well as can solve any sort of heart problem. The nutrients that red and black plums consist of having the capability to fight against cancer.

While in the case of cooking both red and black plums are used in cooking different dishes. Usually, red plums have a little bit of sour taste, unlike dark red plums which have a sweet taste.

Due to its sour taste, red plums are mainly used in cooking fish soups, stews, or other sorts of gravy-based dishes. On the other hand, the black plums have a sweet taste, and therefore, they are mainly used in making desserts.

Are plums red in the middle?

Yes, the red plums do have red flesh in the middle. But not all the plums have red flesh in the middle. However, some of the dark-colored plums can have white flesh in the middle having the red flesh around them.

However, yellow, purple, or black plums can have the same color of flesh on the inside similar to the outside, but they can also have red-colored flesh in the middle.

There is no exact reason behind this, however, scientists believe that it is because of the hybridization of the plums throughout the decades.

Final Thoughts: 

There can be various reasons behind the plums being red inside. It can be due to the up-gradation of the plums or you can say hybridization. Regardless of the color, the most important thing, you should keep in mind is that plums are very important for our health and we should eat them regularly.

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