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Why Are My Avocado Leaves Turning Black? (Quick Answers)

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Avocados are known as fruit-filled with nutrition. Moreover, planting avocado does not even require you to take care of it continuously. You can also grow it indoors. Taking care of the plants is the priority to get a good harvest. Otherwise, fruits might get damaged due to fungi activities.

Following below tips and information regarding avocado and the reasons behind its leaves turning black would help you to protect your plants. 

Why are my avocado leaves turning black?

Avocado leaves can turn black due to a fungal strike on the plant. Sometimes, it may be related to weak roots. Moreover, applying too much water can make the root weak. The ph level of soil may have an influence as well. Salt in the soil can also cause the leaves to turn black or brown with time.

Planting avocado is easier if you have suitable soils. Avocado is not suitable for all places. Though you can plant it indoors, it should be protected. Improper care can lead to damage to the plant. You can save the plants from getting damaged with time.

Well, you need to protect the plant and cut off the dark leaves. As a result, the plant will not get affected more. Some certain reasons for leaves turning black are given below.


Avocado plants can have black leaves when the plant is having a fungal disease. In the condition of fungal disease, the avocado leaves can turn black or brown. Due to the disease, the plants can even fall down.

Sometimes, the avocados may not harvest well. The number of avocados may fall. To prevent this disease from spreading, you should cut off the leaves. Better to put the tree in sun exposure. This may protect the tree from spreading the disease. 

Excess water:

Avocados require a proper amount of water to grow smoothly. Access to water can clog the soil and cause the plant to grow improperly. Especially the pH of the soil should be considered. 

If you are using alkaline water, excess water would harm the trees. Moreover, little water would not help the plants to grow either.  

Improper fertilizer:

Using an inappropriate amount of fertilizer can cause the plant to get damaged. Well, leaves turning black is the symptom of it. When you use too much fertilizer, it gets clogged in the soil. Meanwhile too much salt and chemicals are bad for plants. 

They will absorb that from the soil repeatedly. 

Rotting root:

The most common cause of leaves turning black is roots getting rot. Well, it happens often when there is a lack of water application. These roots are located in the soil which does not get enough exposure to light. 

Moreover, using excess water or fertilizer can affect the root the most.

The soil absorbs extra water and salt. This results in making the roots go bad. You should make sure there is good water drainage. Thus, water will not get clogged in the soil. Moreover, fungal spores can spread all over the soil soon. 

You should give the plant enough sun exposure while taking care of the moisture of the soil. 

Why are avocado tree leaves turning black and falling off? 

The avocado tree leaves turning black and falling off can be caused by different reasons like disease, inappropriate use of fertilizer, excess water supply, alkaline water, or root going bad. All this can cause the plant to go bad, reducing the harvesting of avocados. 

If any of these reasons occur, the leaves would first turn black. With time, the leaves would fall. If it is due to fungal disease, the fungal spores would spread rapidly, causing damage to the plant. Later, the plant would go down as well. 

In other cases, you should improve the methods of taking care of the plant.

As it would spread with time, you should rather cut off the leaves. This may help to some extent. To prevent the leaves from turning black, ensure a good water supply. Do not let water get clogged up in the soil.

Should I cut off black avocado leaves?

Yes, you can cut off black avocado leaves. Black avocado leaves are the signs of the plant facing fungal disease. Sometimes, it can refer to poor soil or soil having too much salt in it. Well, the pH of the soil contributes here the most. 

As the avocado leaves which are turned black are not of any use, you can cut them off. This does not have any impact on the growth of the plant. Rather, if it is due to a fungal disease, the spores would spread repeatedly. 

You should rather cut the leaves fast. In any case, if you want to cut the plant, let it grow to a certain limit. As a result, cutting down the tree in half will not impair the growth of the plant. 

What to do if your avocado leaves are turning black?

Well, you can prevent the avocado leaves from turning black. Yet, once it is turned black, you should cut the leaves. There is no other choice as those leaves will not help anymore. Rather, you should protect the other leaves to have a good harvest of avocado. 

If the avocado leaves are turning black, you should rather improve the fertilizer. Make sure the water is drained properly. Too much water clogged in the soil can cause salt accumulation. Which later can have an effect on turning the leaves to black. 

Make sure, the tree is having enough sun exposure. Using appropriate fertilizer can prevent the rotting of roots. You should try this even while planting. It will protect the tree in the long run. Or you can cut down the tree to a certain height while letting it grow smoothly. 

How to keep avocado leaves from turning black?

Avocado leaves can turn black due to various reasons which can be related to soil or the application of ingredients like fertilizer or water. Well, plants take their nutrients from the soil. 

If the soil is having problems or the ph level is too alkaline, it would directly hamper the growth of the plant.

You should take measurements while harvesting the plant. Because, once it happens, it will be tough to recover the tree. You can keep the avocado leaves from turning black by following below. 

Using fertilizer:

Well, once the plant has a rotted root, you can not fix it immediately. To prevent such a situation, you should apply appropriate fertilizer from the beginning. Like, gypsum enriches fertilizer. 

As a result, this will let the plant grow and prevent the root from getting rotten or damaged. 

Replace the soil:

You should replace the soil once you find any problem in the soil. Well, soil influences the plant the most. If it does not have enough nutrients or has higher ph, the plant would be affected. You should try changing the soil to keep the plant safe.

Water drainage:

Black leaves of avocado can occur even when there is an accumulation of water in the soil. You should drain it in the correct way. So, no water is accumulated in the soil. You should improve the way. If water is found accumulating in the soil, make sure to give it enough sun exposure. 

How do you get rid of black spots on avocado leaves? 

Once your avocado plant has black leaves, you can not fully get rid of it. No matter what reason behind the leaves turning black, it will only spread. You can rather follow below to get rid of the black spots on the avocado flower.

Detect the black leaves:

Well, sometimes, only a portion of the leaves can get black. In other cases, the whole leaf can be black and dry. You should detect both types in the plant.

Remove the leaves:

It is better to remove the leaves with the black spots as you will not be able to revive them at all. Well, you can cut off the tree to a certain height in order to let the tree grow.


You can now go for a fungal treatment if the cause was fungi disease. Even if you cut the leaves the disease will spread. You can change the soil and use gypsum fertilizer. Moreover, smooth water drainage should be created to prevent further damage to the tree.

Final thoughts:

Avocado leaves can turn dark due to several reasons. It can happen due to fungal disease or when too much water is accumulated in the soil. The soil is the most effective here as it provides nutrition to the plant. You can try changing the soil and giving the plant proper sun exposure to help.

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