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Why Are Bromeliads So Expensive? (Read This First!)

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House plants are always desirable and one of the reasons they are so popular now is because the plant is also very reasonable. Most house plants are always within the range of buyers. Though the price range depends on the variety of the plant and the size of it.

But sometimes, some house plants have a higher price range because those plants have some unique qualities. Bromeliads are colorful and beautiful plants that add a different aesthetic to the interior.

It’s gaining a lot of popularity because of its’ different and unique colored leaves and flowers.

Why are bromeliads so expensive?

Bromeliads take around two years to mature, and that is why they are so expensive. And after it fully blooms, the plant does not take time to lose life. Once the flower has fully bloomed and dried out it won’t bloom again. Then the pups are removed and afterward, the plant perishes.

Bromeliads are very popular and desired house plants. But these plants are more expensive than any other plants you will find around. Even so, the plants are highly desirable. The high price you have to pay to your hands on a bromeliad is not for no reason at all though –

Full bloom:

The bromeliad will bloom only once in their entire lifetime. However, the plant will stay in bloom for a long time. The flower stays in bloom for months. But after that, the flower dries and the pup should be removed. Which is when the plant itself starts to wither away slowly.

This is very much rare for house plants. This is why the plant is deemed unique and desired.


Unlike the other plants, the bromeliad takes around two years to fully mature. Most of the plants by the time of a year or so reaches maturity and start blooming. The bromeliad, on the other hand, takes a very long time to reach its’ maturity and give a flower.

Roots and leaves:

While most of the house plants use their roots to get nutrients from the soil, the bromeliad is different here as well. The bromeliad uses its leaves to take the nutrients and water from the environment. As for their roots, the roots are used to balance themselves on soil or rocks even.

Desirable plant:

Bromeliads are beautiful and colorful plants that give the interior a touch of something new without being too much on the eye. On top of that, the plants are really not that hard to maintain. All these make the plant very much desirable to everyone.

And what is desirable to all, is likely to be charged more.

There is a huge benefit of having the plant in the house. It does not attract bugs and other pests. So you can stop worrying about a bug infestation which is a huge problem with most house plants.

The bromeliads are great house plants and the low maintenance plants are beautiful enough to admire them their entire lifetime. But the plant does come at a good cost, which is worth it most of the time.

What is special about bromeliads?

The bromeliad is a very unique and beautiful flower, not only because of how they have different colors in their leaves. The house plant has very different characteristics that separate them from the other house plants. One of which is how long the plant stays in bloom.

While it is true that the plant takes around a year to two years to completely mature, the flower of the plants stays in bloom for several months. And the most unique thing about the flower is that the flower only blooms once in its entire lifetime.

After the flower dries, the plant starts to lose life as well.

How much do bromeliads cost?

The bromeliads are expensive plants. Compared to the other house plants, you will have to pay a hefty price to get your hands on these colorful plants. The price ranges vary according to the type of the plant and the availability of the variety.

The average price range starts from somewhere around 6 dollars. And it can go much higher –

The mini bromeliads:

The mini bromeliads are around 6 dollars. And so are the NEOREGELIA ‘PETIT MINOU’ bromeliad. These are smaller-sized plants of the family, which are equally beautiful and adorable.

Fireball and Greenball:

The plants NEOREGELIA ‘FIREBALL’ and NEOREGELIA ‘GREENBALL’ start from 10 dollars. It usually stays within this range.

Palmers and Brian Webber:

NEOREGELIA ‘PALMARES’ and NEOREGELIA ‘BRIAN WEBER X BLUSHING TIGER’ range from around 12 dollars to 20 dollars. The price depends on the size of the plant.

Golden Pheasant:

Starting from 15 dollars and going up to 20 dollars is the NEOREGELIA ‘GOLDEN PHEASANT’, also known as the Wild Rabbit, and the NEOREGELIA ‘BIG BANDS’.

Golden Promise:

One of the most pricy house plants, even in the bromeliad family, is the NEOREGELIA ‘GOLDEN PROMISE’. It is very rare to find, so it is very costly. It can start from 30 dollars a plant. And can go higher depending on the size of it.

What are the most expensive bromeliads?

House plants usually do not cost that much. Most of the types of house plants are on the reasonable side. Bromeliads, however, cost more compared to other house plants. And even among the family, there are a few varieties of plants that cost more than the others.

Wild rabbit or the NEOREGELIA ‘GOLDEN PHEASANT’ along with the NEOREGELIA ‘BIG BANDS’ start from 20 dollars each.

And NEOREGELIA ‘GOLDEN PROMISE’ it is very costly. The plant starts from 30 dollars price. And depending on the size of the plant, the prices can range higher. Even if the plants of these verities are smaller in size, the price range remains more or less the same.

Are bromeliads hard to care for?

Bromeliads are one of the plants that do not require much. The low-maintenance plants are very easy to take care of. Most of the time, you won’t even have to worry about tending to them. The plants require very little attention and bright indirect light keeps them happy-

Water them regularly:

The plant does not require any special fertilizer. It is best to water them regularly.

Make sure the soil is moist:

Make sure the soil is moist and but not too drenched with water. Too much water can make the plant rot and lose life.

Bright light:

The bromeliad needs a lot of bright light. If it is sunlight then better. However, make sure the plant is not getting the light directly.

Moist air:

Keep the air around the plant moist. Use a humidifier if needed. Do not keep the plant in an air-tight room or area.

Make sure there are no mealybugs:

There is very rarely any pest infestation on the bromeliad plant. But even so, try to make sure there are no mealybugs near the plant.

Among all the house plants, bromeliads are perhaps the most low-maintenance plants ever. These plants require nothing much but water and bright light. You just have to make sure the amount of water is not getting too much and the light is not directly hitting the plant.

What are bromeliads good for?

A common trait for house plants is that the plants purify the air, mostly during the daytime. But the bromeliad plant does the same at night. While doing so, they release oxygen at night. This purifies the air at night time as well.

It is one of the most useful things of having a bromeliad.

The bromeliad is definitely an eye-catcher. So most people want that plant around their house for the added aesthetic. And on top of that, the plant purifies the air at night time as well. Which most of the house plants do in the morning times.

This is why the bromeliad is so good.

How long do bromeliads last? 

Even with their very low maintenance nature, the bromeliad lasts a very long time. It is common for a bromeliad to last up to two to three years. While it is true that the plant loses life after being fully bloomed.

And the plant takes around two years to fully mature. And quickly after that, the plant loses life.

Do bromeliad plants purify the air?

Bromeliads are just like all the other house plants, who actively remove toxins from the air. But the added benefit of cleaning the air even at night. Bromeliads release oxygen from their leaves at night and that removes the toxins from the air at night.

This is how the plant improves the quality of air indoors.

Final thoughts:

Bromeliads are very costly to house plants and even among the family of the plant they are in a higher range. Mostly because the plant takes a year or two to mature. And after being fully bloomed the plant perishes. This rare characteristic makes the plant so desirable and expensive.

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