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Why Are Bromeliad Leaves Curling & Turning Brown, Yellow?

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House plants usually require a lot of attention and care. But some plants like the bromeliads are very much relaxed. The plants do not require much care.

But some common problems do occur from time to time. With a little care, those can be solved as well.

Why are bromeliad leaves curling? 

Dehydration is a major reason why the leaves of the bromeliads tend to curl up. When your plant is not getting enough water their leaves start to curl inwards. It is a clear sign that it is high time you watered your plant. Bromeliads tend to get dehydrated very soon so you should be aware.

Bromeliads are usually low-maintenance plants. But sometimes you might notice the leaves of the plant curl up or curl inwards. This is a sign that your plant is not being taken care of. There are mostly two reasons why this happens. Both of these are related to hydration and water –


The main reason the leaves start to curl up is if the plant is dehydrated and dry. The bromeliad plant tends to get dry more often than any other plant. This dryness in the soil and the entire plant makes the leaves curl up towards the inside very fast.


You should be aware and consistent when watering your plant. Maintain a time schedule of watering and follow through with it. Make sure to not miss watering the plant every day.

Though the plant is very low maintenance, watering it regularly and timely is very much necessary. Make sure the soil isn’t dry always.

Dry Air:

If the air around the plant is too dry, the leaves will start to curl up towards the inside. The humidity in the air matters a lot when it comes to maintaining the bromeliad plant. The plant is very sensitive to dryness. The moist atmosphere is perfect for them.

Without humidity, the leaves of the plant start to curl inside.


You should spray water on your plant at least once a day. this will keep your plant happy and healthy. If there is a humidifier around make sure it is in use at least once or twice a day. Give your plant enough sunlight but don’t leave it in an air-tight place.

Moistness and water are the main two reasons why the leaves of the plant tend to curl up. If you give your plant enough water it will be just fine

Why are bromeliad leaves turning yellow? 

It is very common for the leaves of a plant to turn yellow. Most of the time improper moisture in the soil can lead to yellowness in the leaves of the bromeliad. Not getting enough light can also be a reason. Or it can be simply because of an infestation. 

Yellow leaves and leaves turning yellow are very different from one another. There are several reasons why the leaves of the bromeliad turn yellow. the reasons are mostly related to watering the plant. But that is not the only reason –

Soil moisture:

If the soil of the bromeliad is very important for the overall health of the plant. If the soil is too dry or too damp it will cause the leaves of the bromeliad to turn yellow.


Make sure to water the plant and dampen the soil as well. Try not to leave the soil dried out for too long. But also don’t overwater the soil or your plant. Too much water is not ideal either.

Proper Light:

If your bromeliad is not getting enough light or sunlight chances are the leaves will start to turn yellow. Sunlight or any light is crucial for the health of plants, especially the bromeliad. Bright, but not direct, sunlight is necessary for the bromeliad.


Keep your bromeliad under bright light or in a place where sunlight hits. It does not have to be direct, as long as the light is bright enough. You can keep the plant outside for a few hours a well.

Invasion of insect or bug:

Any bug infestation can cause the leaves to turn yellow. This infestation can shun the growth of the plant as well. Scales or mealybugs are more common with bromeliads.


It is a common occurrence when the environment of the plant is changed. Check the plant if you move and spray pesticide at a moderate amount

The leaves of a bromeliad are likely to turn yellow if there is an issue with watering. But bugs and adequate lighting are also important issues.

Why is my bromeliad turning brown? 

Too much sunlight or direct light can make the leaves of the bromeliad turn brown. If you notice brown tips on the edges of the leaves or brown spots, make sure to move your bromeliad plant from the place its’ getting the direct light from. The plant needs bright light but not direct.

The bromeliads are low maintenance but sometimes the plant leaves start turning brown. It starts from the tip of the leaves and sometimes around the edges as well. There can be brown spots as well. This happens mostly because of-

Direct light:

Too much light or direct sunlight can cause the leaves of the bromeliad plant to turn brown. Brown tips are an obvious indication that your plant is getting too much sunlight.


If you start to notice brown tips, move your plant somewhere else. It is best if you don’t keep the bromeliad plant outdoors. Place the plant in a place with lots of light that does not touch the plant directly.

Sunlight is necessary for the bromeliad plant. But too much can make the leaves turn brown.

Why are the tips of my bromeliad turning brown? 

One of the most common things that are noticeable in the bromeliad plants is the tips of their leaves turning brown. This happens because of the lighting set up of the plant –

Too much sunlight:

If your bromeliad is getting too much sunlight there is a good chance this will have an effect on the health of the plant. While it is true that the bromeliad plant needs a good amount of sunlight to survive, but the direct light can make the tips of the leaves turn brown.


The only solution for this problem is to move your plant to a place where it does not get direct light. If you kept your bromeliad outside then take it indoors. And look for a place where the plant will get bright light, but not direct light.

Brown tips on the leaves are an indication that your plant is under too much sunlight.

Why does my bromeliad have white & brown spots? 

Bromeliads are very much low-maintenance plants. But you can sometimes notice brown or white spotting on the leaves of the plant. The reason behind these are usually –

Brown spot:

The brown spots on the bromeliad leaves are mostly because of too much sunlight. If your plant is getting too much sunlight or direct sunlight, then it could lead to brown spotting in the leaves.


Move your plant to a place where it gets enough bright light, but make sure the light doesn’t hit the plant directly.

White spot:

White spots are usually caused by hard water or polluted water. Or if you notice a white cottony element then it could mean the plant has been infested with mealybugs.


Give your plant clean water for a few days. Examine the plant for bugs and if possible use pesticides, but make sure the amount is very little so it doesn’t harm your plant.

Why is my bromeliad drooping? 

Usually, when you find your bromeliad dropping, it means the plant is wilting away. It is a sign that your plant is slowly drying. If this happens you should find the reason behind it to stop it-


If there is low humidity around your plant then it is likely to start dropping. Dry air around the plant causes it to wither slowly. Even if there is water in the soil, the air needs to be humid as well.


Make sure there is enough fresh air and light where you place your bromeliad plant. Use a humidifier if there is no other source.


Sometimes dry soil can make the leaves drop. And this might also make the entire plant to drop. The plant tends to get dry pretty quickly so this is an important factor.


Water your plant regularly. Make a schedule and water it accordingly. Also, on hotter days be sure to check the soil and water it if needed.

Why is my bromeliad turning green?

Bromeliads are colorful plants. If you find your plant turning green or deep green then you should not take it lightly. Because, unlike the other plant, a bromeliad is not usually green-

Not enough sun:

The bromeliad plant thrives on bright sunlight. It is essential for them. If your plant is not getting enough sunlight there is a good chance that your plant will go dark green. This is to compensate for the lack of light.


Place your plant under direct sunlight for a few hours daily. And keep it in a place where there is enough sunlight.

Why is my bromeliad flower turning brown?

The leaves and the plant turning brown is different from the flower turning brown. The flower turning brown is very normal.

Full bloom:

The flower of the bromeliad turning brown is normal and it means the bloom has reached its’ cycle. It is time for the bloom to lose life. This is only natural. No flower can be in bloom forever.


When the flower turns brown it will dry out eventually. When that happens it is best to cut the flower off. Use a sharp blade and cut the stem of the flower.

Final thoughts:

Bromeliads are very low-maintenance houseplants. However, it is important to take notice of their leaves, if they are turning brown, yellow, or curling. These are indications that your plant is not getting enough water or might be getting too much water.

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