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When Is It Too Late to Plant Cucumbers? (Explained)

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Cultivating cucumbers is mostly dependent on the weather. The weather decides if the harvest will be a good one or will cause loss to the harvester. Choosing the right time is also a matter here. From planting to harvesting, there should be a gap of time. 

Remembering it, one should plan to plant the seeds.

Following our below tips regarding planting cucumbers and choosing the right time to plant may provide you with enough ideas to proceed.

When is it too late to plant cucumbers?

Cucumbers are harvested during warm seasons. They are unable to endure the cold seasons. Especially during frost, cucumbers can not grow. Planting seeds during the cold season may only bring loss. The end of autumn is indeed too late to plant cucumbers.

Mainly, cucumbers require high temperatures to grow and harvest properly. Even someone can increase the temperature by using artificial methods. In any case, as long as the temperature is increased, the harvest will be fine.

Other than that, planting the seeds prior to the warm season might be the wisest choice. Planting in the cold season is not suggested nor at the end of warm seasons. If there is a chance of the cold season starting or frost during the growing of the plant, seeds shouldn’t be planted.

Better to plant during the warm seasons or prior. Certain times or seasons might be selected for planting. Below how the months would affect the growth of cucumber is added with a brief discussion.


January might be one of the coldest months of the year. Yet, in some places, it might be a warm time. As it is mostly considered as the cold month, planting cucumber seeds should not be done.

One can think of planting if the soil temperature is high and there is no chance of frost.

It is quite late to plant prior to this month. Yet as long as the weather is warm, cucumber seeds can be planted.


Another month of cold is February which is also known as the coldest month of the year and probably the last. Planting cucumber seeds prior to the February month is not suggested, mostly as the seed takes almost 60-70 days before harvesting.

Yet it’s not too late one can plant seeds at the end of the month as the temperature will soon be a high one in some regions. Yet if the temperature of the soil is not above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, planting seeds is not a good choice.


March is known as the coldest season of the year. Winter is not a good season for planting cucumbers.

As temperature may remain below 1-degree celsius mostly, cucumbers should not be planted. Yet, at the end of the month, the temperature may rise and might be a better choice to plant then.

As long as the temperature of the soil is not too cold or it’s frosting, any month would be okay.


Prior to April or the end of the month of March, planting the seeds of the cucumber would be a perfect choice. The temperature of the soil also remains high. Moreover, it is a warm season, which facilitates the growth of the cucumber.

On the other hand, the growth also requires almost a time of 50-70 days. A perfect time for planting. Choose fertile soil and do not be late. Spring provides good weather for cucumbers.


May is regardlessly a warm month even the temperature remains high and perfect weather is provided for planting cucumber seeds. One doesn’t even need to use any artificial methods to increase the temperature. 

Instead, only take care of the seed and plant.


June belongs to summer. Well, the hot weather has no other comparison. Planting seeds this month will be a good decision as this is only the beginning of the season.


Everyone plans to harvest in the season of July. That’s why most of the time, everyone plants seeds at the end of the spring. So, harvesting in the late summer would be ensured. Planting seeds in July faster the growth of the plant.


The end of the summer is here. Some species of cucumbers grow faster in the late summer. Depending on the species, the growing time may vary. 

Many may prefer planting seeds in the late summer, as the temperature remains really high all along.


The fall has come. Indeed fall is the best period for all types of vegetables to grow. In this season, the vegetables grow faster and give the best feedback. The same goes for the cucumber. 

September might be one of the months which is perfect for planting cucumbers.


October belongs to autumn. Ideal month for any vegetables and also for cucumbers. Anyone can plant seeds this month and expect to have a good harvest. Even harvesting might also be a good choice.

If someone plants seeds in the late summer, they can desire to have a harvest in autumn. The result might be good as the temperature is also an ideal one.


The month of November also falls under autumn. Yet planting the seeds in this month might not be a wise decision. As from planting seeds to harvesting, there is a gap of the period in time which is almost 50-70 days.

Planting seeds in this month may lead to harvesting in the winter season. The Winter season is not suitable for cucumbers at all. The lower temperature is not endurable for cucumbers. That’s why it is better to plant seeds prior to autumn rather than the end.


The last month of the year is indeed a cold one. Even there is a chance of frost mostly. And frost is not good for planting cucumbers or for harvesting. Anyone may do it indoors. Yet sunlight plays a good role in growing vegetables.

Planting or harvesting both are not suggested in this month as the temperature remains low and there is no chance of it rising soon.

What month should you plant cucumbers? When can I plant cucumbers outside?

Warm seasons, mostly summertime, are the best for planting cucumbers which includes the month of April to June. At this, the temperature outside remains higher, making the environment suitable for planting cucumbers outside.

Cucumbers prefer a hot season for planting and harvesting. Cold seasons are hard on them as the summertime has the highest temperature overall, the perfect time to sow seeds for cucumbers.

Even one can plant the seeds outside during the months of April to June. The high temperature may help to warm the solid and do not require any artificial method.

What is the lowest temperature for cucumber plants?

Most probably, 10 degrees celsius is the lowest temperature for the cucumber to grow. Let alone grow; the sprout will not grow at all under this temperature.

Cucumbers require 19 degrees Celcius to grow properly. Lower than this temperature may cause a lower growth rate to the cucumber. The sprout will be done slowly. Higher temperatures may increase the growth. Resulting in decreasing the time of harvesting.

On the other hand, a lower temperature than 10 degrees celsius may stop the seed from sprouting. Even damage the cucumbers. That’s why it is better to not plant in the winter season or under the temperature of 10 degrees celsius at least.

How late in the season will cucumbers grow?

Cucumbers grow smoothly in late summer to late autumn, depending on the temperature. The temperature plays a big role here.

In the summertime, the temperature remains high for a long time. Even from the starting of the season, the environment is suitable for the cucumbers to grow. Late summer may help to faster the growth of the sprout as the temperature is on its rise.

Moreover, fall is suitable for any vegetables to harvest and plant. Yet late autumn may cause some confusion. Maybe harvesting at this time is better, as the winter is going to pop up soon. Cucumbers can not handle low temperatures.

Instead, planning to grow cucumbers inside at this time might be a good choice instead. Starting in the autumn is more preferable.

Final thoughts:

Planting cucumber seeds during late autumn might be too late as the winter may start soon. Instead, anyone can grow cucumbers inside by using artificial methods of increasing temperature. Moreover, the best time would be summer to start in the fall. As the temperature may remain high at that time.

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