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When Do Apple Trees Produce Fruit? (Read This First!)

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away! More or less we all have heard this idiom. It’s mostly used to encourage us to eat fruits. Having an apple everyday can help us stay healthy and fit. 

Now, how about having apples from the trees you have grown yourself? Having an apple tree in your backyard can be a win-win situation. Here comes the actual question, when do apple trees produce fruit? How much time do they require? 

If these questions are brainstorming youthen you are at the right place. We are here with a detailed discussion on when apple trees produce fruits. Therefore., let’s get started. Shall we? 

When do apple trees produce fruit?

Initially, it can take up to 4-8 years for a standard sized tree to bear fruits. However, dwarf apple trees will bear fruits within 2-3 years after being planted. Additionally, there are trees that are more prone to being affected by pests and diseases, which can reduce the growth of the fruit. 

Growing apples in your yard can be quite rewarding when you have an adequate amount of knowledge. Moreover, it can be a simple and enjoyable experience. 

However, there are multiple things that can affect the growth of the soil. For example, the soil, its fertility, how much sun the trees are getting etc. Additionally, how much time the trees will require to reach their maturity also depends on the type or variety of the apples. 

Dwarf rootstock:

Dwarf rootstock can produce apples within two years of being planted. However, it can also take a good 5-10 years if they are being planted from seeds. These trees can grow up to 6-12 feet. 

Additionally, the growing conditions will impact the plants greatly. The salinity fertility of the soil, and how much nutrients the plant is receiving. When the trees are grown from seedlings they can take up to 5-6 years at least to bear their batch of fruits. 

When buying a rootstock be sure to check the tags. Those tags will have their species and specifications mentioned in them. 

Semi-dwarf rootstock: 

A semi-dwarf apple tree would also start fruiting within 2-3 years after being planted. Additionally, these trees will need pruning if you want to keep them less than 22 feet.

Before you choose to plant semi-dwarf you would want to find  the difference between dwarf and semi-dwarf apple trees before you plant them. Gathering the knowledge would help you grow your plants better. A semi-dwarf apple tree is an amazing choice for home gardeners. 

They have quicker growth and reward you with great fruits in no time. 

However, they can get striked by pests and diseases. As soon as you notice any signs, take necessary measures.  

Standard rootstock:

A standard apple tree would start bearing fruits within 4-6 years of their plantation. However, there are multiple factors that can impact the growth and fruiting of the trees. 

A standard tree would grow up to 30 feet in length. However, you can also choose to prune the trees every once in a while. The pruning can be done in the late winters or in the early spring when the trees tend to be dormant.  

Grown from the seed: 

Trees grown from seeds will take more time to bear fruits. The trees that are grown from seeds will take at least 6-10 years to grow. 

Apple trees require a full sun and well-drained soil. Therefore, they should not be planted in the bottom of the hills.  

How long do these varieties of apple trees take to produce fruit?

Bear with us and find out how long do these popular varieties of apple trees take to produce fruit –

Fuji apple tree: 

Fuji apples tend to be produced within 3-5 years. The soil for fuji apples needs to be a bit loamy. It helps the growth of the apples. Most apples are known to do great in a slightly acidic soil. The pH needs to be in between 5.0-6.8. 

Fuji apple is a hybrid created by the mixture of two american apple varieties. A matured fuji apple tree size will depend on the type you choose. Dwarf apple trees would be 8 to 10 feet. And a semi-dwarf would be around 12-15 feet.        

Fuji apples are known to ripen at the end of October. Additionally, the apples would last upto 4-6 months with refrigeration.

Gala apple tree: 

Gala apple trees will take up to 8 years on average to produce fruits. However, the factors like the pH of the soil, the amount of sunlight the trees receive and the drainage system of soil will have some impacts. 

Other than that, some plants are susceptible to pets and insects. Therefore, pruning the trees is a great way to keep them healthy. Gala trees thrive best in places where it’s not-too warm or too-cold. 

Honeycrisp apple tree: 

A honeycrisp apple tree is going to bear fruit within the duration of 2-8 years. However, it depends a lot on their size and the amount of nutrition they receive. Once the tree has matured enough, you will notice that the tree is bearing fruit every year. 

These apples are known to be slow growing plants. They will have their flowers in the month of april and the fruits will be ready by april. 

As the trees grow really slowly, they can take up to 8 years to bear their first batch of fruits. However, in some cases they can grow fruits as soon as in 2 years. 

Proper care will help the trees thrive better. 

Things to know about apple tree fruiting:

It seems nice to get fruits from your own trees, but while proceeding one must know a few prior knowledge about fruiting. Bear with us and get to know more about apple tree fruiting – 

The months of the year when apple trees produce fruit:

Apple trees produce apples from August to December. The months of the year when apple trees would produce fruits can vary. However, apple trees set in the spring will produce apples from late summer to fall. 

Depending on the variety and growth of the trees the duration can vary. 

Usually, they will repent and be eaten by late summer or late fall. The ideal time for planting apple trees is in the spring. Planting apples is fun, easy and cost effective at the same time. Although they are available throughout the year, they taste the best in the harvesting season. 

Frequency of fruit production each year:

A good yield of apple trees would produce at least 80-150 apples during the season. This is the average. However, in order to produce this muchapple the trees would need proper care. Other than the care, there are factors that can impact the growth of the apples. 

What causes an apple tree not to bear fruit?

There are multiple reasons why an apple tree is not bearing fruit. You have to be patient and figure out the issue. Here are a few reasons why an apple tree may not bear fruits: 

Age of the fruit tree:  

The age of the fruit tree is one of the basic reasons why a tree is not bearing fruit. As a beginner, one can get impatient. However, you cannot expect the tree to bear fruits the next year you got it from the nursery. 

On average, the trees would take up to 2-4 years to start fruiting. Additionally, trees bought from nurseries are usually 1-2 years old. Therefore, gather information about the variety of apple trees you own and give them proper care.     

A pollination issue: 

The second most commonly faced issue is the pollination issue. A tree cannot bear fruit if it does not bloom flowers. Therefore, notice whether or not they are blooming flowers. Most apples are known to be cross-pollinators. 

However, if you notice that they are not pollinating, you can buy pollinators.          

Soil and sun conditions: 

These two are the most important factors  when it comes to helping a tree grow and bear fruits. If the pHof the soil is not right or it does not drain water well, the apple trees will not bear fruits on time. 

Additionally, no tree can bear fruit if they are not receiving enough energy, therefore the apple trees must receive enough sunlight.

Tips for encouraging fruiting on apple trees:

Here are a few tips that encourage apple tree fruiting: 

Planting more than one tree: 

Apple trees are known to be self-pollinators. Therefore, it’s good to have multiple trees in your yard. As some trees grow more fruit, other trees produce less. 

Therefore, having them around can help you produce hybrid apples. Additionally, keep in mind that the trees bloom at the same time so they are able to pollinate each other. 

Pruning regularly: 

Pruning is essential for apple trees. This encourages the growth of fruits. Additionally, it keeps your trees open and balanced. Without pruning they lose their growth and as a result their bodies lose nutrients and become weaker.               

Final thoughts

On average a standard apple tree would produce apples 4-8 years after being planted. However, in other varieties, the duration can vary. Other than varieties, the conditions under which the trees are growing also matters. If they do not grow under favorable conditions they will nor bear fruits.

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