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What Size Pot for Monstera? (Read This First!)

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Are you trying to find the perfect-sized pot for your monstera? What are the determinants that determine the size of monstera’s pot?

Does monstera need a long and deep pot for its growth? Do different types of monstera plants have different types of pot requirements?

Pot size for monstera

Pot size for monstera will be determined by the size of the plant, the weight of the pot, the drainage system, the growth habit of your monstera, and so on. So, an average 2 feet sized pot will be able to contain your mature monstera without any hassle.

Being knowledgeable about the different types of monstera plants’ size requirements will cause the monstera plant to develop foliage more voluptuously and thus to be more healthy.

Large monstera:

Your large monstera should be planted in a deep pot with having two inches of space available between the roots and the bottom of the pot so that water cannot rot the roots.

In addition, larger monstera types will need support from a pole or tripod which is why you need a deep pot with at least 7 to 10 inches of depth to it so that the poll doesn’t stumble over or fall over.

Mini monstera: 

Your young mini monstera plants will thrive well in a small 6 inches pot without any hassle. This is because mini monstera or monstera, in general, are very forgiving in nature and will thrive in any pot as long as you provide proper care.

Monstera adansonii: 

You can have a pot that is 6 to 8 inches in size for your monstera adansonii. This is because this type of monstera plant will grow to its fullest regardless of the pot size.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it rather providing a perfect pot, pruning the diseased leaves, and scheduled watering will give you the maximum result.

Monstera cutting: 

Monstera cuttings can be put in various sizes of pots. Nevertheless, as a general rule of thumb, you should at least have a pot that is 6 inches deep so that your monstera cutting has enough space to adapt to its new situation.

Do Monsteras like big pots?

What type of pot monsteras will require depends a lot on the size of the plant, the watering habit, the growth habit, the drainage issue, and so on.

However, small to medium-sized pots are seen to be the most used ones for monsteras. Nevertheless, you should choose such a pot for your monstera which will help it to prevent any root rot, impaired growth, and so on.

Monstrous like its roots to be flowing rather than being cramped at the bottom which can cause your monstera to decay.

Moreover, the temperature or climate can also have a defining effect on the size of monstera’s pot as humid, dry, hot, and cold weather will require different types of pot material and pot size.

Therefore, you can get a pot for your monstera which will be 8 inches in thickness for young monstera, and for the mature ones, you can have a pot that has two feet or 60 centimeters in diameter.

Does a Monstera need a deep pot? 

Different types of monstera will need different types of pots and if your monstera has long roots then you can use a deep pot for your monstera plant.

Monstera plants are very forgiving and they will grow abundantly regardless of the pot size most of the time but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to provide a preferable pot size.

This is why it is important to provide a less shallow pot for your monstera so that your monsteras don’t get top heavy which can cause the top level of the monstera plant to be stressed.

In addition, when you use a pole to let the monstera plant grow upwards, then you will definitely need a deep pot for your monstera.

Accordingly, you should therefore use a deep pot for your monster that is at least 7 inches deep.

“3” factors that determine pot size for monstera

Before you buy pot for your monstera, you need to make sure that you consider all the factors that help to determine the perfect pot size.

This is why being knowledgeable about such factors will help you to mold your decisions accordingly to surpass any unwanted accidents.

Size of the monstera:

The size of your monstera plant itself will determine what size pot will be the best fit for the plant. Accordingly, you want a pot that is not too big or not too small because too much of a big pot will cause drainage problems and the roots may rot easily.

In addition, a very small pot will cause the roots to have insufficient growth due to the less available space.

Even, a very small pot will cause the roots to grow through the drainage holes and your monstera may become top heavy and thus the growth of your monstera may get stunted.

Therefore, if you have a monstera that is very young, you need to have a pot that is 8 inches in diameter. Accordingly, a full-sized monstera should be planted in a pot that is at least two feet in diameter.


You need to also take account of the aesthetic aspect while choosing a pot size for your monstera. This is because if your pot for the monstera looks disproportionate to the plant itself then a very misplaced or unbalanced look will be the result of it.

Growing habit:

There are different types of monstera plants that have different types of growth habits. This is why the growing habit of monstera is another factor that will determine the size of the pot for monstera.

In addition, monstera can be grown as vining or climbing plants and it can also be trained to grow upwards with the help of a pole or totem.

This is why if your monstera plant is vining, climbing, or trailing kind, you need to use a pot size for your monstera that is small or medium.

In addition, if the kind of monstera plant you have is supported by poles or totems, then you need to use a pot that is deep enough to support the supporting pole.

Tips to choose the best pot for monstera and how to grow monstera in them?

Choosing the best pot for your monstera is not easy and that’s why you need to make sure that you know the appropriate tips which will enhance the growth of your monstera.

Leave 2 inches of space:

One of the best things you can do to choose the best pot for your monstera is to use a pot that will provide you with at least two inches of space between the root to the bottom of the pot.

Accordingly, these two inches of space will make sure that your monstera doesn’t get root rot and that there is enough space for the roots to grow adequately.

Watering habit:

Your watering habits will also help you to choose the best pot for your monstera. Accordingly, people may have a tendency to overwater or underwater their monstera plants. 

This is why this tendency will help to determine whether you need a porous type of pot or a plastic one.

Eventually, if you tend to overwater your monsteras, then you can use a terra cotta pot or clay pot which will soak in excess water and thus will not make the soil soggy or watery.

In addition, if you have an underwatering tendency, then you need pots that are made out of ceramic or plastic so that your plant doesn’t have excess moisture when you tend to water them.

Weight of the pot:

While choosing the best pot for your monstera, you need to also take into account the weight of the pot itself.

This is because the pot’s weight should be enough for it to not stumble over when a heavier kind of monstera plant is planted in it.

There are some monstera plants such as monstera deliciosa and many more that will need bamboo tripods or poles to support them to grow their vines and thus a heavyweight pot will be just the perfect fit.

Well Drainage:

Monstera plants prefer pots that have well drainage holes or systems attached to them. This is because monstera doesn’t really prefer to sit in a pool of water.

Accordingly, whether the monstera pot has drainage holes or not will be a firm determinant for choosing the best pot for monstera, and therefore, you need to make sure there are 3 to 4 drainage holes at the bottom of the pot.

Final Thoughts

It is better to provide a small to the medium-sized pot to your monstera so that it can have enough space, well drainage, less moisture, and so on. Nevertheless, as a general rule of thumb, it is better to have at least 8-inch wide pot for young monstera and two feet wide for mature monstera.

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