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What Size Pot for Mint? (Read This First!)

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Mint plants are perennials and are easy to identify because of their fresh and spicy scent, opposite leaves, and square stems. 

Almost all species of mints can spread quite aggressively as roots can form from the touching point of the branch and soil. The Spring season is the most appropriate for growing mint plants after the harsh winter.

Pot size for mint

Mints require a large area to grow. So, you will have to purchase a plant pot with a 12-inch or 30.5 cm diameter and drainage holes at the bottom. Besides space, mint plants thrive well in well-drained soil. Therefore, you can buy an additional saucer to avoid staining the windowsill or patio.

Most gardeners decide to plant and grow mints in containers. It is better to use an unglazed clay plant pot for growing mints. 

An unglazed plant pot with enough drainage holes at the bottom will allow the excess moisture in the soil to leave from the walls and below the plant pot.

Moreover, a quality potting mix for growing mints is a great choice. And, keep the plant soil wet with water but do not add too much water to make it soggy. Mint plants do not like swampy water and will grow better in hydrated and well-drained soil.

As for the mint plant can grow anywhere, you still need to make sure that the plant have good quality soil mix and you water the plants properly. This way, the plant can grow abundantly. 

A 12 inch pot is required to give the plant enough space to grow properly and have their roots spread adequate. This way, the roots can gather enough water and nutritions from the soil and have proper ventilation around the roots. 

You must ensure to drill the bottom of the pot for proper drainage and so that the water is not sitting still at the bottom of the pot. This way, you can ensure that the roots are healthy and are not being damaged by the sitting water. 

You can also use a pan at the bottom of the pot for storing the extra water and stop it from making a mess around the pot and from staining. This will ensure to keep your garden area neat and tidy at all times and have a proper herb garden. 

What size pot for ginger mint?

Almost all mint plants require capacious plant pots to grow because of their fast-spreading roots. Additionally, mints cannot thrive in soggy or swampy soil, they need wet and well-drained soil without excessive water. Therefore, you can expect a ginger mint plant to have these requirements as well.

Firstly, you will need a large plant pot, preferably a 12-inch one to keep room for the roots to spread out. Some people suggest using a plastic plant pot instead of a clay or terracotta one. Plant pots made of clay can break because of the pressure of roots or natural causes, such as dryness or moisture.

Secondly, you must ensure the plant pot, whether plastic or clay, has adequate drainage systems for draining excess water. If you are using a plastic plant pot, you can drill a few holes at the bottom to allow the soil to lose the excessive water. Ginger mints will flourish in damp or moist soils.

3 factors that determine pot size for mint

If you have decided to grow a mint plant for the first time, there are some factors you have to keep in mind. These points will help you determine the most appropriate pot size for the mint plant of your choice.


The productivity of the mint plant depends on the size of the plant pot you choose. So, if you wish to raise a productive mint plant, you must use a 12-inch plant pot. A big pot will have plenty of room for the roots to grow. The roots determine the productivity of the mint plant. Therefore, better roots will result in a great mint plant.


Mint plants tend to spread rapidly. Therefore, the plant pot must have sufficient room to accommodate the spreading roots. If the roots feel obstructed and cannot grow, the mint plant will not grow and you will have a small mint plant, regardless of the species. So, if you do not have space for a big plant, you can purchase a small plant pot for growing mint.


You must use a plant pot that will help you in the future. If you are thinking of growing the mint plant to a large extent, it is better if you buy a large plant pot. The spacious room in the pot will allow the fast-spreading roots of the mint to grow and the mint will grow tall. Moreover, you can use a capacious plant pot to avoid having to repot the plant in the future.

Purchasing a plant pot for a mint plant will be simple if you keep the important factors in mind. Also, you will not have to buy multiple plant pots.

What kind of pot should I plant mint in?

Before beginning to answer the question, you must understand there is no best kind of pot you can plant mints in. Depending on the purpose, you have to select the appropriate pot for yourself. However, ensure the plant pot has the features we will point out in the following paragraphs.

The plant pot must contain an adequate number of drainage holes whether it is big or small. If the excess water in the soil cannot drain out of the plant pot and the soil remains soggy, your mint plant will not survive and will likely wither. If the plant pot does not have any holes, you can drill some at the bottom.

Additionally, the plant pot must be large or small depending on what size mint plant you want in the future. A large mint plant will require a spacious plant pot to allow room for the rapidly spreading roots. On the other hand, a small plant pot will limit the size of the mint and you will have a small mint plant.

Tips to choose the best pot for mint and how to grow mint in them

Here are some tips for you which will help you in choosing the most appropriate plant top for your mint.

Size of mint plant:

The size of the plant pot can determine the maximum size of the mint plant. The productivity and growth of a mint plant depend on how much the root can grow. 

So, if you want a large mint plant, you will have to buy a spacious pot to allow the roots to grow. But, if you have limited space indoors, you can opt for a small pot instead and grow a little mint. It depends on what you want.

Plastic pots instead of clay:

Although clay and terracotta plant pots look exquisite, they may break because of the spreading of mint roots. Moreover, high temperatures or excessive moistening of the plant pot can cause it to crack. 

Therefore, you should buy designed plastic pots for planting mints. It will last for a long period and you will find it easy to repot the plant later if necessary.

Growing mint is a simple process and you can either choose to grow them in your garden or a plant pot with adequate size. 

Most people will advise growing them in pots to prevent their roots from taking over the entire garden as they have root systems that can spread rapidly. If you wish to keep mints in the garden, you can plant the pot in the ground with the mint.

Plant mints after the frosty winter season because mints cannot stand a series of cold nights. However, these plants can grow anywhere and everywhere and will serve as an excellent addition to your garden. 

You can add some aged compost, rich organic matter, or premium bagged potting mix to improve their growth.

Final Thoughts

Growing mints is a simple process, and there is no best-size pot for growing mint plants. You can choose how big you want your mint to be by selecting the appropriate plant pot.  Also, it is advisable to use a container for growing mint, even if you plan on putting it in the garden.

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