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What Size Grow Bag for Cucumbers? (Explained)

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Grow bags have become a people’s choice over the decades since people find it very helpful to grow different plants safely. You don’t have a headache cleaning the surroundings or organizing the soil. You can buy some quality grow bags and design your garden.

When you buy the grow bag, you should consider its materials since manufacturers use different materials for growing bags. You will find plastic and organic material as the core components. Try to get an organic grow bag to make the garden more animated.

Grow bag size for cucumbers

Typically, the bag size for cucumbers is 1-5 gallons. The exact size of your plants will depend on how many seeds you will leave on your grow bag since they will need some extra space to grow naturally. Once you get the 5-gallon large grow bag, you must prepare the soil for that.

The size of the grow bag depends on the number of seeds, plant size, and growth rate of your cucumbers.

If you plant hybrid cucumbers, they will grow big and become giant cucumbers that ultimately occupy more space than regular cucumbers. One gallon will be okay if you want to grow one or two cucumbers in a single grow bag.

Your grow bag size will differ depending on your seed number and the growing environment of your garden size. It will be fine to use some 5-gallon big-size grow bags to keep a healthy growth of your cucumbers since they will have enough space to grow naturally.

If you plan to grow one or two cucumbers in a single grow bag, use a 1-gallon grow bag to make it a super-growing plant.

Whatever size grow bag you use for growing cucumbers, make sure that you place the grow bag at the right place where the direct sunlight is falling on those plants.

Then, you must consider the garden size since it will also play a significant role in choosing the grow bag. Sometimes, you must use a small grow bag to cope with your garden size.

You can only go for the 5 or more gallon grow bag if you have enough space in your garden to place them properly to help to get the sunlight.

Moreover, the size will also depend on your cucumber types since there are different types of cucumber seeds available to grow. If you grow hybrid cucumbers that are bigger than the regular cucumbers, you must use a large size grow bag.

On the other hand, you can use a regular-size grow bag to grow your regular-sized cucumbers. They grow slowly and will have a several inches size that will be perfect for one gallon grow bag to hold that size cucumbers in it without hindering the natural growth of those cucumbers.

What if you want to grow a couple of cucumbers together, or maybe 8-10 in a single grow bag?

You cannot always do that: only the big size or, say, a 5-gallon grow bag is available for you to grow several cucumbers in a single bag. In that situation, you must ensure that your cucumbers are not significant and that they are smaller.

Remember, nothing can give you the best growth other than using natural soil and a free environment.

If you expect to get the same growth of your cucumbers from the to-grow bag, it will be an actual defect in some cases since the growth rate will be stuck at a certain point, and you cannot do anything about that.

Another factor could be the grow bag material since you will find different materials to make the grow bag.

Naturally made grow bags are true friends and perfect helpful things to sow seeds. You can rely on natural materials to grow cucumbers in plastic or polycarbonate-made grow bags.

Do cucumbers grow well in grow bags?

Cucumbers grow well in grow bags since they find enough controlled and closed space, although the exact growth rate will be less than in natural or free space.

The actual growth of the cucumbers will depend on the cucumber size, type, and growth rate. Also, you must ensure that your cucumbers are getting enough nutrients to grow naturally in the grow bag.

You cannot just sow seeds and expect them to nourish and get everything from the sunlight; instead, you must be sure that your cucumbers are getting enough water and other required materials proportionally to grow better cucumbers.

Moreover, the cucumbers will need to expand their roots slightly like any other plants, so you must ensure little space in your grow bag.

Other than that, there will be some other requirements that you must ensure to get some healthy and well-grown cucumbers.

If you ensure all the needs and good space inside the grow bag, your cucumbers will grow well in grow bags. There will be no problems for the cucumber plants to grow better.

Can you grow cucumbers in a 5 gallon grow bag?

You can grow cucumbers in a 5-gallon grow bag naturally without hampering the plant growth since they will find enough space inside the grow bag.

This 5-gallon grow bag will have enough space for your hybrid or big-size cucumbers to grow better with enough deep soil and other nutrients. You need to place the grow bag in a perfect place in your garden to ensure direct sunlight.

However, a grow bag’s size matters greatly since you will grow your seeds in a contained or closed environment to save some garden space.

You cannot use a half-gallon, or one gallon grow bag to ensure enough space for growing cucumbers or other types of veggies. In that case, the five-gallon grow bag is much better for increasing these veggies safely.

Using a 5 gallon grow bag regularly in your garden will save a lot of garden space since you can grow several cucumbers and any other veggies in a single place.

However, your 5-gallon grow bag will be enough to grow 4-5 big-size cucumbers or 7-8 regular cucumbers, although the exact number will vary.

2 factors that determine grow bag size for cucumbers

You must consider these three factors to determine bag size for cucumbers.

Plant Size:

The number of items that can be stored within the bag is directly proportional to the size of the bag. Grow bags, which hold 50 gallons, are ideal for trees and other plants with extensive root systems.

There are also shorter and taller bags, which are intended for trees, plants, or vegetables with a higher base.

Plant Quantity:

You should use the gallon grow bags if you intend to cultivate only one cucumber plant. This will ensure that your seedlings receive the proper amount of nutrients.

You can grow cucumbers in numerous 5-gallon bags or upgrade to a more giant grow bag if you intend to cultivate a huge quantity of the vegetable.

How do you trellis and grow cucumbers in a grow bag?

You can trellis and grow cucumbers in a grow bag by the following tips that will lead to make a perfect trellis of cucumbers in a closed grow bag.


To ensure that the bag has adequate drainage, fill the bottom with small rocks or a coir planter liner to a depth of two inches.

If necessary, add a layer of charcoal on the surface to prevent algae growth. Potting soil of good grade should be placed inside the bag.

The addition of compost or a fertilizer with a slow release rate might supply additional nutrients for the duration of the growing season.


Before planting, moisten the bag of soil so that the earth will be evenly moist throughout.

Depending on the size of the bag, plant two to three cucumber seeds or one to two cucumber seedlings. You can also plant cucumber seedlings. There is more competition for the available nutrients when there are too many people in a space.

Ensure Sunlight:

Put your cucumber plant in a bag and place it in an area. It is best to avoid placing the bags on black asphalt or any other surface that quickly warms up in the sun.

Because cucumbers need more water than most other crops, it is important to place bag-grown cucumbers.


The amount of space required for each cucumber plant in a bag can be decreased by providing the vines with something to climb on.

There is also the option of planting cucumbers on the top of a hanging bag and allowing the vines to hang down to the ground.

Final Thoughts

Although 1-5 gallon grow bags are better for cucumbers, you should always try to use big and large size grow bags to grow veggies naturally. Therefore, the 5-gallon grow bag will be suitable and perfect for growing several cucumbers in a single grow bag. Place your bag under direct sun for growth.

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