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Spider Mites on Majesty Palm? (With Solution)

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Majesty palm is one of the easy growing houseplants, but the problem is they are prone to pests. Majesty palm attracts many bugs and pests, including spider mites.

Getting rid of spider mites from your majesty palm can be challenging if you don’t know what to do. This article will explain the effective methods of getting rid of spider mites.

Does my majesty palm have spider mites?

Still, confused if the bugs you saw your majesty plant are spider mites or not? No worries, here’s the way to find out.

First, look at the bottom of the leaves. If you can see a dusty appearance and white silk in different parts of the leaves, it can significantly indicate spider mites.

To be more sure, take a paper, place it under the plant, then shake the plant gently. Some small spider mites should fall from the plant. Now, get a magnifying glass to watch it closely.

Spider mites can be red, green, yellow, black, brown, and other colors. Under the magnifying glass, you should be able to see spider-like bugs that have one body part.

What causes spider mites on majesty palms?

Wind, pets, humans or nearby infected plants can carry spider mites or their eggs, which can cause spider mite infestation on a majesty palm plant. Untreated soil can also cause spider mites. Hot weather and low humidity in the air increase the possibilities of spider mites infestation.

Majesty palms are native palms of wetlands Madagascar. So, unlike all the palm plants, majesty palms are not drought tolerant. They need humidity and lots of water to live.

The fun fact is, that’s what spider mites dislike. So, if you take your majesty palm’s primary care, spider mites should not infest your plant.

It is pretty hard to deal with spider mites once they settle on a plant. Noticing them at the first stage is even harder, as they stay under the leaves and reproduce rapidly.

It’s tough to remove them permanently because of their egg cycles. You can notice and wipe out all the spider mites, but their eggs will hatch and create similar conditions within a few weeks.

Spider mites can cause the end of your loving majesty palm if you are too late. However, majesty palm plants can recover slight damage quickly. If its leaves are damaged heavily, you will need to take special care of the plant.

Here are some reasons for spider mites infestation on majesty palm plants.

Dry season:

When the weather is dry and hot, it’s time for the spider mites to come out and find suitable plants to make colonies.

Outdoor palm plants have a greater chance of getting infested by spider mites, but outdoor conditions do not allow the spider mites to become super damaging early.

But indoor majesty palm plants get more significant damage from the majesty palm plants, although they have less chance of being intruded by the spider mites.

If you keep the plants near your window and allow dust to sit over the majesty palm plants, the dust can bring spider mites eggs with the wind.

Less humidity:

Spider mites dislike humidity, and majesty palm loves it. However, majesty palm can live in average moisture too.

So, when the humidity is less, the spider mites can get the suitable condition to eat up your plant and make lots of babies over it. Setting up a humidifier and spraying water can keep the spider mites away.

Other infected plants:

Always quarantine your new plants before introducing them to your house plants. The new plant can have a disease or insect infestation. A plant with spider mites on it can be a threat to your indoor plants.

Untreated soil:

When the cold season comes, the spider mites hide under the soil and wait for hotter seasons to come out. It is possible that your indoor plant soil was unserialized and carried spider mites.

Can you save a majesty palm from spider mites?

Yes, you can save a majesty palm from spider mites. It’s easy to get rid of the spider mites if you know the right ways. In the latter part of the article, we will discuss the ways to get rid of spider mites.

But saving steps of majesty palm depends on the damage. If just a few leaves are infected and damaged, the plant does not require special care.

If the plant is heavily damaged, you should keep it healthy by taking a few extra steps. Such as keeping the plant near the window for extra sunlight, adding some fertilizer, and regularly watering the plant.

If most of the leaves of majesty palms are damaged, you can lose the plant. If that happens, take the steps above and check the remaining leaves at least two times a week until a few new leaves grow. Sadly, majesty palm plants grow very slowly.

What are the signs of spider mites on majesty palm?

Finding signs of spider mites on majesty palm is easy, but not in the first stage. If you check all your plant leaves at least once a week, especially the bottom side, you may find out the spider mites at the first stage. Here are some signs that indicate spider mites intrude your majesty palm.

Yellow-brown spots:

Spider mites eat the plant cell and plant sap, which leads to yellow spots on the leaves. If you find yellow or brownish leaves, always flip the leaf over to check spider mites.

Diseased plants:

Your majesty palm plant will look diseased as the spider mites eat essential plant materials. If you find a different-looking plant, check it thoroughly.

Silk webs:

As the name suggests, spider mites are related to spiders, but they evolved to eat plants instead of other insects. They make a web to cover their eggs and colonies. So, if you find dust under the leaves and silk webs, it’s a clear indication of spider mites.

Don’t worry if you find signs of spider mites on your majesty’s palm. Follow the following section to solve the issue.

How do I get rid of spider mites on my majesty palm?

Getting rid of spider mites is not hard. The hard part is getting rid of them forever. You can easily wash the leaves and remove the spider mites from the leaves most of the time. But getting rid of their tiny eggs is what we need to remove them permanently.

So, we need to destroy the spider mites and their eggs. However, there are more difficulties in getting rid of the spider mites.

The problem is that the colonies of spider mites are on the backside of the leaves, so if you spray something and the spray does not reach the bottom of the leaves, you will not be able to remove them effectively.

Check out the detailed tips to get rid of the spider mites.


Different commercial insecticides and miticides work significantly to remove the spider mites. But make sure the insecticide reaches every part of the majesty palm plant.

Make sure to wear precautions before spraying the miticide on the plant. Bring the plants outside before spreading miticide.

Neem oil:

Neem oil has a natural insecticide agent which is very effective against spider mites. Add a few drops of neem oil and soap to a spray bottle. Spray that every other day for a week for a better result.

Essential oils:

Essential oil sprays also work to remove the spider mites. Like neem oil, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a bottle of water. Spray that on every part of the plant and wipe the leaves with wet clothes if possible.

70% Alcohol:

Spraying 70% rubbing alcohol is a quick way to eliminate the spider mite problem. The alcohol destroys the eggs and whole colonies of spider mites. If your plant is small, dilute the alcohol with some water.

What is the best way to prevent spider mites on majesty palms?

The best way to prevent spider mites on majesty palm is to keep the place humid and water the plants regularly. A moist environment is pretty suitable for the majesty palm plants, while humidity stops the reproduction of spider mites.

You can set up a humidifier if your plants are indoors. Spraying water regularly also does excellent work to prevent spider mites.

A few extra steps will help you minimize the chance of spider mites’ ingestion. Never use unprocessed soil for indoor plants and quarantine your plants before adding to your existing ones.

Final thoughts

When you or a pet touches a spider mites colony and touches another plant, spider mites can spread. Even winds can carry them. It’s not practical to create a bio-bubble around your plants! So, controlling your humidity is the best protection you have to save your majesty palm from the spider mites.

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