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Is Creeping Thyme Edible? (Quick Facts)

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Creeping thyme is one of the plants from the mint family. This plant has some different names such as Thymus serpyllum, Breckland thyme, Breckland wild thyme, wild thyme, etc. Generally, creeping thyme is used for culinary use or in landscaping.

But you might know that other types of thymes are edible. So, you might be confused that whether creeping thyme is edible or not. Well, you must ensure that creeping thyme doesn’t contain any harmful elements.

Moreover, you have to know the consequences of eating creeping thyme. Thus you will get to know the answer.

Is creeping thyme edible?

Creeping thyme is edible. Like many other thymes, creeping thyme is also edible. Generally, creeping thyme has an excellent aroma. So, people use creeping thyme in teas and tinctures. They like to crush or steep the creeping thyme before adding it to the tea for enhancing the flavor.

You might know that thymes can be of different types. These creeping thymes have different colors. Moreover, creeping thymes have also some types and flavors. So, let’s see whether they are edible or not.

Creeping lemon thyme:

Creeping lemon thyme is edible. It has one of the best flavors among thymes. You need to chop lemon thymes and add them at the end of the cooking process. Creeping lemon thyme is suitable to use in tea, soup, stew, sauce, etc.

Purple creeping thyme:

Purple creeping thyme is also edible. Generally, this thyme has either purple or lavender color. But purple creeping thyme also tastes like lemon. So, you can add purple thyme to tea, soup, and other dishes.

Elfin creeping thyme:

Elfin Creeping thyme has pretty tiny leaves. Generally, these leaves are used for cooking purposes. So, elfin creeping thyme is edible. But for their tiny leaves, people prefer to use other types of thyme. Because picking the tiny leaves is pretty difficult.

Red creeping thyme:

Red creeping thyme is also edible. This thyme has an excellent aroma. So, you can add them to different dishes to enhance the flavor. But if the red creeping thyme is grown in random places or in the pathways, you should not use it for cooking.

White creeping thyme:

White creeping thyme doesn’t contain any toxic ingredient. So, you can use white creeping thyme in different dishes. Moreover, like other creeping thymes, white creeping thyme will also enhance the flavor of foods.

Pink creeping thyme:

You can eat pink creeping thyme. Generally, pink thymes are used in cooking more than culinary uses. So, you can use pink creeping thyme as a garnish. Moreover, pink creeping thyme has a mint-like fragrance that can make tea flavorful.

Is creeping thyme the same as thyme?

Creeping thyme is a variety of Thyme genus. So, they have many similarities. But creeping thymes are more creeper than other thymes. Creeping thymes have also some varieties. But the basic quality of the thymes is pretty the same.

For example, creeping thymes might have different flavors. But they require the same environment to grow. Most thymes have a mint-like flavor and are in the mint family. So, creeping thymes might not exactly be the same as thymes. But they are in the thyme genus.

Thymes can have different species. These species have pretty similar qualities and aromas. But some thymes might be different in structure and shape. So, one of the thyme that is creeper than others, is called creeping thyme. So, all thymes are not the same.

Is creeping thyme used for cooking?

Yes, creeping thyme is used for cooking. You can use different types of creeping thymes for different dishes. Generally, people use creeping thymes for enhancing the flavor and aroma of dishes. Many people use creeping thymes in their teas.

Moreover, you can use chopped thymes in sauces, soups, curries, salads, etc. Besides, using creeping thyme as a garnish is pretty common.

But if you want to use creeping thymes for cooking, you have to grow them in specific places. If you grow creeping thymes in the pathway, it will not be wise to use them for cooking.

What can you use creeping thyme for?

Creeping thymes are beautiful plants or herbs that you can use for various purposes. You might see them in random places. But you can utilize them in different places. So, let’s see what you can use creeping thyme for.


Generally, creeping thyme is used for landscaping and culinary purposes. Creeping thymes have different colors that make them beautiful. So, many people use them in their lawns and pathways.

Many people also use creeping thymes for covering the ground of the flowerbeds. Colorful creeping thymes create a beautiful view.


Creeping thyme can also be used for cooking. It makes the dishes flavorful. For example, you can use creeping thyme in soups, curries, sauces, etc. Moreover, you can use creeping thyme as a garnish.

Like other seasonings and flavors, creeping thyme is also a common ingredient. Some people like to add freshly chopped creeping thymes to their dishes. But some people use them after drying.


Creeping thymes are also used in drinks and beverages. Different types of creeping thymes such as pink, purple, lemon creeping thymes create a mint-like flavor. So, people use them in teas and beverages.

Creeping thymes make tea more fresh and aromatic.

Is creeping thyme poisonous?

No, creeping thyme is not poisonous. This type of thyme doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful elements. That’s why creeping thymes are used in various types of cooking elements. For example, people like to make tea from creeping thymes.

Generally, creeping thyme is in the mint family. So, it has a flavor similar to the mint. Sometimes, some creeping thyme has a lemon taste. So, people use creeping thyme for cooking without hesitation.

Moreover, most creeping thymes are edible. But if the creeping thymes are grown in the pathway, you should about eating them.

Are creeping thyme flowers edible?

Yes, creeping thyme flowers are edible. Generally, creeping thyme is a non-toxic plant. So, flowers, leaves, and stems are also non-toxic. So, creeping thyme flowers are edible.

You can chop creeping thyme flowers and use them as a garnish. These flowers will make the dish aromatic and delicious. So, creeping thyme flowers are aromatic flowers.

Besides, these flowers are purple or lavender in color. So, if you use these flowers in tea, the tea will also be colorful. So, you can eat creeping thyme flowers in different dishes.

Final Thoughts

Creeping thymes are colorful herbs that can be used for different purposes. These thymes are also edible. Creeping thyme spreads an aroma that can enhance the flavor of food. Moreover, tea from creeping thyme is also delicious and colorful. So, you can eat creeping thyme differently.

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