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Is Cedar a Pine Tree? Is There Any Difference? (Answered)

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Cedar and pine are the two most important trees for our living. If you look at the furniture or house material, you will find most of the wood-made things belong to these two trees. That means most furniture is made with either cedar trees or pine tree woods.

On the other hand, pinewood and cedarwood have some unique differences that play a significant role in deciding what to use. Here arises confusion.

People and users want to know if cedar is a pine tree. Are there any real differences between these two? Well, we found all the answers. To know them, keep on reading. We will explain one by one.

Is cedar a pine tree?

Cedar is not a pine tree though they belong to the same family, Pinaceae. But they have different qualities and different uses as well. Also, cedar and pine trees are entirely different in size too. That’s why cedar is not a pine tree, or pine is not a cedar tree. They are distinct in nature.

Pinaceae is the main family of cedar and pine. They both belong to this single family, yet they are not the same. It is like they are siblings with distinctive characteristics. That’s the main reason why cedar is not a pine tree.

On the other hand, cedar and pine are both similar-sized trees. You might think they are the same as their height, but that’s not the fact. You will find many similar-sized trees around you, that doesn’t mean they all are the same.

Some people also ask if red cedar is a pine tree or not. That’s why we added a single section on red cedar. It will give you everything you should know about this tree and the differences between red cedar and pine trees.

Red cedar:

In western North America, you will find many red cedars which belong to the cypress family. It’s not a cedar tree. And, red cedar is not a pine tree either. They are entirely different from cedars and pines. How?

Red cedar is a medicine tree. People use its skin, leaves, and wood to make medicines for cough, joint pain, water retention, and more. There are other uses of red cedars there.

Moreover, red cedar has a different name. Some people know it as Eastern Red Cedar. Others also call it pacific red cedar. Like original cedar or pine woods, you cannot use red cedar woods to make furniture. That’s the main difference here.

For all these reasons, red cedar is neither a pine nor a cedar tree. It’s a distinct tree that has medicinal purposes. Therefore, it has a greater contribution to our society than other trees.

What is a cedar tree?

According to the Bible, a cedar tree is a 30-40-meter-tall tree that is considered the first tree of the world. It has many uses and different qualities as well. First, it has an excellent aroma and wood smell that you can’t find anywhere else.

This wood is antifungal and can resist pests and insects. That means it’s an excellent choice to make durable wooden furniture and other uses. In-Room, people make their expensive furniture using cedarwood. It’s an excellent choice indeed.

On the other hand, cedar oil is also famous. It has an aroma that has a good smell. People also use that aroma to make aromatic properties; cedar oil has its reputation.

What is a pine tree?

Pine is an evergreen conifer-type tree that belongs to the same Pinaceae family. Therefore, the height remains the same as 40 meters. It is the highest peak of an adult pine tree. It has the quality and other characteristics as well.

The pine tree is evergreen because it can retail the needles for about two years. Once the needles fall, the other grows in that place. That’s how they remain green for their entire lifetime.

Are cedar and pine trees related?  Are cedar trees a kind of pine tree?

Cedar and pine trees are related. You will find the relationship if you look at their families. They both come from the family of Pinaceae. It’s a pine family. However, they have pretty much similar height and structure.

Another relation could be their uses. They have versatile uses. But one thing is familiar; you can make furniture using cedar and pine woods. That’s an amazing fact about these trees.

Cedar trees are a kind of pine tree. The leading cause is the family. Both cedar and pine belong to the same family. Therefore, you may consider cedar as a type of pine tree. But cedar is much more crucial and aristocratic than pine.

Is cedar as strong as pine?

Cedar is stronger than pine because of its antifungal and anti-insects repellent characteristics.

A cedar tree can quickly go for years after years, but the pine tree will face pests and insect issues. Moreover, cedar has an aroma that also works for solidness.

If you look at the pine tree, you may find it a solid one. It can be durable and perfect for furniture making. But a cedar tree will be your priority for its aroma and other qualities. That’s why cedar is stronger than pine.

How to tell the difference between cedar and pine trees? What is the difference between a pine tree and a cedar tree?

To tell the difference between cedar and pine trees, you should carefully observe both trees and do some research on them. It will be easier to compare and differentiate between these two trees.

However, we find some of the most significant differences between cedar and pine. If you ask the difference between a cedar and a pine tree, you will get the differences below. They are:


Cedar trees are more robust. On the other hand, pine trees are evergreen. Both are solid, but cedar is better in terms of durability.


Cedar has an aroma and good smells that people mostly use as aromatic ingredients. But pine trees don’t have any. It’s a typical tree smell.


Pine is a leafy tree, whereas cedar is a flowery tree. That’s another distinctive difference between these two trees.

Medical properties:

Cedar trees can be used for medicinal purposes. On the other hand, pine trees are better for making furniture and home things.

Cedar trees have natural antifungal chemicals. Besides, cedar is an anti-pests tree. Therefore, it lasts longer, and you will not find any insects on the cedar trees. However, pine trees are typical trees that don’t repel fungi or pests.

These are the most common differences between cedar and pine trees. They come from the same family, but they are distinct. That’s why you will find many differences between these trees.

Despite these differences, you will find some common features between these two trees as well.

What does a cedar pine look like?

A Cedar pine looks like a pine tree. To be exact, it’s an open crown tree that looks beautiful. You will love it and can decorate the garden too. On the other hand, people sometimes call it spruce pine because of the tree’s bark.

On the other hand, cedar pine has a strong and durable wood quality. Moreover, cedar pine trees turn into brown bark trees that look like spruce. That’s why people call it a spruce pine tree.

Moreover, cedar pine and spruce pine are similar types. They both belong to the same family and look alike. Therefore, you will not differentiate them at a glance.

You need to observe them and collect information; after that, you will tell which one is cedar and which one is spruce pine.

Is pine and cedar the same wood?

Pine and cedar are not the same wood. They have some apparent differences. Among them, cedarwood is more durable and robust than pine woods.

If you look at old furniture or sophisticated families, you will notice that they made their furniture out of cedar woods.

The main reason is cedar woods’ quality and antifungal and anti-insects characteristics. That’s why cedar wood comes with more sound quality than pine wood.

However, pine wood is also a quality wood. Most people use pine wood-made furniture that also lasts for years. You will no longer regret using pine wood. Mainly, windows, doors, decks, railing, and other house parts are made with pine wood.

Therefore, cedarwood is excellent and durable too. But it is costly; therefore, people go for pinewood which is slightly less durable than cedar. It’s not like there are day and night differences between these two.

Final Thoughts

So far, cedar is not a pine tree. They belong to the same family, but they are different like siblings. A cedar tree is more robust than a pine tree. Also, they have some differences. But, you can consider the cedar tree a kind of pine tree with a set of differences.

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