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Is Anthurium a Peace Lily? (All You Need to Know)

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Are you wondering whether your anthurium is the same as peace lily and vice versa allied with the idea concerning whether they are from the same family or not?

Well, peace lily and anthurium with their indistinguishable flowers and foliage, similar habituation, and related care process make it harder for people to discern and distinguish them from one another. 

However, they both belong to the same family but it is not wise to deem both of them as similar types.

Is Anthurium a Peace Lily?

Anthurium is not a peace lily rather they are very different in their growth, habits, propagation, and so on. In addition, they are also different in terms of their flowers and foliage. One of the most striking differences is peace lilies’ shiny white flower and anthuriums’ contrasting red spathes.

Is peace lily and anthurium the same?

Anthuriums which are also addressed as “flamingo flowers” are epiphytes and make great indoor plants. Accordingly, peace lilies/spathiphyllum are great houseplants that enhance the beauty of the home by the striking contrast of the white spathes against the green foliage.

Even if they look almost nearly identical, yet they are not the same. They are very much distinctive when it comes to their flower, leaves, maturation, environment, propagation, care process, and so on. 

For instance, peace lilies leaves are pointier and slender whereas that of anthurium is heart-shaped. 

The flowers of peace lilies are strikingly different than that of anthurium as peace lily possess bright white flowers and anthurium consists of red, pink, or purplish colored flowers.

Is anthurium a type of lily? 

Anthurium is a tropical perennial plant that is a member of the Araceae family. These plants are very rich in their growth. 

In addition, anthurium is known by a variety of names, and one of the names is called flamingo lily. However, in spite of this similar name tag, an anthurium is not a lily.

Moreover, in evolutionary terms, anthurium is called similar to lily as they are similar in their growth nevertheless, anthurium’s foliage and flowers are distinctive from lily.

In addition, anthuriums are very famously called “red peace lily” and also have flowers and foliage like the calla lily, however, anthurium is not a true lily.

Are peace lilies related to anthurium?

Peace lilies and anthurium are not related in the sense that they are very much distinctive in their foliage, flowers, habituation, and their propagation process are very different from each other. 

Peace lilies and anthurium are not the same plants whatsoever. However, they are from the same family. Anthurium and peace lilies are both aroids

In addition, they have their family roots in the same family which is Araceae.

However, the genus of both of these plants are of different kinds as in peace lily’s genus is Spathiphyllum and that of anthurium is Arum. 

What are the similarities of a peace lily and anthurium?

Although peace lily and anthurium are very different in nature nevertheless, they show certain signs of similarities. After all, they both belong to the same Araceae family which enables them to reflect some qualities of each other. 


Peace lily and anthurium do enjoy light in large quantities. Both peace lily and anthurium prefer indirect bright and filtered sunlight. 

In addition, they both do not react well when placed in direct sunlight as exposing them to such light can cause discoloration and burn.


Peace lily and anthurium are also similar as they prefer high humidity and the same temperature level. Peace lilies enjoy temperatures ranging from 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit and the same is the case for anthurium.

Potting Mix:

Both peace lily and anthurium need a lot of oxygen to thrive and prosper. The required potting mix for both peace lily and anthurium is similar. 

Additionally, having a good drainage system, loose potting mix, coarse are preferred by both of these plants.

Chemical in Leaves and Sap:

Peace lily and anthurium are also similar in the regard that they are both toxic and they create calcium oxalate crystals which can cause irritation. Additionally, both are aroids and are poisonous to pets.

What are the differences between peace lily and anthurium? 

Without the distinction in the flower and foliage, it is rather very difficult to tell peace lily and anthurium apart. 

Someone at one glace without any prior background knowledge of both peace lily and anthurium may jump to conclusion that they both are the same plants, however, this is not the case. There are rather a variety of distinctions between them.

Different Flowers:

One of the most defining differences between peace lily and anthurium is their flowers. Peace lilies have elegant cream or white-colored flowers. Peace lilies’ white spathes are also thin.

On the other hand, anthurium has ped, pink, and purple colored flowers. Anthurium’s flowers have wax-like coverage and a glossy surface that is not present in peace lilies.

Different Foliage:

Peace lily and anthurium seem to have different leaves. Peace lily has long, shiny, glossy, oval-shaped leaves. Peace lilies’ leaves are narrower at the end and also pointer which is absent in anthurium.

In addition, anthurium’s foliage has elongated, oblong, and leathery kinds of leaves. They are also in heart shape. Peace lilies’ leaves drop very easily and this attribute is absent in anthurium.

Growth and Watering Process: 

Although both peace lily and anthurium can grow very smoothly, however, peace lilies need more water to enhance their growth. 

In addition, peace lilies are forgiving in terms of their preferred environment whereas anthurium is not that flexible.

Propagation Process:

The propagation process is harder for peace lilies comparing to anthuriums. For anthuriums, you can have well-sprouting plants just by cutting the stems and regrowing from them. This is due to the fact that anthurium’s stems are strong and wood-like.

On the other hand, stem growth is very difficult in the peace lilies. It is difficult as the stems are not as steady as anthurium.

How do I identify a peace lily?

It is rather easy to identify a peace lily. Peace lilies which are called spathes are very distinct in their appearance. They are actually from the philodendron family.

In addition, the leaves are great for identifying these plants as the leaves are very distinct in their appearance. They are mostly glossy, shiny, large, lance, or oval-shaped. 

The leaves actually possess a dark green color and the leaves are very narrow and pointy. One of the most distinctive attributes of this plant is its majestic flower which blooms upright above all the leaves standing highly with its all grandeur. 

In addition, the white flower is very visible which also has a smell that makes it very noticeable. The flower in the first stages of blooming has a pale green color which changes to a rich creamy white color.

How do I identify anthurium?

Anthurium which is also called flamingo flowers has its most defining characteristic is its flower. It has very noticeable red, pink, and purple colored flowers. The flower is kind of palate-shaped.

In addition, the flowers have a waxy look. Anthurium flower’s stalk is very slanderous. In the case of the leaves, they are of dark green which creates a perfect contrast against the ped or pink flowers which make it more identifiable. 

In addition, the young leaves possess a very light green color which is replaced by shiny, leathery, ovate, drooping mature leaves. 

Moreover, the one fine distinctive attribute which makes it more identifiable is this plants’ heart-shaped leaves.  

Final Thoughts:

Anthurium and peace lily are not the same plants due to their distinctive genus and characteristics. However, when it comes to care and the preferred environment of these plants, peace lily behaves the same as anthurium. It is maybe because they are aroids and are from the Araceae family.

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