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How to Make Podocarpus Grow Faster (And Thicker)? (Answered)

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Most people use the plant Podocarpus most suitably. This includes creating a friendly and aesthetic barrier between one’s house and their neighbor. Of course, the shade and beauty of the plant are worth mentioning.

These plants are somewhat easy to maintain but you’d need to follow a few rules to make them grow faster and thicker!

How to make podocarpus grow faster?

Podocarpus is a fast to moderate growing plant in a natural way. With regular top and side pruning, watering proper soil and use of fertilizer, you can make your plant grow faster. It is also important that the plant receives enough direct sunlight for fast growth. 

There are a lot of good ways which you can follow to make your Podocarpus grow faster. Here are a few actions you can take:

Light and Shade:

One of the most important aspects of Podocarpus growth rate is dependent on how much sunlight and warmth it is receiving.

Make sure the plant is placed in or outside the house in a way that it can receive enough direct sunlight and warmth. However, the weather is too hot, you would want to make sure there is some shade for the plant.


For fast growth, you would need to use a well-balanced fertilizer. A 6-6-6 fertilizer is more appropriate as it has all the nutrients in the most balanced composition.

Fertile your plant 3 times a year, once during summer, spring and fall but make sure it is two months prior to the earliest winter day. Since they are not the biggest feeders, you would want to give them slow-release fertilizers.

Watering and soil:

Regular and timely watering is key to having your Podocarpus grow faster.  Do not overwater the plant so that soil does not become soggy.

Other than that, you should note that the soil in which a Podocarpus would grow faster should have a ph. level of 4.5 to 7.5

Does Podocarpus grow faster?

You might already be aware that Podocarpus is popularly known due to its ability to grow fast. Few conditions and care will aid in the rate at which a Podocarpus tree grows.

One of the most crucial factors includes how much sunlight it is receiving. If you have a plant that receives direct sunlight, it will grow faster than a Podocarpus that is placed inside the house and receives indirect sunlight.

You can expect the plant to grow about 12 to 40 inches in one year if the growth is healthy. Water, soil conditions, and fertilizer all play a part in how fast it grows.

How tall will Podocarpus grow?

You can expect the shrubby plant to grow about 7 to 10 feet on average although it can grow put to be 30 to 40 feet as well. How much you want to trim it and how much you want to let it grow, depends on your preference.

One of the factors ensuring that the plant reaches its adequate height is the soil ph and condition. Ideally, a ph of 4.5 to 7.5 is best suited for this plant.

Other than that, Podocarpus and other trees tend to grow out to the direction it is getting sunlight from. Direct sunlight also helps the tree to appear straightened and more upright, making it look taller.

How to make podocarpus grow thicker?

The most important aspect of making a Podocarpus grow thicker is trimming and pruning the right way. You would have to prune the plant from the top and the sides but only bi-weekly. Other than that, it is important to water the plant at regular intervals.

Who doesn’t love a Podocarpus that is thick, full, and bushy? You should keep in mind that although Podocarpus is a naturally thick plant, factors and ways are using which you can make the Podocarpus grow thicker.

Trimming the right way:

Just chopping and pruning off the Podocarpus tree from whichever side you wish to will do more harm than good.

The best way is to prune off the tip of the damaged branch keeping 2 to 4 inches off. You should trim off the top of the plant and make it narrower than the bottom. As you trim the top of the plant, don’t forget to also trim the sides every toe week.

Watering adequately:

If the soil you Podocarpus are planted is already dense enough, you can get away with not watering it as much. In fact, in that case, you would have to be waterless. 

Otherwise, water regularly to prevent the leaves from becoming dehydrated.

Starting all over:

If you have tried everything and practice trimming every right way and your Podocarpus is still not growing thick, you can replant and start all over again.

Although not an idea, but repotting and using the right soil can sometimes change the thickness of the plant.

Does pruning help podocarpus grow thicker?

To put it out in simple words, the first purpose of pruning a Podocarpus is to give it the desired shape. However, many people trim their Podocarpus to make it look even bushier and healthier.

Just like our hair, trimming off few inches of the Podocarpus tree would make sure that the branches frow out more thickly and fully.

When the tips are pruned off, what you mainly do is encourage the secondary growth of a new branch. Other than that, trimming also helps to get rid of any pest infestations, hence restoring and ensure better thickness as well.

How do you prune a Podocarpus tree?

You may be aware that Podocarpus is one of those trees that use pruning only for the looks and for the shape of the tree. Here are a few simple steps to follow:


Nothing to do with the time of the year. You can trim a Podocarpus tree any time or during any season of the year.

However, make sure you only prune at least two months before the first winter month. If you are planning to go for hard pruning, save it for the end of winter when spring is about to start.

Create a goal:

Create a goal and a motive to prune. Make sure you know why you are pruning your plant so that you can trim it the right way.

Unnecessary pruning too often can damage your Podocarpus instead.

Trim the damage off:

Next, notice any broken or dried branch coming from the center of the tree. Leave about 6 inches to the good branch and trim the damage off. 2 inches away from the damage point is also a good scale for pruning.

Trim the tip:

If you are aiming for fullness, you would need to trim the tip of the Podocarpus during the late summer seasons, mainly July or august.

What is the best fertilizer for Podocarpus?

As you might already know, the best fertilizer ratio for Podocarpus is 6-6-6. The best-suited fertilizers are either slow-release fertilizers or all-purpose water-soluble fertilizers.

The NPK fertilizers contain nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium and the mentioned ratio makes sure that the composition is well balanced.

In addition to a good fertilizer, acidic soil can accelerate the growth of these plants as well.

Here is a list of fertilizers that work best for Podocarpus plants:

Miracle-Gro 680g Plant Food:

Whether you have the Podocarpus in a pot or planted on the ground, you can use the miracle plant food for better growth of your plant. The natural ingredients make sure the plant grows out to be lush and bushy.

Miracle-Gro 680g 20-20-20 Plant Food

J R Peters Jacks Classic All Purpose Fertilizer:

This fertilizer sports the ideal same ratio NPK composition that is deemed to be best for the growth and health of Podocarpus.

J R Peters 52024 Jacks Classic No.1.5 20-20-20 All Purpose Fertilizer

Scotts Evergreen Flowering Tree & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food:

This fertilizer is generous in amounts and can last up to 2 months. This encourages Podocarpus growth and makes the plant look fuller.

Scotts Evergreen Flowering Tree & Shrub Continuous Release Plant Food

How long does it take to grow a Podocarpus hedge?

One of the reasons why Podocarpus is popular is because of its use as a hedge.

If you are someone wishing to use Podocarpus as a hedge or screen, you might want to take note that it takes about 6 months to grow. If you want the plant hedge to grow faster, regular trimming will help with

If the soil and weather are not favorable, the Podocarpus might not work or grow as a hedge as its growth slows down.

Final Thoughts

You can certainly make your Podocarpus grow faster, as well as thicker with the right maintenance and care. Make sure your plant gets enough direct sunlight and a well-balanced fertilizer. It is also vital to make correct trimmings from the top. The soil ph is also quite important for better growth.

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