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How to Get Rid of Bugs, Gnats, Flies, Fungus in Peace Lily?

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Peace lilies are popular houseplants because of how easy they are to care for and for their ability to make the air cleaner. There are various types of peace lilies that come in different sizes. Although peace lilies don’t attract bugs, they can still harbor them.

The pests can come from other houseplants or due to the lack of humidity in your home. How to get rid of these pests? Let’s find out.

How do I get rid of bugs on my peace lily?

There are many ways to get rid of bugs from peace lilies. The treatment to get rid of the bugs can be different depending on what type of bug it is. You can try spraying your peace lily with insecticidal soap and you might have to bring in mites to get rid of fungus or sprinkle some safe bacteria. 

Why does my peace lily have bugs?

Peace Lilies are mostly immune to insects and pests. But if they do get infested, it might be due to other houseplants or poor growing conditions. Other plants could harbor bugs that might have got to your peace lily. 

There are other reasons such as high humidity. The high humidity could be a result of climate changes too. Places that have higher levels of precipitations also have greater humidity.

Depending on where you live, this could be one of the sources.

Another source could be overwatering. Peace lilies don’t require too much water and overwatering them can result in high humidity levels. 

The second biggest factor that might have contributed to the issue is air circulation. Try to make sure that your peace lily is not touching other plants or is too close to other plants.

This doesn’t give enough space for the air to circulate.

Air movement is also necessary. Don’t place them in direct sunlight but remember to open windows and doors from time to time. This will increase ventilation for the foliage. 

Bugs also invade when your peace lily lacks nutrients. Manganese, Potassium, Silicon, Zinc, Boron, and Calcium are all essential to keep pests away from your Peace Lily. They become vulnerable to pests once they lack the important nutrients. Don’t fertilize too much either.

Too much fertilization can also make your peace lilies vulnerable to bugs.

How do I get rid of bugs on my peace lily?

There are many ways to get rid of bugs from peace lilies. The methods depend on the type of bug you are dealing with as well. But here are some general ways to get rid of bugs. 

Wipe, Wash, or Spray:

First you can try spraying them off with water in the bathroom. Or you can dip some alcohol in a cotton swab and wipe the plant for days until they are gone. (This does not apply to fragile leaves).

You can also spray your plant with an insecticide or dish-detergent. Make a mixture yourself with soap, water, and vegetable oil. 

Homemade soap:

When it comes to flying bugs, they’re mostly after the soil instead of the plant itself. To get rid of these bugs, you can make your own homemade spray. Some popular sprays are organic insecticidal soap or the neem mixture with oil. Spray these over the soil.

You can also pour it. Homemade soap also works for getting rid of whiteflies. Mix a small amount of less harsh liquid soap with 1 liter of tepid water. Bring your plant to the bathtub (if it’s small enough), then wash it with homemade soap/spray.

Test it out before spraying the entire plant as it can be reactive.


This is the final method that should only be used for stubborn bugs. Pesticide damage is real and can be toxic for your peace lilies. But sometimes, it is necessary. Do this outside and take it home after it has dried.

If you’re worried about spraying too much pesticide, you can go to a local plant store and they’ll do it for you. 

Get rid of small flies on peace lily and get rid of peace lily bugs in soil

Small flies are usually a result of overwatering. To get rid of them, clean any dust, debris, and dried plant material from the surface of the soil and plant. When you water the plant, let the soil dry between the watering intervals. Only the first few inches of the soil.

Remove the water from the pot after 1 or 2 hours. These insects cannot live without moisture from the soil.

Allow your peace lilies to dry out a couple of times a week to keep the flies away. Another thing you can use is Neem oil. This is a natural way to get rid of the flies. Dilute the oil with water to create the mixture. Then apply the spray to the soil and plant.

Apply to the undersides of the leaves too. Be careful with this. 

Get rid of fungus gnats on peace lily:

Lay a trap:

To lay a trap, you will need a colorful card, a highlighter, a stick, and petroleum jelly. Attach the card to the stick. Apply petroleum jelly liberally on the index card. Stick it in the pot. Do this several times until all the fungus gnats are dried. 

Use potatoes:

Take a handful of potatoes and cut them into several pieces. Spread them around the soil of your planter. This will make the fungus gnats come out of the soil to have them. Later, collect the potato slices and dispose of them.

Disinfect the soil:

Remove the soil from the pot. Do this in a gentle manner as it can harm the roots of the peace lilies. Put the soil in a plastic bag. With the use of homemade soap or just simple dish soap and warm water, get rid of the bugs completely.

Repot your peace lilies into the disinfected soil. 

Get rid of aphids on peace lily:


As mentioned earlier, wiping off the infested parts should be the first thing to try. Use a wet rag to wipe them off. You can also use alcohol instead of water to wipe it off. 

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol then wipe the infested parts until they are completely removed. The next thing you can do is to spray them with soap and water. 

Spray outside:

Do this only if your plant is not fragile or new. Take your Peace Lilies outside and hose it down. But make sure it doesn’t harm the plant. Keep the sprays short but strong. Most of the aphids will lose life with this method.

You can repeat this method for a few days until they are gone. Some aphids might still be remaining, just take them out using your hand. 

Get rid of scale on peace lily:

Scale is difficult to get rid of. Most people discard the plant completely once scales have infested the peace lilies. You can try getting rid of them using insecticidal soap but it might not work.

Here are some more tips that you can use to successfully get rid of the scales. First, cover the soil using a plastic bag. This way, the scale will not get into the soil. 

Some insecticidal soaps can be harmful so you can use a natural one that has essential oil in it such as rosemary. Spray these soaps on the plant liberally.  Next, try removing them. If you have a problem with touching the pest, use a toothpick or toothbrush to discard them.

Some will fall on the plastic soil covering. Discard them as well. Check the stem for scale. Since they’re too small, a magnifier can come in handy when you observe the plant. Inspect every part. 

Once you’re done with these methods, take the plant to the bathtub or sink for a vigorous spray. Remember to remove all the soap from the plant, otherwise, it will affect your peace lilies.

You might have missed some scales so it is crucial to inspect the plant again repeatedly for a few days. Repeat the steps until you are confident that they are gone.  

Get rid of mealybugs on peace lily:

Hose down:

Similar to the scale infestation, you need to wrap down the pot using a plastic bag and spray off the infestations with water. The flow needs to be strong and rinse properly.

Mealybugs can terminate your plant entirely, especially when the infestation grows. 

Insecticidal soap and rubbing alcohol:

Wipe the peace lilies with rubbing alcohol. This will remove some of the mealybugs. For large ones, you need to use insecticidal soap. Apply the

insecticidal soap weekly till the pests are gone. Apply the soap on all surfaces.

Wear a respirator mask and safety goggles before trying any of these methods. 

Get rid of slugs in peace lily:

Slugs love grapefruit and you can use it as bait. Cut a grapefruit in half. Place the empty grapefruit half in the planter. This will lure them in. Once they’re in, you can take them out. You

can also try organic baits and beer traps (dish of beer).

 Other things that you can use are cinders, wood ashes, sand, sandpaper, and plant repellents. 

Get rid of spider mites on peace lily:

Essential Oils and Sprays:

First isolate your peace lily. Using water, remove the webbing and

mites. Wipe the rest with a rag. This could solve the infestation. Otherwise, create a spray with water and essential oil such as coriander or rosemary.

Apply this mixture to the infected leaves. Essential oils have been proven to terminate spider mite eggs and adults. Repeat the spraying process until all bugs are gone. 

Pepper extracts:

You can use hot peppers such as chile, jalapenos, bell peppers, lemon drop pepper, bishop crown peppers, and cayenne peppers to get rid of spider mites. They can fix the situation naturally without involving insecticides.

There are several hot pepper repellents available in stores and online, and you can make them at home as well. 

Does peace lily attract bugs?

Since peace lilies are typically indoor plants, they could attract bugs. Bugs are attracted to homes that don’t have enough circulation of air or have high humidity. This is why proper growing conditions are important. Foliage can also attract bugs.

Although bugs are rare in plants such as peace lilies, they can get infected by bugs such as insects, aphids, thrips, whitefly, spider mites, and fungus. 

To avoid this from happening, water your plant properly and check for pests regularly. This way you can save your plant before the infestation grows. You can also apply natural pesticides to keep pests away from your plant. 

Final thoughts:

There could still be bugs in your peace lily in the future even if you have tried out every way to prevent it. It is completely normal and most plant pests cause no harm to humans. The ideal way to prevent it is by taking care of your plant and checking up on it regularly.

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