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How Tall Can Peace Lily Grow? (Quick Answers)

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Are you wondering why your peace lily is not growing tall enough or what is the right height of these majestic foliage plants that enhance the absolute beauty of your home?

Actually, these indoor plants with their green oval leaves and silky white flowers create the perfect contrast to each other and also create an elegant look with their length. However, there is an extent to which a peace lily can grow.

How tall can peace lily grow?

There are so many varieties of peace lilies available that are very different in their height. Nevertheless, a peace lily when placed indoors can grow between one to four inches tall and an outdoor peace lily can grow six feet tall which is 183 centimeters long.

There are almost 47 species of peace lilies that are widely different in their growth and care. Exactly how big your peace lily will get depends on the kind of species you have. 

Although these plants are very easy to grow and do not require a lot of care nevertheless, peace lilies’ growth can be compromised if not nurtured correctly.

Moreover, peace lilies are typically dwarf-sized, giant-sized, and medium-sized. From being as small as eight inches big to six feet high, peace lilies with their varieties offer you to choose your favorite one for home, office, or patio.

However, they need to be nurtured properly, repotted every one year or so, and watered regularly to ensure that they can grow taller.

How big do indoor peace lilies get?

Peace lilies with their aesthetic and pleasing appearance can grow considerably long when it comes to height.

Your peace lilies will get big indoors if you do not limit sunlight and water otherwise it will not let the peace lilies grow to their full potential. When peace lilies are cared for at homes, they get pretty big ranging from 1 to 4 feet long

Why is my peace lily not growing tall?

What can be more depressing than not seeing the normal growth of your plants? Some plants go through this phase where they do not grow naturally tall and there are significant reasons behind that.

Similarly, so many things can contribute to the question of why your peace lily is not growing tall and the possible reasons are as follows.

Insufficient Lights:

Your peace lily may be stressing due to inefficient light and low lights.

Additionally, you also may have exposed your peace lily to direct sunlight which can also hinder the process of growing taller.

Inadequate Water:

The watering problem is one of the most crucial things to notice when diagnosing why your peace lily is not growing. Both overwatering and underwatering can be a big issue. 

In addition, peace lily sometimes reacts badly to tap water. Peace lily does not like to be soaked in the water which can cause yellowing leaves and these may hinder your peace lily’s growth.

Lack of Fertilizer:

Peace lilies enjoy a little bit of fertilizer, especially in the growing season. Even applying a heavy amount of fertilizer will not suffice.

If your peace lily is not getting enough nutrients from the soil itself which can be caused by the fact that the pot is old or there are not enough nutrients left in the soil.

Insects Problem:

A pest infestation can prevent your plant from growing taller. You need to look for signs of whether your peace lily is infested with insects or not which is a leading cause for hindrance in growth.

How to get peace lily to grow tall?

Peace lilies are not naturally super tall however, when cared righty, they can grow very tall. Moreover, if you are knowledgeable regarding the ways of enhancing peace lilies’ growth in height, things will be much easier for you. 

Overhead Lighting:

If you want your peace lily to grow tall, you need to provide overhead lighting. Peace lilies naturally grow towards the lights.

Usually, when people put these plants in their house, they put them near the window. Consequently, peace lilies do not grow upwards rather towards the sun. 

Therefore, if you put an overhead light, peace lily will grow straight towards the direction of light.

Bright Indirect Light:

To grow your peace lily taller, you need not expose it to sunburn meaning that you should not put it in direct sunlight. In addition, your peace lilies enjoy moderate lighting for the most part therefore, expose them to bright indirect light. 


Your peace lilies need repotting every one year so that the lost nutrients of the plants can be revived. If you leave your peace lily in the same soil for too long chances are your peace lily will not grow taller.

Do Peace lilies grow fast? 

Peace lilies are naturally not fast-growing plants rather they take their time while growing. In addition, peace lilies can grow fast if you add fertilizer.

Moreover, it will also grow fast if you provide bright indirect light and enough moisture and if the plant is exposed to a favorable humidity level. 

How fast do peace lilies grow?

Peace lilies’ growth is on a medium level. They take one year to obtain maturity and to bloom fully. In addition, when they are placed outside, like other plants, they grow faster averaging 6 feet.

Nevertheless, they grow fast indoor if cared for rightly depending on pruning, propagating, repotting, giving fertilizers, and providing enough water.

How to make peace lily grow faster?

Peace lilies are great house plants that are aesthetically pleasing when they bloom their beautiful flowers and when they grow fast naturally. In influencing the faster growth of peace lilies, you need to be knowledgeable regarding some tips.

Comfortable Temperature:

Peace lilies do not like harsh temperatures and therefore, you need to make sure that there is a balanced temperature. In addition, the best temperature for faster growth can be between 17-21 degrees Celsius. 

Ample Water:

To make your peace lily grow faster, you have to maintain consistency while watering. You should not overwater or underwater and nor should you submerge the soil with water.

You need to make sure to provide filtered water or room temperature water to your peace lily as tap water contains fluoride which causes discoloration on the leaves. 

For the best result, you need to water once a week. Moreover, you should let your peace lily droop a bit before watering as your plant will indicate when it will need water. 

Sufficient Fertilizer:

Peace lilies do not need a lot of fertilizers. However, when there is a lack of nutrients in the soil, you need to feed your peace lilies with fertilizers every six weeks especially in spring and summer.

High Humidity:

Peace lilies like high humidity. To ensure faster and proper growth, you need to mist their leaves regularly. In addition, you also can use a moisture tray to increase the humidity of the place where peace lily is placed.

Adequate Light:

For faster growth, you need to make sure that your peace lily is not in the direct sunlight. Peace lilies also like partial shade and bright indirect sunlight.

In addition, it is rather better to replace your peace lily from the west/north-facing window. You should keep your peace lily in the east-facing window for best growth.

Why is my peace lily leggy?

Leggy peace lilies look very stretched out and have very long stems. Your peace lily may be leggy because it is not getting enough light.

In addition, when your peace lily is not getting proper light, it will stretch more toward the light and will obtain a slender look. Moreover, if you expose your peace lily to direct sunlight, it can also be another cause.

How do I make my peace lily bushy?

To make your peace lily bushy, you need to expose it to indirect bright sunlight. You also need to look at whether there is any mineral build or not on the soil. If there is, you need to remove that.

In addition, you also need to water your peace lily with ample water to make it thrive naturally. Another way of making your peace lily bushy is to pruning

Are peace lilies hard to grow?

Peace lilies perhaps are one of the easiest plants to grow due to their easy-going nature. Due to their characteristics, they can easily grow in indirect sunlight.

You also do not have to stress about watering them as these plants themselves will indicate when they will need water. In addition, they do well at room temperature, in short, these plants are very forgiving. 

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, with very little fertilizer and less caring, your peace lilies will thrive naturally without your nurturing. However, to let it grow to its natural height which is between 4 feet to 6 feet, repotting, pruning, fertilizing, and watering will help to make your peace lily taller.

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