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How Often to Water Your Snake Plant? (All You Need to Know)

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Snake plants are the best indoor and outdoor planting since they require little maintenance but give you some excellent benefits. This plant will filter the air and make it fresh to boost your mental conditions. You will also find it helpful against allergies.

For all the benefits, we plant snake trees in our garden. Since they require low maintenance, you don’t need to worry about their growth. They are best for winter planting as well. The snake plants don’t need regular watering. However, you can follow our tips regarding the snake plant’s care.

How often to water your snake plant?

You can water your snake plant once a week. If the weather is too dry, twice a week will be better for the growth of your snake plant. The watering frequency will reduce in winter. You can use only water once a month at that time. Mainly, you should water the snake plant when the soil is dry.

Snake plants don’t require frequent water. You should only water it when the soil is dry. These plants will take several days to take out the water from the soil. Especially if you want to make a routine to water your snake plant, you have to ensure the weather.

If it is summer, and the weather is arid, you have to water them twice or thrice a week. That time the plant will need more water to grow and survive. If you fail to give them enough water, the growth will be stopped.

However, snake plants can grow both in indoor and outdoor conditions. And the watering will also depend on it. Let’s see how often you water the indoor and outdoor snake plants.


The indoor snake plants don’t require every day or frequent water. You can water once a week to your indoor snake plant. It will be enough and help the plants grow fast and bloom soon.

When the summer comes, you should take care of the snake plants. Look at them carefully, and see if the soil is completely dry. When the soil gets dried, you have to water them. Otherwise, don’t give too much water; it will damage the root.


You rely on the rain if you plant the snake plants outdoors or in your garden. Ensure the rainwater doesn’t damage the root since the snake plants can bear the standing water. But in summer, you have to water the snake plants once or twice a week.

The frequency will depend on the soil condition. You will only water the snake plants only when the root-soil is dry. Don’t overdo them, and they don’t require frequent watering.

How many times a week should you water a snake plant?

You should water a snake plant once a week in summer. But in winter, it might be once a month. Winter is one of the best times for snake plants. They don’t require any water to survive in winter unless the soil becomes too dry.

Typically, you should water them once every 10 to 14 days. The snake plant doesn’t require that much water within this time unless it’s summer and the weather is very hot. If that’s the case, you can water twice a week at best, not more than that.

Snake plants can survive without water for a long time. Here the roots play a crucial role. It helps the plant to get enough moisture and nutrients to survive without the water.

How often to water a snake plant in winter?

You should water the snake plant once a month in winter because it doesn’t require usual or too much water. Winter is not the dry season for the winter. If you take little care, they will survive the freezing weather.

Care doesn’t mean watering frequently. You should place the snake plant pot indoors to protect them from getting frost. However, watering in winter is not a significant concern for the snake plant. You can only water them once or twice the entire winter.

Although the winter season is not a friendly atmosphere for the snake plants, it won’t need any water to survive. You need to make sure there is no snow around the plant. It will damage the root and hamper the growth. Therefore, once a month would be more than enough for the snake plants in winter.

How often do these snake plants need water?

Snake plant doesn’t need much water. Let’s find out what snake plant needs how much water:

Cylindrica snake plant:

The cylindrica snake plant is drought resistant. It mainly grows without the help of water. You need to water them in severe conditions. Other than that, they will grow themselves, but they also need some water to survive in summer.

You can water the cylindrical snake plant once a week, which would be sufficient. Before watering them, you must check the soil condition. If the soil is not dried, you never water them for the next week.

Rattlesnake plant:

The same goes for the rattlesnake plant. But they need some watering during the summer days since they grow fast during that time. You have to water your rattlesnake plant every three to four days or twice a week.

In winter, the plant or routine of watering your rattlesnake will be different. You need to water only once or twice a month, not necessary to water every week. You have to re-check the soil condition; if the soil is still wet, you don’t need to water them.

Dwarf snake plant:

The dwarf snake plant is another great one that is drought-resistant. That means it doesn’t require too much water to grow. However, you have to water the plant when they are growing.

Especially in summer, you have to water the dwarf snake plants twice a week because they grow in that time. Every time you water the plant, make sure the soil is one inch dry. Only then water the plant, and make sure the soil is dried correctly.

How to tell when a snake plant needs water?

You cannot water the snake plant every day or every week. You have to be careful about the soil condition. And, you cannot water the plants until the soil is appropriately dried. However, there are some tips that you can follow to tell when a snake plant needs water.

Check The Soil:

First, you have to check the soil condition. You can only water the snake plants when the soil is arid. When you find that the plant’s soil is entirely dry, you can water the plant.

If you find wet soil, don’t water the plant. You can taste the soil water by removing some soil from the top and making a one-inch hole to see any water in the snake plant.


You cannot water the snake plants every season, and the number of watering the plants will vary from season to season. You don’t need to water the snake plant every week in winter. Maybe once a month will be enough for the snake plant to survive.

But in summer, you have to be careful and check the soil and the growth. If the plant is growing, you need to water it once or twice a week. It will depend on the weather.

If the weather is too humid or hot and the soil of the snake plants is dry, you need to water them twice or three times a week. But the recommended time to water the snake plant in summer is once a week.

Plant’s Root:

The snake plant root can’t bear the standing water. If you water frequently and the root fails to take all the water, it will damage the entire plant. You have to water the snake plants to save the root carefully.

To water the plant securely, you need to check the upper-level soil. When you find the soil is dry enough and there is no water left, you can add some water onto it. Never try to pour too much water at a time; it will ruin the root and damage the growth.

How much to water a snake plant?

The average size snake plant might take one liter of water every week. The amount will vary from the size of the plant. When you plant a small size, you cannot give that much water. You can use 200 to 250 ml of water for a snake plant.

When the snake plant is growing and becomes large enough, you need to increase the amount slightly. Always make sure the soil is dry before you water the plant. And stop watering once the soil is wet.

Final Thoughts

In summer, you can water your snake plant once a week. It will be enough for regular growth. In contrast, you can only water the plant once a month in winter because the snake plant won’t need that much water to survive since the snake plant is a drought-resistant plant.

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