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How Often Should You Water Majesty Palm? (Answered)

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Plants need an adequate amount of water to grow and survive. However, overwatering can cause root rotting and can halt plants’ growth.

So, after planting majesty palm, you might be wondering how often you should water your majesty palm. You might also wonder how you can detect if your plant needs water. Let’s find the answers to all your queries regarding watering majesty palm.

How often should you water majesty palm?

The number of times you should water majesty palm mainly depends on the dryness of the soil. If the first inch of this plants’ soil is totally dry, you should water it one to two times per week. You should water the majesty palm quite often during summer and once in a while during winter.

The majesty palm tree is not very sensitive about being watered. It can survive even with a minimum amount of water. However, the majesty plant needs an adequate amount of water to thrive properly.

That being said, how much water the majesty plant will need varies depending on the location where the plant is planted and the season. Let’s take a look at how often you should water your majesty palm indoors, outdoors, and in winter.


Generally, indoor plants need a lower amount of water as they don’t get a lot of sunlight. As they don’t remain under the sun throughout the day, the water from the soil evaporates slower compared to the ones that are placed outside.

As a result, the majesty palm that is planted on pots and placed indoors needs comparatively less water. You should water your majesty palm that is kept indoors at least once a week.


You will have to water your majesty palm planted outdoors at least twice every week. The outdoor plants require more water as the water evaporates from the soil quite fast.

In addition, there are numerous other factors that make the soil dry up fast. So, you should check the dryness of the soil frequently and if necessary provide an adequate amount of water to the majesty palm.

In winter:

You should water your majesty palm only once in a while during the winters. This is due to the fact that this plant grows very little in winter and all it needs is warmth.

So, if you water the majesty palm frequently, the temperature of the soil will reduce, hampering the plants’ health.

How do I know if my majesty palm needs water?

There are numerous techniques to tell if your majesty palm needs water. It is not as difficult as it may seem to you at first. Finding out if your plant needs water at the right time will help it to grow faster and in a healthy manner.

Have a look at how you can know if your majesty palm needs water:

Check for dropping leaves:

If your majesty palm doesn’t get enough water, the leaves won’t get sufficient water to grow and plump with moisture.

Due to the lack of water, the leaves will wilt and eventually drop. If you detect that the plant is dropping more leaves than usual, then it definitely needs water.

Determine the weight of the pot:

This is a very simple and effective method for knowing if your majesty palm needs water. After watering your plant, lift it up to get an idea of what it weighs like after it is watered.

Check the weight of the pot frequently by lifting it up and if it feels lighter than usual, the plant needs water.

Check the soils’ moisture with a stick:

Sometimes the surface of the soil will look dry, but the deeper soil is still moist enough and so the plant doesn’t need to be watered.

Sometimes the surface may look moist enough after watering a very little amount of water, while the base of the soil is dry. So, you should check the dryness of the soil using a stick and determine if your majesty palm needs water.

How do you water a majesty palm?

Watering a majesty palm is not complicated at all. You will just have to do it with utmost care and attention. By watering your majesty palm in the right way, you will ensure that it grows properly in a healthy way.

Let’s take a look at how you should water a majesty palm.

Check the soils’ moisture:

The first thing you will have to do before watering your majesty palm is to check the moisture level of the soil. You wouldn’t want to overwater the plant a sit will cause the roots to rot.

To check the dryness of the soil, you can use a stick or even your fingers. You can also do it by checking the weight of the pot the plant is planted in.

Choose the right equipment:

You can water your majesty palm either with a hose, sprinkler, soaker hose, or even a bucket. However, if your plant is still young and growing, you should use a sprinkler to prevent overwatering and damaging the young leaves, and stem.

If your majesty palm is well developed and fully grown, you should use a hose or soaker hose to water it.

Water it:

Now that you have selected what you will be using to water your majesty palm, start watering it gently. If you have a young plant, avoid watering it directly to the stem, leaves, or root.

This is because, if you water the young plants roughly, they can get damaged. Water the plant until the surrounding of the plant or the pot is completely moist.

How much water for majesty palm?

Majesty palm doesn’t need a whole lot of water to grow and survive. This plant will grow just fine if you water it at least once every 7 to 10 days.

However, if your majesty palm is planted without any shade and remains under scorching sun all day, then it would need a lot of water.

In this case, you will have to water the plant more frequently, you should do it at least once or twice every week.

That being said, your soil needs to be a good absorbent of water if you want the plant to grow properly. If the pots’ solid doesn’t absorb water, you should change the soil or repot the plant.

In addition, the pot needs to have a proper drainage system so that water doesn’t clog on the bottom of the pot.

Should I mist my majesty palm?

Majesty palm doesn’t thrive in an environment that has low humidity. It needs enough water to grow and stay healthy.

As a result, the leaves of this plant enjoy being misted once a week. It increases humidity in the environment and keeps the plant moist.

During summer and hot weather, you can mist your majesty palm more frequently. To increase the humidity level significantly, you can mist your majesty palm every day if you water it only once a week.

In fact, you won’t have to worry about your majesty palms’ health while misting. This is due to the fact that misting is less likely to cause fungus, yellowing fronds, or attract pests compared to overwatering.

Can you overwater a majesty palm? How do you save an overwatered majesty palm?

Although majesty palm likes moist and humid environments, the majesty palm cannot be overwatered.

If you overwater the plant, its roots might get damaged and it can stop growing. Overwatering can also wash out minerals and nutrients from the soil, and increase the likelihood of disease, or parasites in the majesty palm.

To prevent overwatering, check the surface of the soil before watering the plant and make sure it is completely dry. You can use an electronic monitor that will notify you when the majesty palm needs water.

To save the roots of an overwatered majesty palm, you should remove it from the soil and gently wash the roots using clean water. You should also trim the rotten part of the roots to prevent it from spreading.

After treating the root rot, you should repot your overwatered majesty palm to revive it. You should use good quality soil and also add fertilizer in the pot in which you are reporting the plant.

Final Thoughts

You should water your majesty palm once or twice a week depending on the weather and environment. You can also mist the plant quite frequently to increase the moisture around it. However, you should avoid overwatering the majesty palm as it will cause root rotting and fungal infections on the plant.

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