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How Often Should You Fertilize Fiddle Leaf Figs? (Answered)

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Providing your plant with the necessary nutrients can allow them to thrive during the growing season. However, it is important to be aware of how much fertilizer your plant needs and how often you should fertilize them. 

This is because too much fertilizer can end up harming the health of your plant. 

How often should you fertilize fiddle leaf figs?

If your soil is over a year old then you must ensure to add fertilizer to your plant every fourteen days to a month, especially during the growing season. If your soil does not have enough nutrients then it will not support your plant’s growth as well as flowering so ensure to fertilize twice. 

When do you fertilize fiddle leaf fig?

When you re-pot a plant or use new soil for your plant it is not really necessary for you to fertilize the plant because the soil has adequate nutrients already. 

However, the soil starts to get depleted of the nutrients once a year has passed and that is when you must step in to fertilize your plants so that they can grow efficiently. 

The best time to fertilize your plant is during the growing seasons. That is during the spring and summertime when the plant is naturally inclined to grow because of the ideal growing conditions. 

Once the growing season comes, depending on how much your plant is growing you should fertilize it accordingly every two weeks to a month. 

If you see that your plant is growing double the amount then you should fertilize it more frequently since the plant is using up the nutrients at a much quicker rate. 

If you see that your fiddle leaf fig is slightly more dormant then you can use gentle fertilizers every time you water your plant to encourage growth. 

If you give them a stable supply of adequate nutrients then it might trigger them to grow more when you supply it alongside the water. 

The only time you should not fertilize your fiddle leaf fig is when it is winter time as they naturally stay dormant during that period so you cannot expect any growth and they do not require nutrients as well. 

Do fiddle leaf figs need fertilizer?

Fiddle leaf figs certainly need fertilizer. Though at the very start when you get the plant it is not that necessary for you to fertilize your plant. This is because the soil of the plant already has all the vital nutrients that your plant needs. 

It is very important that after a certain period of time you start to add fertilizer to your plant because the nutrients get used up as well as sometimes drained away by excess water. You need to restore the soil’s health by adding fertilizer to it.

Fertilizing your plant is very important if you want to see your plant grow and have healthy leaves as well as flowers. Not fertilizing your plant can lead to stunted growth, thin branches, and leaves turning brown and falling away. 

Fertilizing your plant can result in healthy leaves, blooming flowers, and strong branches. Your plant will grow a lot more in size. Not only that, but it will also make the trunks and roots of your plant more firm which will help them to carry the heavier leaves better. 

Do fiddle leaf figs need a lot of fertilizer?

Usually, fiddle leaf figs, especially the ones used at home for decoration do not need a lot of fertilizer. This is because they feed moderately and thus you do not have to use too much.

Especially if you live in colder climates they tend to remain dormant during those months because the conditions are not ideal for growing so they feed even less.

However, if you notice that your fiddle leaf fig is growing a lot more than usual then you must be consistent by feeding them more fertilizer. 

This is because they are using up a lot of nutrients present in the soil and to be stable with how much they are growing you will need to put in more fertilizer than usual. If they are more dormant then little amounts of fertilizer would do the job.

When to start and stop fertilizing fiddle leaf fig?

You should start fertilizing your fiddle leaf fig during the start of the growing season and continue to do so once every two weeks. If they are growing more than usual then you should fertilize them more frequently and whenever you water your plant. 

You can stop adding fertilizer to your plant when the growing season ends and winter starts. This is when their growth starts to slow down and become dormant so they do not need any nutrients. 

How much fertilizer should I give my fiddle leaf fig?

How much fertilizer you give your fiddle leaf fig depends on how big they are and at what pace they are growing. Typically house plants require less fertilizer compared to outdoor plants. 

Indoor fiddle leaf fig:

Indoor fiddle leaf figs, in general, do not grow that much because they are adapted to live in typical household conditions. 

They are more tamed and bound by a pot and as a result, do not grow that tall. Your indoor plant will not require as much fertilizer because they are smaller and they do not grow a lot. 

They will need a more complex fertilizer mixture as they do not contain organic matter as outdoor soil does. However, for your plant to thrive you can fertilize them twice every month during the growing season. 

Outdoor fiddle leaf fig:

Outdoor fiddle leaf figs are not bound to a pot and are more exposed to ideal living conditions. They also tend to be wild and use up more energy to supply to the entirety of the plant as well as grow. 

Since outdoor soil contains more organic matter you do not need complex fertilizers. However, you will need more in amount to supply enough nutrients to the full plant. 

If they are growing much quicker then the soil gets depleted more quickly so you will have to use more fertilizer to replenish the soil. 

How to fertilize your fiddle leaf fig?

There are certain steps you must ensure to follow when fertilizing your fiddle leaf fig so that you can replenish the soil properly and let your plant grow. 

Prepare the mixture:

Make sure to first read all the instructions on the fertilizer that you have bought. The concentration and the water quantity depend on the dosage so always ensure to read it properly. 

In general, most fertilizers require you to mix ten ml of the mix in four liters of water, but it depends solely on the brand and mixture you are using. According to the instructions, mix it all together in a big bucket.

Water your plant:

Ensure that the pot your plant is in has a proper and efficient drainage system. Then add water to your fiddle leaf fig until the extra water starts leaving your pot through the drainage holes. 

This tells us that all the roots are properly saturated with water and the nutrients can effectively reach all the parts of the plant. 


Leave your plant out in the sunlight so that the water gets soaked up and your plants receive enough sunlight to help it restore their energy from the nutrients. 

Do fertilizer burn fiddle leaf figs?

Excess fertilizer can end up burning your fiddle leaf fig as the salt content present in it can suck the moisture out of your plant. 

This drying out of the plant can lead to chemical burns which show up in the form of brown stripes over the leaves or it can also happen in patches throughout the plant. 

How to tell if a fiddle leaf fig is healthy?

The best way to tell if your fiddle leaf fig is healthy is by observing its growth. Unless it is the winter season, you ought to see some form of growth even if the growth is slow. 

The leaves on the plant should be a beautiful green in color and the foliage should be healthy and larger in size than old leaves. 

What is the best fertilizer for fiddle leaf fig?

Fiddle leaf figs are quite low maintenance so you will not have to worry about using any complex fertilizers for them. The best kind you can possibly use are fertilizers that contain more nitrogen concentration as fiddle leaf figs love that. 

You can use fertilizers that have a nitrogen-phosphorous-potassium ratio of 3-2-1. 

Are coffee grounds good for fig trees?

Coffee grounds are high in nitrogen and phosphorus which might seem ideal for use as a fertilizer for fig trees. However, that is not a great idea as it can hamper your plant’s drainage system especially if the coffee grounds are big and hard. 

It can also end up holding moisture which can threaten the healthy roots. 

Can you use seasol on fiddle leaf fig?

Yes, you can certainly use seasol on your fiddle leaf fig. In general fiddle leaf figs are open towards any type of fertilizers since they are low maintenance. 

But they thrive when you provide them with nitrogen which seasol contains in high amounts. It also contains phosphorus which is great for your plant. 

Final Thought:

Fertilizing to replenish the soil will help your fiddle leaf fig to grow tremendously and double in size. It will have healthier roots and branches as well as beautiful glossier foliage. It will also produce beautiful flowers since once it is provided with all the nutrients that allow it to thrive.

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