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How Often Does a Peace Lily Bloom? (Answered)

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Peace lilies are great tropical houseplants to purify the air around you as well as add some life to your living space. Many people purchase peace lilies for their beautiful green foliage while others sought after them for their gorgeous white flowers.

If you are one of them seeking after the beautiful white beauties, then you must be aware of what steps to take to ensure that they bloom often. 

How often does a peace lily bloom?

It depends on how well you are taking care of your peace lilies. If you manage to mimic their ideal living conditions, they will bloom twice a year and stay for at least a month or two. To get your peace lilies to bloom you will have to get them a lot of indirect sunlight. 

Peace lilies are considered to be low maintenance and thus you will not have to put in a lot of effort to get them to bloom. As long as you can provide them with their ideal conditions, you will see healthy flowers blooming twice a year.

You have to ensure to not keep them in an area where the sunlight is low as it will result in healthy green foliage only.

Once you get one, you cannot expect it to bloom right away. Sometimes it takes some time before the plant is strong enough to grow flowers and you will have to put in some effort to take proper care of them during that period.

It is because immature plants are treated with gibberellic acid and after you take them to your home they need quite some time to stimulate flower production on their own. 

When does peace lily bloom?

The beautiful white flowers tend to bloom in the spring. They bloom more as a complex leaf also known as a bract over having traditional flowers with multiple petals.

If you take proper care of your plant and take the extra measure to provide it with all the nourishments then you will see that they might bloom once again during the fall season.

For this, you will have to take very well care of them and surround them with their ideal tropical living conditions. 

What time of the year do peace lilies bloom? 

Peace lilies bloom during the spring usually. However, if they are cared for properly then they might bloom again in the autumn months. They do not bloom throughout the year, only twice at max. Their magnificent blooms can last up to two months before they start to fade away. 

How long does it take for peace lily to bloom?

Once you get your hands on a peace lily it can take up to an entire year for them to bloom their magnificent flowers. Your peace lily is not mature when you buy it from any commercial nurseries.

They use gibberellic acid to stimulate flower production and make the plant look more attractive overall for buying purposes. When you bring them back home it takes time for them to mature on their own and thus bloom flowers. 

What causes peace lily to bloom?

The most important feature you would require to cause your peace lily to bloom is to give your plant sufficient yet indirect sunlight. You will also require the proper soil that is rich in organic matter as peace lilies are tropical plants.

They come from an area where the soil is very rich with dried organic matter. If you can, it will also be fruitful if you water your peace lily with distilled water.

The certain chemicals present in tap water might end up hurting your plant enough for it to be stubborn when blooming. 

If you mimic their ideal tropical conditions and take very good care of your plant, you will see their beautiful and dramatic white flowers appearing. 

Why my peace lily won’t bloom?

Even though peace lilies are low maintenance and easy to take care of, there might be few simple reasons you are overlooking that might cause them to not bloom. Do not worry and just watch out for any mistakes you might be making. 

Immature plant:

When you get your plant from a commercial seller, it is not uncommon for them to not bloom for quite a while.

This is because these immature plants are treated with gibberellic acid by these sellers to stimulate them and make them more attractive for selling purposes.

As a result, it can take up to a year for your plant to mature on its own and bloom flowers without any kind of stimulation. 

Insufficient sunlight:

Though your peace lily plant can thrive in low levels of sunlight, it will only result in healthy dark green foliage. For it to bloom its beautiful white flowers, you will need to give them a sufficient amount of sunlight.

You need to ensure to give them bright sunlight, but it has to be indirect. Direct sunlight may end up scorching their beautiful and luscious leaves. 

Underwater and Overwater:

Though your peace lily is likely to survive underwatering and not overwatering, it will not do them any good when it comes to blooming. They will sag when they are underwatered and it is best to be consistent with watering.

Overwatering will end up fully harming your plant as they are not tolerant of that. 

Optimal Temperature:

Since your peace lilies are tropical plants, they will thrive in higher temperatures. A suitable temperature is also required for them to bloom their pretty flowers. An optimal temperature for them will be around twenty to thirty degrees.

You must ensure to keep them away from heaters though as the direct heat will harm their leaves. You must also keep them away from air conditioners as any temperature colder than that will cause their leaves to wilt and the plant to perish. 

How do I get my peace lily to bloom again?

If you are having issues with getting your peace lily plant to bloom then do not worry. They are of low maintenance so following a few simple tips with some effort will have your plant blooming their beautiful flowers. 


Keep them in an area with partial and indirect sunlight for at least six hours per day. Yellowing of leaves means they are getting little sunlight and browning of leaves means that the sunlight is too harsh.

You have to balance it in between and give them the properly filtered sunlight. 


Wait for your plant to droop ever so slightly before you water them to avoid overwatering. Remember to keep the soil moist and not let your plant sag completely.

Rest assured even if you forget to water, the leaves are quick to revive themselves again. However, they are not tolerant of overwatering so ensure to prevent that at all costs.

They are also very sensitive to the chemical chlorine so if your water contains that then make sure to use distilled water instead.


Peace lilies like higher temperatures and higher humidity since they are tropical plants. Make sure to not keep them at a temperature below 45 Fahrenheit as it can terminate them.

If your house does not contain enough humidity then consider installing humidifiers as they thrive in higher humidity. 

Remove old flowers:

Once your plant’s flowers turn brown remove them immediately. Use sharp scissors to remove it from the stem and make sure to not damage it. This is to prepare your plant for its next bloom. 

Correct cultivation:

You must ensure to give your plant soil that is well-draining. It must also be rich in organic matter and you can also feed it a suitable fertilizer to take better care of your plant.

They are immune to pests compared to other plants, however, if you see any signs of pests then spray it with some insecticide immediately. 

What to do when lilies have finished flowering?

As soon as your lily’s flowers have started to show signs of fading, you should wait for them to start getting brown. Do not wait for too long though as the flowers might end up getting converted to flowers which you might want to avoid.

You should take a pair of sharp scissors and cut them cleanly from the stem. Avoid hurting your plant and take care of it well to prepare them for the next bloom. 

Do you cut off dried peace lily flowers?

Yes, you should ensure to cut off your dried peace lily’s flowers. Once your peace lily’s flower fades and turns brown you need to take a pair of sharp scissors and cut it off the stalk from their stems. This is to encourage better growth as well as to prepare your plant to bloom again. 

Will peace lilies bloom again if pruned?

Yes, because pruning your peace lily only helps to maintain a clean appearance. It will not affect growth or bloom in any way. Once the flowers fade, the best thing to do is prune off any affected ones alongside their stalks to encourage better growth and blossoms. 

Will peace lily bloom in water?

It is possible for your peace lily to bloom in water if you ensure to keep and grow only the roots in the water. If the plant’s base and leaves touch the water for too long then it might start to rot.

You also have to ensure to give them all the minerals and organic material they need to ensure that it blossoms. 

Final Thoughts:

As long as you take good care of your peace lily, it will blossom its beautiful flowers at least twice a year during spring and autumn. Alongside filtered sunlight, ensure to give it proper watering and well-drained soil with abundant organic matter. Cut off affected blossoms to encourage growth.

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