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How Fast Does Podocarpus Grow? (Answered)

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Podocarpus are naturally upward and upright growing trees that gain tall heights after growing up fully, however, even though these trees achieve a tall height after growing up fully, they have a sluggish growth. 

So in case, you want to plant a podocarpus tree or already have one, you certainly would like to know the ways of making podocarpus trees grow faster than usual.

Therefore, let’s go through the explanations to learn the precise answers.

How Fast Does Podocarpus Grow?

Podocarpus trees have a lenient growth rate and this slow growth rate typically adds 12 inches to 36 inches (2 feet) every year to the total height of the trees. But under favorable conditions, this slow-growing tree can grow faster and reach its maximum which is 40 feet in height sooner than usual. 

Podocarpustrees that are commonly cited as Japanese yew due to their identical appearance grow vertical and upward with a maximum height of 30-40 feet but these trees grow quite slowly. 

As a result, every year these Podocarpus trees grow as fast as only 2 feet or less than 2 feet (12”-36”) at most of their total height. And these trees last for about 150 years, so they can reach their maximum height leniently.

However, this natural height rate of Podocarpus trees can be improved by providing these trees with a more optimal condition than usual. It will make them grow rapidly and get twice in size than their current size in a few years.

 Since many of you out there are unaware of how fast all these species of Podocarpus trees including Podocarpus Gracilior or Weeping Podocarpus, Podocarpus Maki, Podocarpus Macrophyllus, Podocarpus Hedge, and Podocarpus Bushes will grow. 

The precise growth rates of all these trees are included below briefly for your knowledge.

Podocarpus Gracilior Or Weeping Podocarpus:

Podocarpus Gracilior or Weeping Podocarpus naturally has a slow growth. Thereby, with a slow growth rate per year Podocarpus Gracilior or Weeping Podocarpus grow only up to 6” of their total height, and it’s the fastest a Podocarpus Gracilior tree can grow.

Podocarpus Maki:

Podocarpus Maki is also a sluggisher-growing species of Podocarpus trees which means this version of Podocarpus growth rate is slow as well. And this Podocarpus Maki can grow 6-8 feet(72-96 inches) in height of their total height in 10 years. 

Soaccording to this measurement, a Podocarpus Maki tree will grow 7.2”-9.6” per every year for 10 consecutive years to reach the assumed height of 6-8 feet.

Podocarpus Macrophyllus:

Podocarpus Macrophyllus trees will grow about 12”-36” per year as well to reach the maximum height of 30-40 feet. Because this podocarpus’s growth rate is slow as well lie the other two mentioned above.

Podocarpus Hedge:

Podocarpus Hedge trees are a slower-growing species of Podocarpus trees too. And in usual environmental conditions, Podocarpus Hedge trees add 12”-36” inches per year which is an identical measurement of height as the Podocarpus Macrophyllus and Podocarpus Gracilior.

Podocarpus Bushes:

Podocarpus bushes aren’t any different species of Podocarpus trees, they are the Podocarpus trees that are just trimmed to have a bush-like appearance. 

Thereby, this species of Podocarpusgrowth rate is the same as Podocarpus Gracilior, Macrophyllus, and Hedge, which is 12”-36” per year.

Are Podocarpus Fast-Growing?

Any species of these versatile, evergreen, and low maintenance Podocarpus plants aren’t fast-growing, rather these Podocarpus plants grow into large trees with very slow growth.

Under the natural conditions at which Podocarpus plants grow into trees, it’s seen that a Podocarpus tree gains a total height of 30-40 feet. 

However, while growing up to that height, a Podocarpus plant only adds a maximum of 2 feet or approximately 2 feet height to the total height. And this clearly is indicating to the point that Podocarpus trees are really slow-growing trees.

How Tall And Wide Do Podocarpus Grow?

Upon reaching maturity, a Podocarpus tree achieves a height of 30 feet to 40 feet and it gets as wide as 20 feet to 30 feet on average.

However, the Podocarpus Gracilior species is a little different because these Podocarpus Gracilior trees achieve a taller height than others. 

A matured Podocarpus Gracilior reaches a height of 40 feet to 50 feet, sometimes a matured Podocarpus Gracilior tree can reach 60 feet height as well. Also, they get quite much wide when they get matured, a fully grown-up Podocarpus can get as wide as 25 feet.

How To Make Podocarpus Grow Faster?

The most effective tips are explained below to make your Podocarpus tree grow faster.

Provide Proper Lighting:

The growth rate of Podocarpus highly depends on how much sunshine it’s getting, as the Podocarpus grows faster and thrives the best in full bright sunlight.

So while planting or replanting, make sure to plant the Podocarpus in a place with bright, full, and direct sunlight where it will get at least 6 hours of daylight every day. But provide partial shade when the temperature gets too hot.

Use The Right Soil:

While planting the Podocarpus, use the right and best suited solid for Podocarpus which happens to be well-drained, fertile, acidic, and sandy. Also, remember that the pH level of soil should be ranging between 4.5-7.5.

Don’t use wet muddy soil to grow Podocarpus.

Water Moderately:

Podocarpus requires a fair amount of watering on regular basis to grow faster. So, water your Podocarpus moderately to keep the roots hydrated and soil moist, but not soggy. Water in the morning to get the optimum result.

Provide An Consistent And Accurate Temperature:

Podocarpus can’t tolerate too cold weather. Therefore, where you’ve planted the Podocarpus tree, the temperature of that place should range between 61°F-75°F. And for the Podocarpus Hedge plant, the temperature should not fall lower than 55°F.

Give Proper Humidity Level:

As Podocarpus likes a moderate humidity level, therefore, plant Podocarpus trees in regions such as Florida or others with humid and warm weather to grow Podocarpus faster.

How To Make Podocarpus Grow Thicker?

If you want to have a bushier, and fuller Podocarpus, go through the tips explained which can you help you make your Podocarpus grow thicker.

Trim In The Right Way:

The right way of trimming a Podocarpus tree is that to trim the tip of damaged branches while leaving 2”-4” behind. Also, remember that you must trim and make narrower the crest of a Podocarpus tree than its bottom part. 

And while trimming the crest of the tree, you have to trim the sides as well every two weeks.

Do remember that you can’t trim the Podocarpus tree in winter, rather trim it 2 months before the winter comes. Also, do not trim often and from any side you want.

Water Adequately:

You must water your Podocarpus tree regularly to avoid the risk of having dehydrated Podocarpusleaves. However, if the Podocarpus tree is planted in dense soil, don’t water much.

Apply Fertilizer:

A good fertilizer accelerates the development of thicker, fuller, and healthy Podocarpus trees. And the best-suited fertilizer for Podocarpus is the slow-release fertilizers. You can also apply all-purpose water-soluble fertilizers too. 

But make sure that the fertilizer you are using contains phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium.

Apply fertilizer three times a year in the summer, spring, and fall seasons. And bear in mind that the exact ratio of fertilizer for Podocarpus trees is 6-6-6.

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Start Again:

If none of them are working to make your Podocarpus tree grow thicker, replant the Podocarpus tree again in the right soil and continue following these tips again.

Where Does Podocarpus Grow Best?

According to USDA, Podocarpus trees regardless of the species grow the best and thrive fully without facing any issues at places that fall in the USDA plant hardiness areas 8b through 11.

And as far as it concerns the right spot to grow Podocarpus in the best way, bear in mind that these trees thrive the best in full sun but can tolerate partial sun too. And they require well-drained, slightly acidic, and fertile soil to grow well. 

And the temperature of that area should range between 61° F-75° F if you want to get the best result.

Remember that all these requirements of the right spot where Podocarpus grows will only work if the spots fall within the mentioned USDA plant hardiness zones.

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Final Thoughts

Podocarpus trees grow fast as 12”-36” approximately of their total height per year because Podocarpus trees have a very sluggish growth rate despite having a tall height. However, if an optimal condition can be provided to these slow-growing plants, they can grow faster and thicker.

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