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How Fast Does Moss Grow? (All You Need to Know)

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Generally moss is known as a member of the Bryophyta. These are small non-flowering plants which usually grow in shady areas. 

But did you know, moss has its uses too? Moss can be a great alternative for grass in your garden. The best part about growing moss is that they are low-maintenance. 

If you are excited about growing moss, and you’re wondering how fast moss grows, then bear with us till the very end. Today we will be discussing different types of mosses and how long they take to grow. So, without any due let’s get started. 

How fast does moss grow?

Moss usually takes around six weeks to grow. However, some specific varieties of moss can take more time. Moreover, any healthy type will begin to grow by that time. The estimated growing time is determined to be 6 weeks to 2 years, not more than that.

Moss can be a great affordable option if you plan to add a decorative touch to your office lobby or garden walls. Moss usually grows in shady places which have a higher moisture level. 

Java moss: 

Generally java moss grows slowly. The growth rate is 1-1.5 inches every thirty days. However, there are a few optimal conditions to grow java moss at that rate. Additionally, if the moss is placed in a new environment, the moss will take a few days to adapt and then start to grow. 

Spanish moss: 

Spanish moss spreads faster however, it’s a slow grower. Spanish moss only grows 10-20 cm every year. Spanish moss can be considered useful, as it can be used in floral arrangements, to fill automobile seats, and in some cases for the insulation in homes. 

Growing Spanish moss is simple, although they need regular watering, they do not need extra fertilizer. 

Christmas moss: 

Christmas moss is a very slow growing moss. It will only grow up to 2-10 cm, equivalent to 1-4 inches in their entire lifetime. However, they are an ideal choice for you if you are planning to grow a moss carpet. 

Scotch moss:

Scotch moss usually grows only by 1 inch even in its maturity. However, scotch moss grows upto 12 inches wide. Scotch moss grows best in winter and spring. The thing about these mosses is that they have a moderate growth rate and can take upto years to fill one area.    

Sphagnum moss: 

Sphagnum moss grows upto 2-12 cm every year. It takes almost two-three months to grow sphagnum moss. Which means to fill an area it will take around 60-90 days.   

However, they must be kept warm and moist. A great fact about sphagnum moss is that these mosses can be grown outdoors and indoors.

Aquarium moss: 

Just like Java mosses, Aquarium mosses have a slow growth rate. Aquarium mosses grow up to 2-4 inches, however they have a tendency to grow 1-1.5 inches each month. 

Changing the location of the moss, might even resist it from growing as the plant will need a few weeks to get established.

Weeping moss:

Weeping moss has a great style of growth. The deep color and fine texture makes it popular for being used in aquascapes. However, weeping moss grows up to an inch. 

Irish moss:

The growth rate of Irish moss is moderate. About in 8 weeks the moss will grow up to 1-2 weeks. The germination is done in 10-25 days. However, it needs to be kept at 50-66 degrees Fahrenheit. This moss will spread up to 9 inches in width.

Sheet moss: 

Sheet mosses are commonly known as carpet moss. These mosses can be used to hide metal frames. However, they can take five-six weeks to grow. 

Flame moss:

Flame mosses can grow up to 4-6 inches. Their growth rate is considered to be slow and moderate. While growing this moss the temperature must be in between 68-83 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Reindeer moss:

Reindeer moss grows mostly around spring. Every year it grows up to 3-5 mm per year. This type of moss grows slowly but has a long lifetime. 

The interesting thing about some reindeer mosses is that they do not have roots.

Is moss easy to grow? Does moss spread fast? 

It is indeed easy to grow moss. Also, it can spread fast. However, for growing a moss bed, you would need to prepare the area. The first thing to do would be to remove weeds, grass, and other unwanted plants. It is easy and simple to maintain moss. 

Growing moss does not always require the help of a professional. All these plants need is sunlight, moisture, and some other materials. You can also grow moss indoors when the right environment is provided. 

You can simply use a spray bottle to water moss. However, moss needs direct sunlight for multiple hours a day. This helps the moss grow well. 

Depending on the type of moss, the spreading time may vary. However, keep in mind that your moss will spread enough by six weeks if they are taken care of properly. 

How much does moss grow in a year? 

On average in a year moss will grow up to 3-5 mm. Moss usually grows on arctic lands. The growth rate depends on the type of moss you are cultivating. Different moss requires different growing times. However, some mosses tend to grow slower than other varieties of moss. 

Additionally, it will take up to 2 years to be at its full potential. Moss is quite a versatile-looking and eco-friendly plant that can be a great grass substitute. However, how much the moss will grow in a year depends on the type of moss you grow. 

How fast does moss grow on these surfaces? 

Generally, moss is considered to be dirty and people assume it must be removed. However, it can be a great addition to your garden or landscape if used properly. 

On roof: 

On average, it’s gonna take about 5-6 years to grow moss on the roof. Some roofs may experience the growth of moss in 3 years, and some might experience them in 10 years or so. 

If you see moss on your roof, it is because you have a shady roof and moss requires moist, shady, and certain temperatures.

On concrete: 

On concrete, moss will start to fully grow within 5-6 weeks. However, at first, you may notice mold in the beginning, but do not worry. Within 45-50 days you’ll see a healthy growth of moss on your concrete surface. 

On rocks: 

While growing moss on rocks, you will notice mold growing on the surface. However, if you have maintained everything properly, the moss will thrive in 5-6 weeks. 

On stone: 

If moss is properly cared for, your moss will grow on the stone surface by 45-60 days. The stone needs to be placed in a shady place and they need to be watered regularly. 

On soil: 

Depending on conditions, the moss can take up to 2 years to grow fully. The temperature and the type of moss have a great impact on the growth speed.

On brick: 

Within 6 weeks, moss will grow on bricks. However, some varieties can take more time.  

In fish tank: 

As fish tanks are way too moist, moss can grow within 3-4 weeks. It can grow up to 2-3 mm per day. 

In terrarium: 

In a terrarium, moss can take weeks to grow. Under the right circumstances, it will take 6-7 weeks at least. 

How can I make moss grow faster? 

There is no method to make any living thing grow faster than its genetically programmed growth rate. All you can do is offer the finest possible environment to achieve its utmost potential.

Applying Fertilizer:   

Fertilizers are commonly utilized to provide important minerals and nutrients to plants that may be deficient. This also aids in the faster and healthier growth of the plants. The same is true for moss. 

Phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, magnesium, and calcium are essential nutrients for moss growth.

Providing Appropriate Amount Of Light:

Moss, like other plants, requires sunlight to generate energy. On the other hand, too much sun can harm moss and cause it to dry out. Your moss garden should ideally be situated in a location that receives partial sunshine. 

Using plenty of water:

Moss loves moisture; therefore, keeping the region damp is one of the best methods to foster moss growth. However, too much moisture can harm the moss. 

Testing the soil moisture levels is the best approach to figure out how much water your moss needs. You don’t need to water your moss if the soil is wet, but give it a good run-over if the soil is dry.

Final Thoughts 

Under proper circumstances, moss requires 6 weeks to start growing. However, depending on the type it can vary. Additionally, it can take up to 2 years for the moss to grow in masses. They continuously need moisture and sunlight to grow up to their full potential.

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