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How Fast Do Magnolia Trees Grow? (Quick Answers)

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Magnolia is a very essential type of plant that is used to make medicines. The flower and the bark of Magnolia trees are used for problems with digestion, constipation, anxiety, etc. In today’s article, we will discuss the growth of Magnolia trees. 

How fast do Magnolia trees grow?  

The Magnolia trees’ growth rate and height vary depending on different species. Generally, a Magnolia tree grows at least one to two feet per year. As a result, these trees can be 60 to 80 feet tall when fully grown. That is why you will need a lot of space in your yard to grow a Magnolia tree.

Magnolia is a large shade providing a rapid-growing tree that can be a useful addition to your garden. The magnolia tree is a large tree that can be one of the most important plants in your garden for its many benefits. 

Due to the variety of medicinal properties of this plant, its demand is appreciated everywhere. It can be used to treat various problems besides relieving constipation, depression, stress, anxiety. 

A common feature of this tree is that it grows very fast. Typically, a magnolia tree grows up to 2 feet per year. Its growth also depends on the species and variety of the plant. Some trees grow very large. 

In most cases, the growth can vary depending on the environment. The following is a detailed discussion of the growth rate of Magnolia tree species and types:

The little gem magnolia: 

The little gem magnolia tree grows very slowly compared to other species of this plant. A magnolia tree can grow up to 12 inches or less each year. 

Sweetbay magnolia trees:

Sweetbay magnolia trees grow very normal again. Get up. This tree can grow up to 1 to 2 feet tall with its growing height every year. They should be planted at the beginning of spring.

Jane magnolia trees:

Jane magnolia trees are usually of medium size. They range in height from 10 to 15 feet long and 8 to 12 feet wide. This tree grows 1 foot or less every year. 

Southern magnolia trees:

The growth of Southern Magnolia trees can be slower than normal. These trees grow to a height of 1 foot to 2 feet or less each year depending on some variables. 

Saucer magnolia tree:

The growth of saucer magnolia trees can be varied. Saucer magnolia usually grows 1 to 2 feet. It can be 20 to 30 feet in height and 20 to 25 feet wide.

Japanese Magnolia tree: 

The Japanese Magnolia generally grows up to 20 feet in height and spreads around 10 to 15 feet. Generally, the Japanese Magnolia tree grows up to two feet every year. 

Ann Magnolia tree: 

The Ann Magnolia tree has moderate growth. This tree grows about 24 inches per year. In some cases, it has a height increase of 13 to 24 inches. 

Teddy bear magnolia trees: 

It typically reaches around 4 meters in height within 10 years. In most cases, the teddy bear Magnolia tree grows up to one foot every year until it reaches mature height. 

Star Magnolia trees: 

The star Magnolia has a fast growth rate. The shrubs or bushes grow about 13 inches to 24 inches per year. In some cases, it might grow more than 24 inches. 

Butterfly Magnolia trees: 

Generally, the mature height of a butterfly Magnolia tree is 15 to 25 feet whereas the width of this tree is around 10 to 15 feet. The tree generally grows 1 foot every year. 

Umbrella Magnolia tree: 

Umbrella magnolia grows generally 15 to 30 feet in height and is 10 to 15 feet wide. It can grow up to 24 inches every year. 

Lily magnolia trees: 

It takes around 10 to 15 years to reach full maturity. It grows around one to two feet of its height every year.  

Ashe’s magnolia trees: 

The Ashes Magnolia tree has a moderate growth rate. It grows up to two feet every year.

Bigleaf magnolia trees: 

The Bigleaf Magnolia grows 1 foot every year, forming a pyramidal shape. 

Kobus magnolia trees: 

The caboose. Magnolia has a slow rate of growth and is around one to two feet of its height every year.

Do magnolias grow fast or slow? 

Depending on the different types of species, the magnolias have various types of growth. Some of the magnolias grow fast, whereas some grow slower. The average growth of a Magnolia tree every year is one to two feet. 

To maintain this growth, you need to water the plants regularly and place them in an area where they will get proper sunlight for a certain amount of time. The magnolias start from one foot and grow up to two feet every year. 

Some magnolias have a slow to the medium growth rate. In that case, the height of the magnolias increases by anywhere from less than 12 to 24 per year. But once they are fully grown, they’ll need a lot of space to spread their leaves and bloom.

Which magnolia tree is the fastest growing? How many years does it take for a magnolia tree to bloom?  

Among a large number of species of Magnolia trees, the Southern Magnolia is considered one of the fastest-growing trees with rapid growth

It has a growth of two feet every year crossing the growth level of every other Magnolia tree around the world.  

Depending on the species, the Magnolia trees take a certain time to bloom. They can only bloom once they are fully grown and mature. 

So, if a Magnolia has a growth of one to two feet every year, it will take around 10 years to grow a Magnolia tree at its mature height. Once the Magnolia tree is fully grown, it will start to bloom. 

The Magnolia trees bloom at different times, but in most cases, it is expected that the Magnolia trees will start to bloom within 10 years of planting.

Can you keep a magnolia tree small?  

If you want to make your Magnolia tree look small or make it look like a perfect show-stopping tree, you can simply prune the tree regularly. Some Magnolia trees can reach up to 80 feet in height, but some smaller ones max out at 20 feet. 

You can simply put them in a container and move them to a certain place. A species named Evergreen Magnolia is a tree that can be made smaller by pruning. Burning is also helpful as it helps the tree to remove any diseased or damaged wood from the tree. 

Always remember to prune the tree between mid-summer and early autumn when the leaves are fully open because during this period the trees will grow much faster. 

In addition to that, ensuring proper fertilization, water, balanced soil and the required environment for the magnolia trees will help them to grow faster. You should be careful when applying fertilizers to the tree.

How can I make my magnolia tree grow faster? 

Magnolia trees can be a great option for your garden since they are largely shaped multi stemmed trees. This will make your garden look like a beautiful place. 

Also, the Magnolia tree comes in a variety of different species, so you have to choose the right one for your garden to make it grow faster. For that, you can rely on southern Magnolia. It is a sweetly blooming tree that blossoms during late spring. 

Most of the Magnolia trees aren’t that rapid growing, but you can maximize their growth by providing proper fertilizer, environment, water, and care. 

For that, you need to make sure about some features of the tree. Below is a brief discussion on how to make the Magnolia trees grow faster:  

Water and soil: 

The first thing that Magnolia tree needs the most is I mean. Huge amount of water and nutritionally balanced soil. If you can water the Magnolia trees regularly, they can grow to their maximized height within a very short time. 

In addition to that, you need to make sure about the proper environment and the texture of the soil. 

Plant it under a tree: 

Although the Magnolia trees need sunlight for growing. During summer, due to overheating, the tree’s growth can be hampered. That is why it is recommended to plant the magnolia deer under a tree. 

Don’t forget the fertilizer: 

No matter how much you take care of the soil and water of the plant, a Magnolia tree won’t be able to reach its maximum height without proper fertilizer. Because this will provide the essential nutrients to the Magnolia tree and help it to grow faster. 

Final thoughts

Magnolia trees are large-shaped multi-stem trees that are a great option for the garden. There are different types of Magnolia trees that have different growth, but in most cases, the Magnolia trees can grow from 1 foot to two feet every year if proper care and environment are ensured.

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