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How Fast Do Banana Trees Grow? (Quick Answers)

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Banana is one of the most favorite fruits to have with breakfast. It is cheap but rich in potassium. This fruit is easy to get anywhere throughout the world. There are different variants of bananas across the globe. Let us see how fast banana trees grow.

How fast do banana trees grow?

Banana trees can reach a maximum height of 20 to 40 ft. It takes about 9 to 24 months for banana trees to grow and reach their limit. About 100 billion bananas are consumed throughout the world every year. Banana trees need about four to six months to grow fruits. Fertilizers can increase growth.

Let’s walk through this section to know more about the growth of these following sorts of banana trees –

Dwarf Cavendish banana trees:

As of the name, dwarf cavendish banana trees are smaller in size. So, it takes less time to grow. Though the fruit of these banana trees is quite good, which is about six to tenth inches. Dwarf Cavendish banana trees need about 9 to 15 months to grow.

Red banana trees:

Red banana trees can grow up to 15ft. And they are wide as well. If the climate is warm and humid, red banana trees can grow within nine to 15 months. If the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, it will hamper the regular growth rate.

Musa banana trees:

Musa bananas are the most popular. It is an accepted variety, whether Musa dwarf cavendish or Musa Tropicana. Here, the Musa banana plants can be planted indoors. That is one of the reasons why these are popular. 

These banana trees take about 1 to 2 years to grow. 

Basjoo banana trees:

Basjoo banana trees are famous because these trees are easy to grow. In warmer areas, these trees grow faster, about 2ft per week. These trees can get up to 15ft and grow about three meters a year.

Cold-hardy banana trees:

Cold-hardy banana trees can grow 2ft a week. It can be planted both indoors and outdoors. It can grow 6 to 9ft indoors and about 16ft outdoors. It takes about 8 to 12 months to get its highest height.

Ice cream banana trees:

As the name suggests, ice cream banana trees can tolerate some coldness and resist wind. But it is wise to put them in warm and safe places. They can rise to 15ft. And it takes 1.5 years to 2 years to grow.

Japanese banana trees:

Japanese banana trees grow up to 10 to 15 ft in good places. It requires well humid and perfectly drained soils. Also, these trees take about a year or two to grow ideally. 

Ornamental banana trees:

Ornamental banana trees can be found in different sizes. These banana species can grow about 2ft per week. On average, these trees can get up to 9ft tall.

How much do banana trees grow each year?

Banana trees do not need 12 months to grow fully and mature. It takes six to eight months for banana trees to grow their leaves. And it takes only nine months for banana trees to grow, their maximum height is 40ft.

After the tree grows and becomes mature, it takes 10 to 18 months for banana trees to flower. It takes only three to six months for the flower to become fruit. So, a banana tree can grow up to 40ft in a year. And it will take a total of one and half years for a banana tree to provide fruits. 

How many years will a banana tree bear fruit?

Bananas are planted in humid and warm areas. Banana trees need moist land, and they need to absorb a good amount of water to produce fruits. That is why bananas are produced highly in regions like India, Brazil, the Philippines, Mexico, etc.

However, a banana tree bears fruit only once in a lifetime and takes almost 12 months to grow fruit in tropical regions. In cooler places, it took more time. Also, bananas can stay on the tree for about 70 to 100 days. If the banana becomes overripe, it will not taste good.

The tree can bear the fruits for more days in the cooler region. Moreover, if the temperature is not stable and there is not enough water for the banana trees, the fruit will take more time to come and more time to ripe.

How quickly do banana plants grow in these places?

Let’s walk through this section to learn the growth of banana trees in these following places –

In a pot:

Banana plants don’t need to have bigger places to be planted. With great care, one can grow banana plants inside of a pot. Nowadays, people tend to live in suburban areas and don’t have enough land to plant trees.

Banana plants are quite exceptional, as they only harvest for a single period. So, there is no need to be tense about the banana tree spreading around. You need to have a medium to large pot to plant.

Dwarf species of banana are recommended to plant inside of a pot. It will take about 1 month to 3 months for the banana tree to grow fully. From variety to variety, the height differs. A banana tree can get 4ft to 12ft in a pot.


The flexible way of keeping a banana tree indoors is to put the banana plant inside a pot. But, before keeping the banana plant indoors, some procedures need to be fulfilled.
Firstly, choose a banana corm that belongs to a smaller variant. 

So that, the pot should have the ability to keep the tree inside of it. Secondly, before permanently placing the banana tree indoors, the owner should keep the tree outside to have indirect sunlight, and proper watering is needed.

After doing all these activities, the banana tree will grow within 1 to 3 months. And the tree will grow about 4 to 12ft respective to their variants.


When there is no space limitation, one can easily grow a banana. If the environment is humid, the soil is moist, and the temperature is more than room temperature, banana plants can easily grow in such situations.

Any type of banana variant can be planted outdoors. Banana trees need to grow about 20 to 40ft for larger variants. So, these variants need more time to grow. In general, It will need up to 12 months for the tree to grow outside.

How can I make my banana tree grow faster? 

The following tips might help you to make your banana tree grow faster –


Climate plays a key role in increasing banana tree growth. Suppose the climate is cold, dry and the surface has less biological diversity. Which will not help the banana tree grow on a large scale. 

Banana trees love to be in shadowy, moist, and warm areas like 68-86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Bananas are good in moist tropical and subtropical lands. Like the Indian southern part, like South America and South Asia, bananas are highly produced. Because these places have enough moisture shadow and are highly fertile.


Mild acidic and well-drained soils are highly recommended. Because soil with powerful oxides can harm the root of the banana tree, it will eventually hamper the growth. Also, well-drained soils retain water for a longer time. 

Which is beneficial for the banana tree to grow faster.

Planting Time:

After the monsoon season, when the soil is filled with nutrition, which is ideal for planting banana trees. As we know, a moist, nutritious, and mild acidic surface is suitable for banana trees to grow faster.

Use of Fertilizer:

If the soil is not fertile enough, fertilizer induced with Magnesium, Potassium, and Nitrogen is recommended.

Prune Banana Trees:

Pruning is the procedure of cutting unwanted or extra parts that might come out of the same root. It will ensure the main tree gets all the nutrition and growth.

Do banana trees perish after they produce fruit? How long do banana trees last?

It seems like a fairytale for so many people if bananas perish after harvesting or not. It is harsh, but it is the truth. Banana trees perish after every time they produce fruits. On the bright side, these plants can be grown faster if the climate is humid, and the soil is moist. 

The reason banana trees perish after harvesting is that these trees are perennials. After these plants provide fruits, it shrinks.

If a banana tree doesn’t produce any fruit, it will stay alive for six years. But, after picking the fruit from the tree, the stem dilutes. The good thing is that a new stem will rise just after the old one perishes. It will rise from the rhizome like before, and the cycle continues.

Final Thoughts:

There are about 300 species of bananas all over the world. From the tropical and subtropical areas, bananas are supplied. Respective of species, the growth rate varies. It takes about 9 to 24 months for banana trees to grow. Even the growth of banana trees varies as the planting site varies.

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