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How Do Peace Lilies Reproduce? (Explained)

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Every plant gives rise to new offspring through the reproduction process, so the Peace Lilies are no exception as they also produce new offspring via this reproduction process. But you may not know in what way Peace Lilies reproduce.

Therefore, if you have Peace Lily plants from which you want to have new Peace Lily offspring, you may be eager to know how do Peace Lilies reproduce.

How Do Peace Lilies Reproduce?

Peace Lily plants reproduce through the clump division of the plant which is one of the asexual reproduction methods of plants. In this process, a matured Peace Lily plant with enough crowns is pulled out of the pot and divided into 2-3 sections, and then plant again in new pots to grow new plants. 

Generally, all plants reproduce either in the sexual reproduction method or the asexual reproduction method. And in the case of the Peace Lily, the reproduction of Peace Lilies is achieved through the asexual reproduction method. 

The main asexual reproduction processes are division, cutting, budding, layering, and grafting. And the Peace Lilies reproduce offspring by the division of crowns process. Because the other reproduction methods don’t suit the Peace Lilies. 

In the division reproduction process, a grown-up and matured Peace Lily plant with several crowns is chosen. Then the mother plant is taken out of its current pot and is divided into 2-3 or more sections with individual roots and some leaves.

After that, all the separated new plants including the mother plant are planted in different pots, therefore, new offspring grow up over time. 

However, the reproduction of the Peace Lilies can be accomplished by the sexual reproduction process too through using seeds. But only an experienced gardener can perform it relatively easily, as it’s quite tricky for general people to do. 

Do Peace Lilies Pollinate? 

The Peace Lily plants do pollinate but they cannot self-pollinate. It’s because the female flowers are more active than the make flowers, therefore, female flower organs open first and after a certain period, they close.

Once the female flowers are closed, the male flowers open up to discharge pollen. So because of the holdup between the female and male Peace Lily flower, it doesn’t allow the plant to self-pollinate. 

Therefore, the plant requires the natural pollination method which is by attracting insects like bees, beetles, etc. with the fragrance of the flowers, or else it’s done by wind. 

However, the non-native pollination of the Peace Lily plant is more popular, which is done by hand pollination. 

Also, know that the sole purpose of pollination is to harvest seeds of the Peace Lily plant to reproduce more Peace Lily offspring. 

How Do Peace Lilies Pollinate?

Since pollination of Peace Lilies takes place in both natural and non-native (by humans) way, therefore, both the processes have been explained here shortly. 

In the native way, Peace Lilies do the pollination by attracting insects like bees, beetles, and other insects. This pollination via insects happens when the Peace Lily plants are blooming with male flowers. 

During the male flower opening phase, pollen grows everywhere the spadix, and that time when bees travel from one Peace Lily flower to another, they carry male pollen with them and pollinate the female part. And that’s how pollination of the Peace Lily flower happens. 

In the non-native way, Peace Lilies are pollinated by humans using their hands. To do that, you have to gather pollen from one flower stem and then have to pollinate the next stem that is about to unfurl.

You must do it within 24 hours before the second spathe begins to spread out. Because the blossoms are feasible for pollination only for 24 hours. 

How To Pollinate A Peace Lily?

Since Peace Lilies are indoor plants, so native pollination via insects is not feasible. Therefore, to get seeds from Peace Lilies, most of the people use the non-native hand-pollination process in an indoor environment. 

So here, how you can pollinate a Peace Lily plant at home in a fairly easy way has been described step-by-step. 

Monitor The Flower Stalks: 

The first step of pollinating a Peace Lily by hand pollination is monitoring the Peace Lily flowers/flower to collect pollen. 

Pollen is basically produced by the male parts of the Peace Lily flower. But before producing pollen, the female organs for Peace Lily flowers open up. When the spathe begins unfurling, all of the female organs on the spadix at the same time begin to mature.

And after their maturing period, the female parts start turning to brown, and exactly at that time the male parts start to produce pollen.

So you have to keep a keen eye on the flower/flowers to notice when the female parts are turning brown/drying so that you can gather pollen from the male part to pollinate the Peace Lily. 

Collect The Pollen: 

Once you see that a Peace Lily flower is producing pollen after the female parts have closed, it’s the time for you to collect pollen. 

To collect pollen, keep a plastic container under the flower stalk and very carefully and gently tap the spadix of the stalk and gather these lightweight pollen in the container. 

Brush The Pollen: 

Now it’s the step to brush the pollen over another Peace Lily flower which is about to unfurl. 

So find another spathe first where the female parts are about to open up because such a spathe is already in a state of getting pollination. This unfurling stage happens before the male parts start producing pollen on the exact spadix.

Then take a very soft brush, and very gently brush your gathered pollen all over the receptive flower. Try applying the pollen on as many receptive flowers as you find. 

Store Pollen (An Alternative Step To Step 3 If Receptive Flower Is Not Found):

This step is added here entirely as an alternative step to step 3 if you don’t find any receptive flower in the parent plant. 

If there is no such flower that is in the unfurling stage, you have to store the pollen. To store the pollen, first store the pollen in a container and then place the container in another lidded container. And to maintain the humidity in the second container, place a damp towel or cloth in it. But don’t let the pollen to get water on them. 

Can You Propagate Peace Lily From Cutting Or Leaf?

You cannot propagate Peace Lily by cutting the stem or from the leaf. Because despite being asexual methods of propagation, these two processes are not acceptable for propagating the Peace Lilies.

Therefore, Peace Lilies will not respond to these common propagation processes like stem cutting or leaf. As a result, if you try to propane a Peace Lily plant from cutting or leaf, it will never grow into another plant. 

However, the only usual asexual way of propagating Peace Lilies is the division method. If you divide the mother plant and propagate a mother plant, other Peace Lily offspring will grow perfectly. 

Do Peace Lilies Have Seeds?

Typically, household Peace Lilies don’t have seeds because they have conceivable genetic issues and due to that they can’t do self-pollination. 

Also, household Peace Lilies can’t do native pollination by enticing bees or beetles to carry male pollen to another unfurling female part as insects such as bees, beetles, etc. are not seen in households. Therefore, they can’t have seeds unless someone does hand pollination. 

However, Peace Lilies that are found in tropical forests or in any Peace Lily harvesting farm can have seeds as they will get pollinated naturally by insects. 

Can You Grow Peace Lily From Seeds?

You can grow Peace Lily from seeds but the plant will take quite a few years to bloom flowers. 

To grow a Peace Lily plant from seeds, just take matured seeds and sow them in a pot mixing. But don’t suppress the seeds in the soil, instead cover them up and add a vermiculite coverage. Then water the sowed seeds. And you are done. 

Do Peace Lilies Have Babies?

Peace Lilies have babies. Like many other plants, Peace Lilies extend their structure of the root by growing out new small plants which are known as Peace Lily’s offtips, babies, pups. These smaller plants come out from the mother plants so that they can propagate further 

Is There Male And Female Peace Lily?

Functionally, Peace Lilies are both male and female, so specifically there is no individual male or female Peace Lilies.

But a Peace Lily flower has both male and female parts. The fleshy spikes of the spadix grow male buds above which are responsible for producing pollen, and the female buds grow below. 

Is Peace Lily Pollen Poisonous? 

Technically, the Peace Lily pollen is not poisonous. However, the pollen from Peace Lily spadix can be quite irritating and can cause oral discomfort if pollen is licked, especially for pets. It’s because pollen contains calcium oxalate crystals which can cause inflammatory issues. 

How Long Do Peace Lilies Live?

A Peace Lily plant can live 3-5 years on average if they are taken care of well. As long as you are providing the plant its needed care, maintenance, and source of light, air, and nutrients, any Peace Lily plant will thrive fully for up to 5 years at least. 

The reproduction of the Peace Lily plants is done by one of the asexual reproduction methods named the division method. Any matured parent Peace Lily plant with crowns is pulled out from the existing pot and split into 2-3 sections, and then the sections are planted separately to grow offspring.

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