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How Deep Do Watermelon Roots Grow? (Explained)

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Watermelon is a sweet and juicy fruit. It has many health benefits. And it grows fast. Therefore, it has become a popular fruit all over the world.

However, people are becoming interested to know about the watermelon roots. Farmers and fruit lovers want to know how deep watermelon roots grow. We are also excited to reveal the truth and make it clear.

Therefore, we went through different sources and got answers to this question. Additionally, we got some excellent information regarding watermelon. You will get everything from here. So, keep going and explore everything.

How deep do watermelon roots grow?

Watermelon roots grow 8-10 inches deep. It depends on the type and environment. Moreover, watermelon roots can grow more than that if the soil allows. It’s a general rule of thumb. However, it will vary if you have different types of watermelon, let’s say Sugar Baby watermelon.

Sometimes, watermelon roots can grow deeper and go up to 18 inches. But the common scenario remains the same. Therefore, you will find that most watermelon roots go 8 to 10 inches deeper.

One more notable factor is water. Water is the main barrier to watermelon roots. The root cannot survive in water for a long time. It will rot the roots.

Therefore, watermelon roots cannot go deeper and spread out. So, you will find the root deepness a few inches less than a foot.

Sugar baby watermelon:

Sugar baby watermelon roots grow 1 inch deeper. It’s an ideal and popular watermelon type. It weighs around 8-12 pounds.

Moreover, sugar baby watermelon is an icebox-type fruit. It is also known as picnic watermelon. On the other hand, it takes 120 days to become an adult and ready to use.

Its root goes 1 inch deeper and gets all the nutrients from the upper soil level within this time. Therefore, roots don’t go much deeper than other watermelons.

Does watermelon have shallow roots?

Watermelon has a shallow root system. It goes through soil and takes the moisture, and maintains the temperature. Moreover, watermelon plants need some water or rain twice a week.

But here, you must be careful. Too much water can rot the roots entirely. In that case, you have to make a sound drainage system. So, water can go through.

Keep in mind; watermelons won’t tolerate standing water. When you have a suitable drain, it will help the water flow quickly. Soil can extract water and retain it. After that, it will help the watermelon to grow.

Furthermore, shallow roots need a little water to grow quickly. It helps watermelons to get nutrients and be healthy. However, if there is a rainy season and the field gets water naturally, you don’t need to add extra water. Instead, make the drainage system best.

How far do watermelon roots spread?

Watermelon roots can spread up to 18 feet. This fruit is a vining, annual plant. It has branching tendrils. Therefore, its vines can spread up a few more inches.

In general, watermelon roots cannot go deeper than 8 inches. But the roots can spread up to 18 feet. It’s a huge difference. Here, the vines play the rule. It helps the root grow faster and spread quickly.

Farmers find it interesting as well. When you seed watermelon, you won’t get how it can spread longer for the tiny roots. Once you take up the melon and pull up the roots, you will find that the vines spread longer than their roots.

Going deep and spreading are entirely different. Since melon roots can’t go deeper, it starts spreading up with the vines. That means it goes deep, and it starts to spread up when it gets to the barrier.

How much room does a watermelon plant need?

The watermelon plant needs a vast room. Usually, a watermelon plant needs 20 square feet of space to flourish. Though it only goes deeper 8-10 inches, the roots and vines can spread up to 18 feet.

20 square feet is quite an ample space for a single tree. But watermelon needs it. Otherwise, it will not grow naturally. That’s the only reason why you need ample space for watermelon planting.

If you plan to plant 1000 watermelons in a field, you should have 20000 square feet of empty spaces. It’s the standard measurement for watermelon. On the other hand, you must make a drainage system between two rows.

Twenty square feet of the room will help the roots and vines spread up naturally. You must ensure that space. In any other case, your watermelon will not grow as you expect. Little space is the biggest barrier to melon’s growth.

How deep does the soil need to be for watermelon?

12 inches would be the best deep soil for watermelon. If you plan to make a field to grow watermelons, you must follow some usual directions. First, you need space since watermelon requires much room to grow.

The previous section shows that a single watermelon plant requires 20 square feet. It’s an average calculation. Now find out what your quantity will be. And then make the field.

After that, you need to make the soil perfect. In that case, the ground needs to be 12 inches deep. It’s an ideal depth to seed watermelon. You shouldn’t make the soil deeper than the required measurement.

After that, you will use the natural frost to fill up the depth of the soil. Not entirely, but partially. Now, your field is ready to be used to grow watermelon.

Can you grow watermelon in a 5-gallon bucket?

You can grow watermelon in a 5-gallon bucket. It’s the minimum requirement. If possible, you should go for a larger container since watermelon grows fast and spreads the roots in empty spaces. But a 5-gallon bucket would do the job.

5 gallons is equal to 19 kg. It’s an excellent space to grow anything. But for watermelon, it’s the minimum requirement. You must ensure the 20 feet space for each melon plat. So, calculate the area before starting planting.

Sometimes, if you go for special types of melon that might require little space, let’s say 10 feet per plant, it would be ideal for growing it in a container. Otherwise, you should not grow melon in the container. It will not be easy, or the plan won’t grow that large.

On the other hand, you should make some holes in the container. They will work as a drainage system. So, when you start planting, you can easily water them regularly, and the holes will easily let the water go through them.

How to Plant and Grow Watermelons?

Planting and growing watermelons are not accessible. You need to follow some steps and tips. They will help you sow perfectly, and melons will grow naturally with nutrients.

Making soil:

Before you sow the watermelon seeds, you must complete the soil. In this step, you will mix the ground with different composts and make the soil sandy. Watermelon cannot grow in mud; therefore, you must make the soil first.


Melons root can spread up to 20 feet. Therefore, you must ensure the minimum space between each plant. It would be best to make the row first and mark the plant area.

Then, the soils need 12 inches’ depth. It will be best for melon’s roots and vines.

Sow the seeds:

Sowing seeds are not burdensome. But you need to maintain the minimum distance here. It will help the melon grow fast and naturally.

Drainage system:

Making a sound drainage system is a must to grow melon. You should create a drain between every two rows. It will help the water flow and quickly go through the melon’s root.

Remember, melons cannot tolerate or resist water. The roots will be rotten if there is water left at the bottom. That’s why you must ensure a drainage system.


Weeds will grow there since you plant watermelons, keeping a minimum distance. Therefore, you have to put them away from the melons row. Usually, weeds create issues for melon roots and vines.

It might stop the growth by stopping the roots from spreading. That’s why you need to ensure no weeds around the melon plants.

Take Melons:

120 days is a perfect time for the melon to grow and become an adult. After sowing, you have to wait until it becomes ready to plunk. You can put them away when you find the adult melons.

These are the simple and effective steps. They will help you to plant and grow melon in practical ways. If you follow them, you will ensure the best place.

Final Thoughts

8-10 inches are the typical deep growth of watermelon roots. They grow deep for 8 inches and spread up to 20 feet. In some cases, melon roots can go 1 inch deeper when it’s a sweet baby watermelon. That means the deep growth of the melon depends on the types of melon.

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