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How Big & Tall Do Yucca Plants Grow? (Quick Answers)

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Yucca plants are ornamental plants that are becoming more and more popular as house plants. These shrubs have woody stems and that is practically their main attraction. These plants can be grown in canes and pots.

Just a little bit of sunlight will be enough for them. The plants are pretty low maintenance.

But when it comes to house plants a lot of things need considering. Like the size of the plant, the growth rate, and maintenance of the plant. And in these criteria, the Yucca plant still has a popular vote in favor of them.

How big & tall do yucca plants grow?

The size of the Yucca plant depends on the variety of the plant. Smaller plants can grow up to 2 to 4 feet tall and wide. While the larger variety of the same plant can grow about 30 feet tall with 25 feet width. And if there are offsets, they will grow many times to the size of the plant.

There are many varieties and types of the Yucca plant. They all have different sizes and the type of the plant determines how tall the plant will grow. The plants are generally large but the smaller variety of the plant is also good in a number.

Yucca Canes:

The Yucca plant is a large plant. The plant grows up to 30 feet tall on average. As for the width of the tree, it can spread as tall as the plant itself. The trunk of the plant is cane-like, thus the name.

If grown indoors, the plant will not have as much growth. But it will still be relatively big.

Red Or Yellow Yuccas:

On average, these varieties of the plant can grow as much as 5 feet tall if they are planted on the outside. The flower stalks of the red yucca plant grow early and the stem can surpass the original height of the plant itself.

Some flower stalks can reach up to 9 feet high.

Adam’s Needle Yuccas:

Compared to the other varieties of the plant, the Adam’s Needle Yucca plant tends to be on the shorter side. These plants generally grow 3 to 4 feet tall. And they can spread around 2 to 3 feet in width.

But some of the plants might grow up to 8 feet tall as well.

Soaptree Yucca:

This type is perhaps the largest of the entire yucca family. The highly textured plant rises from 6 to 20 feet high. They can spread around 8 to 10 feet in width. It is a remarkable size for an ornamental plant.

The size of the yucca tree is not always the same for all the plants of the family. Some are larger while some are on the shorter side. But on average, the plants are large in size.

How big do yucca plants grow indoors?

Though yucca plants are generally grown outside, they can be grown to their full bloom inside the house as well. In fact, a lot of people keep their yucca plants on the inside. The plant does not grow as big as it would if left outside.

But on the inside, the plants will grow around 10 feet tall.

The Yucca plant is a large and tall plant. On average, a healthy yucca plant will grow up to 25 feet tall. This height can be achieved by growing a plant in a yard as well. But once you bring the plant inside the growth reduces by a bit.

Inside the house, a yucca plant can grow 10 feet in height. This is less than half of how much the plant grows when they are left outside. But it does not mean the plant is not healthy being inside. They can be happy and healthy. Just not as tall as normal.

How big do outdoor Yuccas grow?

Yuccas are outdoor plants. These giant plants are at their fullest bloom when they are outside. In a healthy environment, a yucca plant can grow up to 25 feet tall or more. On average, the plant will grow somewhere around 8 feet to 12 feet when they are kept outside.

These ornamental plants can be grown anywhere. Inside, outside, in the yard anywhere. But the plant grew best outside. In the yard, they can grow around 12 feet. Which is good, but it is not their fullest. However, it does not mean that the plant is unhealthy.

The yucca is a tropical plant that loves good sunshine. In a tropical environment, the plant gets its fullest growth. Dry soil is their favorite. If all these are in favor of the plant, they can grow to 25 feet tall easily.

How do you prevent a yucca from growing taller?

One of the largest ornamental plants is the yucca plant. These plants tend to grow at a remarkable height if given the right environment. But if you do not want such a large plant around your home, make sure to take steps to prevent the growth of the yucca plant-

Severe pruning:

Severe pruning is necessary when it comes to controlling the growth of the yucca plant.

Cut and trim:

Cut and trim the sharp points of the plant as it starts to grow taller and spreads. The trimming should be done every three months. But if needed make sure to trim it whenever necessary.

Cut the stalk:

After the flowers dry, you should cut the stalk around 3 or 4 inches. This stops the growth of the plant. Cut it from the area the stalk emerges, above the main root.

Remove some of the soil:

If your plant is growing inside, remove some of the soil and replace it with newspaper.

Mark the point:

You can mark the point where you want to prune your plant, or you can simply mark halfway above the plant. Cut the trunk in half and store it in a separate pot. This way you get two small plants.

Pruning and propagating the yucca plant is the best solution to keep the plant from growing too big. If you’d like a small, ornamental plant for the house it is best to prune them regularly.

Do yuccas need pruning?

It is important to prune your yucca plant every once in a while. The plants can grow remarkably and fast. If you want to keep it indoors, you will have to prune it every three months at least. It can be done easily at home. Try pruning your plant around the springtime.

The pruning process of the plant may seem very hard and cruel but it does not harm the plant itself if done carefully. It only stops the growth of the plant for a while. You can propagate the plant as well after pruning. Pruning should be done every three months.

How to prune a yucca plant?

Pruning is important for the yucca plant and it should be done periodically. The pruning can be done at home if you know-how-

  • Start by cutting the lower leaves, or the skirt, of the plant;
  • From the base, cut the flower stalks about 3 or 4 inches;
  • If your plant has outgrown the pot, cut the trunk in half and plant it in another pot.

If you want to keep your plant at the desired size, you should prune the plant every once in a while. After doing it a few times, you will get the hang of it.

Are yucca plants invasive?

The roots of the yucca plants are not exactly invasive. With time, the roots will start to matt. But it will not harm the pot or the surrounding of the plant. But it is always a good idea to plant the tree a bit far from the house if you are placing it outside.

The growth of the plant might make the roots of the plant invade the walls.

But in most cases, invasion is not an issue with the yucca plant. If the plant is grown inside the home or in a pot that is. If you let the plant grow outside, there is a good chance it will grow to be very large. And large yuccas can be invasive.

Just make sure to plant the tree at a safe distance and it should not be a problem.

How fast does yucca spread?

It does take a little bit of time for the roots of the yucca plant to spread properly. If the environment around them is in their favor then the plants can take up to 4 weeks to show its’ roots.

With adequate sunlight and proper watering, the yucca plant can start to spread its’ roots happily within a month.

But full development of the roots needs at least 6 months time. And after that, the root of the plant can spread more and properly. The main stalk of the plant can generate more plants, baby plants.

The main stalk releases rhizomes, which help sprout baby yucca plants. This process takes a lot of time.

Final thoughts:  

There is no absolute size for the yucca tree. The plant can grow up to 30 or 25 feet tall. But it depends on where the plant has been growing and on the type of variety the plant is. Smaller plants can be only 2 or 4 feet tall. The size truly depends on the variety of the plant of the yucca family.

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