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Does Wd40 Repel Wasps? (All You Need to Know)

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Wasps are pretty dangerous once they invade. These insects build their nests anywhere. Their nests might be around the house or sometimes inside the house. Generally, they don’t invade suddenly, but keeping them inside the house is not safe.

Different types of chemicals are available to repel wasps. So, you might be confused about whether wd40 repels wasps or not.

Wd40 is a pretty effective chemical. So, you have to know about the effect of wd40 on wasps. If it works properly, you can use it on wasps to get rid of them.

Does wd40 terminate wasps?

WD40 terminates and prevents wasps. Generally, wd40 is water displacing chemical that is pretty versatile. People use wd40 for protecting metal from corrosion. Moreover, it can also repel wasps and other insects. The manufacturing materials of wd40 have properties that can repel wasps eventually.

WD40 is great at repelling wasps. Lets get to know more about the effectivity.

WD40 spray to get rid of wasps nests:

Generally, wd40 is available in spray form. You might be searching for something effective that can repel wasps. So, you can use wd40 on the wasps’ nests.

It will terminate some wasps eventually. Besides, all the wasps will go away and they will not build a nest on that place again.

Wasps are territorial. So, they build a nest in the same place every year. They build their nests gradually. So, whenever you see that wasps are congregating, you can spray wd40.

WD40 is so effective that it will prevent wasps to build their nests again and again. If you can apply wd40 liberally underneath gutters, it will work effectively.

You know that wd40 is a water-displacing and moisture-resisting chemical. So, you might think about how it could terminate wasps. Actually, this property made it possible to terminate wasps.

When you spray wd40 in the nest, air and moisture can’t pass through the nest, so the wasps suffocate and lose life eventually.

So, wd40 is pretty effective for repelling wasps. You can use it to get rid of wasps and prevent them from building a nest further.

Why does wd40 terminate wasps?

WD40 is pretty convenient to terminate and prevent wasps. But it might be confusing that a water-displacing chemical can terminate wasps. So, wd40 mush has some properties that can terminate wasps.

Well, the working mechanism of wd40 is effective to do the job. Generally, when you apply wd40 somewhere, moisture and air are prevented. So, if you spray wd40 in the wasp nest, it will prevent the air and moisture to pass through the nest.

Then if air and moisture are not passing, wasps can’t breathe. Because wasps have the same mechanism of breathing as most other animals and insects.

They breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. So, if the air is not present, wasps will also not get oxygen. So, they will lose life. That’s why wd40 terminates wasps.

How fast does wd40 terminate wasps? Does it work instantly?

Generally, wd40 terminates wasps pretty fast. But it doesn’t terminate wasps instantly. When you spray wd40 in the nest, you have to keep it in that way for some time.

For example, if you spray wd40 in the wasp nest in the evening, you have to wait overnight. The next morning, you can broom the place and you will find that wasps are lifeless.

So, you can say that wd40 can terminate wasps within some hours. Generally, the terminating process takes some time because it creates the place air-free gradually.

WD40 starts working instantly but doesn’t terminate wasps instantly. It will make the area suffocating for the wasps, so some wasps might fly away and some will lose life. This process takes a couple of hours. So, wd40 works pretty fast but doesn’t terminate wasps immediately.

Does wd40 terminate ground wasps or yellow jackets?

WD40 will terminate ground wasps and yellow jackets. Generally, yellow jackets are one of the species of ground wasps. So, wd40 has the same effect on ground wasps and yellow jackets.

WD40 works very effectively on yellow jackets. Because it makes the yellow jackets suffocated without air. Moreover, wd40 is so effective that it will prevent the ground wasps to build nests further.

You might know that wasps and yellow jackets have the habit of building nests at the same place. So, if you repel them with random chemicals, they might come again and build a nest some days later.

But wd40 is so convenient that it will prevent them from rebuilding their territory at the same place.  So, wd40 terminates grounds wasps and yellow jackets.

How to terminate wasps or get rid of wasp nest with wd40?

You might know that wd40 can terminate wasps. But knowing how to use it is pretty essential. Because wasps are so dangerous that if you don’t use wd40 properly, they can harm you. So, let’s see how you can terminate wasps or get rid of wasp nests with wd40.

Wear safety measures:

At first, ensure your safety with goggles, hand gloves, etc., so that you can be safe if wasps come out of the nest.

Remove the nest:

Then you have to remove the old wasp nest. Otherwise, they can come again to their old nest. You can old wasp nest by knocking it down with a broom. You can use a sealed bag to throw away the old nest.

Spray the nets:

Spray wd40 in the wasp nest. Moreover, spray it liberally underneath gutters, and eaves. Besides, you have to spray it in the spots where wasps can again build their nest.

Saturate dismiss:

Then you have to saturate dismiss active wasp nests with WD-40. You can do it in the evening or at night. Because, if the temperature is high, there is a chance that wasps will move.

But if you do it in the evening, they will not move at low temperatures. Do so in the evening when temperatures are cooler, as wasps do not move as quickly in cooler temperatures.

Wait for an hour:

After applying wd40 effectively, you have to wait for an hour. If you can wait a couple of hours, it will be better. But you will see that after an hour, the wasps are terminated.

Shake the nest:

Shake off the wasps’ nest and discard it in a plastic sealed bag. Be careful because if some wasps are alive, they can harm you.

Clean the area:

Finally, clean the area well so that wasps might not come back again.

Does wd40 keep away and prevent wasps?

Yes, wd40 keeps away and prevents wasps. Moreover, wasps dislike and avoid wd40. Because wd40 has some properties that make wasps suffocate.

Generally, wd40 has corrosion and moisture resisting quality. That means when you apply wd40 on something, it will prevent air to come. It will make the place dry and moisture-free.

So, if you spray wd40 on the wasp nest, wasps will not able to breathe. Because wasps have the same respiratory system as many other animals. If they don’t get enough air and oxygen, they will lose life eventually.

That’s why wasps dislike wd40. Even if they can smell this chemical, they will avoid that place. This is one of the main reasons why wasps don’t come to the place again where you apply wd40. This way wd40 keeps away and prevents wasps.

What is the best way to keep wasps away?

Wasps are pretty dangerous and disturbing insects. Even if you try to repel them, they will harm you. So, it is essential to keep wasps away. Here is a list of some ways that you can follow to keep wasps away.

Dish soap:

Dish soap is pretty effective to terminate or repel wasps. You can mix one tablespoon of dish soap with one cup of water.

Make sure that the water is hot. Mix them well and pour them into a spray bottle. Spray the solution in the wasp nest to keep them away. Spray it until the wasps stop moving. It will terminate the wasps instantly.


You can use chemicals to keep wasps away. For example, wd40 is one of the best chemicals to repel and terminate wasps. Moreover, once you apply this chemical, wasps will not come back.

Citronella candles:

Burning Citronella candles is effective for keeping wasps away. These candles have a strong scent that can repel wasps and other insects. So, you can burn these candles in the area where wasps are around.

Moreover, you can also plant strongly scented plants that will keep wasps away.

Final Thoughts

WD40 is a common solution for repelling wasps. It works pretty well to terminate and prevent wasps. Generally, wasps build their nests again and again even if you try to repel them. But wd40 is so convenient that it will keep wasps away from building a nest. Even it can terminate wasps within hours.

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