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Does Sage Repel Roaches? (Read This First!)

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Bug infestation is a real headache. Most house owners struggle to keep their house free of roaches. But this never works unless you are doing something to keep the roaches away. You can choose a natural way to keep the roaches away as there are many herbs that repel roaches. 

Does sage repel roaches?

There are many plants and smells that keep insects like roaches away from their surroundings. Sage is such a plant. The strong scent of sage keeps the roaches away. You can burn sage or you can just leave them be wherever there is a roach problem. The smell of sages will repel roaches easily.

Roaches can be a real problem in and around the household. Most household owners look for new and effective ways to get rid of this problem. There are many sprays and tonics that work against the roaches temporarily. Some home remedies are very effective as well.

Using sage to get rid of roaches has been around for a long time. This is a very effective method to keep the roaches away. Just with one strand of sage you can keep the area roach free. There are two ways you can use the sage to repel roaches – 

Burning sage: 

Burning the sage leaf can make the roaches leave the place almost immediately. Though it may not be long lasting. Still the effect will be there for a good enough time. As long as the strong scent of the sage will be there, the roaches will not dwell in the area.

Fresh sage: 

Keeping a strand of fresh sage around the roach infested area will also do the work. The smell of the sage is already pretty strong to repel the roaches. 

If you do not want to go with the hassle of burning the sage leaves you can simply leave some sage leaves around to keep the roaches away.

There are many ways to keep roaches away from your household. The natural ways will save you money while giving good results. You can give sage leaves a try to repel roaches. This method works like a charm most of the time.

How effective is sage against roaches?

A roach problem can be very persistent and troublesome. You will need a very effective solution if you face a roach infestation problem. Chemicals and medicines are effective enough but they come with side effects that might concern your health as well. 

You can go for herbal solutions, like using sage.

Sage is very effective to keep the roaches away from your surroundings. You can burn the sage or just simply put a strand of sage near the area. And you will notice the roaches leave the area almost immediately. 

If you can burn the sage leaves then you can be sure that the roaches will not come back soon.

Burning the sage leaves will keep the roaches away for a very long time. The strong scent of the sage will drive away the roaches. If the burning scent annoys you, you can always just leave the sage as it is. That is also effective.

2 reasons why sage repels roaches

Sage is known to be a good and natural roach repel. The natural herb is very effective when it comes to taking action against insects like roaches. You can burn the sage or just leave it be. Then watch how fast the roaches flee the area. Sage works like magic. 

There are other herbs like sage. But not all the herbs are as effective as sages to get rid of roaches. There are many, very concrete, reasons why sage is considered effective in this line of work. The main reasons why sage is so effective against roaches is explained below-

Strong scent: 

Sages are known for their strong scent. This is why the herb is so popular for use. And this is also why the herb is used to repel roaches. Without even burning the sage you can use the herb against roaches, because the natural smell of the herb is that strong. 


Sages contain pyrethrum chemicals. This chemical is known to tick off the nervous system of the roaches. Which is why the roaches can’t function properly around the plant. And that is why they flee. 

The strong chemical works its charm to keep the roaches away from your surroundings.

Roaches can be a huge problem if you do not know how to get rid of them. Thankfully sages can help you with this issue. The strong scent of the herb can not only get rid of the roaches but also keep them away for an effective amount of time.

How to keep cockroaches away with sage?

Sage is not only a strong scented herb. It can come in handy when it comes to dealing with a bug infestation. Bugs like roaches can be a huge problem for households. To solve this problem you can use sage, which can easily be found around your kitchen.

There are several ways for you to use sage to keep roaches away. You can try all of them and see which works the best for you. You don’t even have to try all the methods. Go for the one that is most convenient for you and watch the roaches go away –

Placing a strand or some sage leaves:

You can go for the simplest way by simply placing a strand or some sage leaves around the area that has the most infestation of roaches. This simple work will do the charm to keep the roaches away. The strong scent of the sage is enough to keep the roaches away.

Burning the sage: 

Burning the sage is a good way to keep the roaches away as well. This is a more effective way to keep the roaches away. The effect of it lasts longer. 

Pulverize the dry sage leaves and sprinkle:

You can pulverize the dry sage leaves and sprinkle the powder wherever you want. This is perhaps the least effective as the powders will not stay in a place for long but you can reach a lot of areas by this.

Sage is a powerful remedy that works against roaches. You can use it whichever way you prefer. The scent of the sage is enough to keep the roaches away.

What repels cockroaches instantly?

Roaches have been the reason for headaches for a lot of people. The bugs just do not seem to leave once they settle down. This is a real issue that has to be dealt with either chemicals or herbs. 

There are many scents that keep away roaches and prevent them from coming back again-

  • Cayenne
  • Garlic
  • Onion Powder
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Sage
  • Bay leaf
  • Borax and Sugar
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Baking Soda
  • Citrus
  • Peppermint oil
  • Cypress oil
  • Coffee
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Rosemary oil

These are the oils that help to keep away roaches. All the scents are effective enough to work on the roaches and make sure the bug does not come back anytime soon. Using the herbs can be easy while you might have to spray the oils after mixing it with water. 

As for the other chemicals you can just casually spray them around to make it work very easily.

Final thought

Roaches can be very persistent. You need a strong and effective solution to keep the roaches away. Sage is a good solution. The strong scent of the sage leaves keep the roaches away from your surroundings. This easy herbal method is long lasting as well. Make sure to use fresh sage leaves.

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