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Does Philodendron Clean and Purify the Air? (Answered)

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There are several houseplants that clean and purify around us and are also known as decorative plants. Philodendrons are one of those decorative houseplants that may make you want to plant them in your home for some greenery inside your home.

However, if you want air-purifying plants, therefore, before planting Philodendron, you would certainly want to know if Philodendron cleanse and purify the air too or not. So let’s check out whether Philodendrons have such amazing ability or not.

Does Philodendron Clean And Purify The Air?

Philodendrons are NASA-approved houseplants that clean and purify the indoor air. Philodendrons clean and purify the indoor air by removing formaldehyde. Also, these houseplants have large leaves that are good at blocking toxic EMF radio waves from the air inside a flat/dorm room.

“The NASA Clean Air Study” by NASA has approved Philodendron as one of the houseplants that actively take part in cleaning and purifying the indoor air by eliminating formaldehyde.

So, plant Philodendron around the house or in any room to get purified air within the home’s boundary.

Besides, studies and researchers have stated that the large leaves of Philodendron work impressively in blocking the toxic EMF radio waves from the air within an apartment/dorm’s room. Therefore, planting a Philodendron in a room is really effective.

Do These Philodendron Species Purify The Air?

This section has included different names and explanations of the Philodendron species that are known as air-purifying Philodendrons.

Philodendron Birkin:

Philodendron Birkin is one of the species of the Philodendron plant which helps in purifying the air within the household.

Besides, Philodendron Birkin has large leaves and as it’s known that large-leafed Philodendrons block toxic EMF radio waves so Philodendron Birkin will do so. Therefore, try planting Philodendron Birkin in your flat/dorm’s room to breathe clean air. 

Philodendron Brasil:

Philodendron Brasil is a highly recommended plant by NASA itself because of its excellent air cleaning and purifying attributes. This species of Philodendron not only clears formaldehyde in the indoor air but also provides oxygen inside the house.

Philodendron Xanadu:

Philodendron Xanadu is a decorative species of the Philodendron plants that has the ability to clean indoor air by eliminating airborne toxins like formaldehyde from the air.

So, plant Philodendron Xanadu as an ornamental indoor plant to lessen air pollution too.

Philodendron Scandens (Heart Leaf Philodendron):

Philodendron Scandens or more commonly known as the Heart Leaf Philodendron is accepted by NASA as the most effective variety of Philodendrons that effectively eliminate toxins from the indoor air.

Philodendron Scandens will remove formaldehyde from your household air. As well as will lessen air pollution, so you can have a pollution-free atmosphere inside your home.

Philodendron Monstera:

This large-leafed Philodendron Monstera plant is the other most effective variety of Philodendrons that lessens air pollution and cuts off formaldehyde in the air.

Also, its large leaves block EMF radio waves in the air where it’s kept/planted.

Philodendron Hederaceum:

Philodendron Hederaceum is a very common household plant that is good at removing toxic chemicals from the household air. These plants mainly wipe out formaldehyde within the home’s boundary and purify the air.

Split Leaf Philodendron:

 Want healthy air within your home’s boundary? Plant Split Leaf Philodendron.

Split Leaf Philodendron is also known as the Swiss Cheese plant and Philodendron Monstera. They make great household plants that cleanse the air by removing formaldehyde and blocks EMF radio waves with their wide and chunky leaves.

Are Philodendrons Good For Air Quality?

Philodendrons are undoubtedly good for air quality because they help to clean and purify indoor air quality and lessen air pollution.

Philodendrons are one of the best houseplants that are validated by NASA’s “Clean Air Study” project.

Even some of the varieties of Philodendrons such as Heart Leaf Philodendron and Philodendron Monstera are the two best plants that actively and effectively clean the air and block toxic EMF radio waves in the air.

Philodendrons clean airborne toxins like formaldehyde from the indoor air and keep the air clean. Well, Philodendrons not only clean and purify the air, eliminating formaldehyde but also releasing off oxygen into the air as they produce loads of oxygen at night.

So after all these amazing factors, it’s needless to say how good Philodendron is for the air quality.

How Do Philodendrons Clean The Air?

Philodendron cleans the air by eliminating formaldehyde from the air. And the large-leafed Philodendrons both eliminate formaldehyde and block lethal EMF radio waves in the air.

Philodendrons are incredibly effective houseplants that can be considered as air-purifying powerhouse plants. Their natural ability to lessen the air pollution around the spot where they are planted is impressive and has been recognized and accepted by NASA.

Philodendrons clean the air as well as release oxygen into the air that creates a clean atmosphere around the home. 

What Benefits Do Philodendrons have?

As you know by now what exactly Philodendron plants are and their works in the environment, so getting to know their benefits will help you perceive their importance more.

Therefore, here’re the explanations of the major advantages you can enjoy from Philodendron plants.

Purifies The Air:

Philodendrons offer a clean and purified atmosphere inside the home by eliminating formaldehyde in the air. So you can get the benefit of breathing clean and pure air inside your home.

Releases Oxygen:

Philodendrons are widely known for producing a large amount of oxygen, they are also called foliage kings.

Because Philodendron’s large and textured leaves are encompassed with small pores that can do photosynthesis more and efficiently releases a huge amount of oxygen at night.

So it means if you plant Philodendrons in your home, you can breathe in freshly produced oxygen.

Blocks EMF Radio Waves:

Large-leafed Philodendrons such as Philodendron Monstera a.k.a. Split Leaf Philodendrons and Philodendron Birkin block toxic EMF radio waves in the air inside any apartment/dorm room.

So if you live in a dorm or flat, plant these Philodendrons to breathe in the EMF radio waves free atmosphere inside your room. 

Dust Trapper:

Philodendrons have large and waxy leaves that trap the dust roaming in the air that could fall on the home’s surface. So if you plant Philodendrons the dust will sit on its leaves which you can easily wipe out. Therefore, you can breathe clean air.

Cost-Effective Home Decorator:

Philodendrons have a really beautiful appearance with large/small/textured leaves that look great inside the home. So you can plant Philodendrons and give your home a greenish decoration.

Releases Mental Stress:

Interacting and nurturing Philodendrons create a nurturing relationship that helps to release mental stress. Also, its fresh, green, luscious look can cheer the mood.

Does Philodendron Release Oxygen At Night?

Philodendrons do release oxygen at night. Because Philodendrons perform the Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM) photosynthesis, therefore, they absorb carbon dioxide at night and release oxygen.

 As a result, Philodendrons improve the indoor air quality throughout the entire day and help to sleep breathing clean air at night.

How Much Do Plants Improve Air Quality?

How much your houseplants will improve air quality can vary, but on average it can purify air by 75%. Because house plants don’t improve the air quality of the entire house, they only can improve the air of the place they are planted in.

You will be needing to plant plants every 100 Square feet to have an improved air quality in your home’s air.

What Other Plants Are Good For Purifying The Air?

Except for Philodendrons, there are several plants that are as good as Philodendrons in terms of purifying the air. To help you know those incredible plants, here a list has been provided with their names.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Pothos Plant
  • Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue
  • Boston Fern
  • Peace Lily
  • Chrysanthemum Morifolium
  • English Ivy
  • Barberton Daisy
  • Spider Plant
  • Broad Lady Palm
  • Weeping Fig
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Rubber Plants
  • The Flamingo Lily
  • Bamboo Palm
  • Scarlet Star Bromeliad
  • Kimberly Queen Fern
  • Red-Edged Dracaena

Are Plants Better Than Air Purifiers?

In many aspects, plants are obviously better than air purifiers. The reason behind is very simple, plants are gifts of nature, cost-effective, and therapeutic that cleans the indoor air more naturally than an air purifier.

Also, some plants release a good amount of oxygen at night.

However, plants have less horsepower so they do the air-purifying job slowly than air purifiers. But that’s not a big deal as plants are offering cleaner and more natural air in the indoor atmosphere than air purifiers.

Also, plants can lift up the mood and increase productivity by enhancing memory which air-purifiers can not do.

Is Philodendron Good For The Bedroom?

Philodendrons are great air-purifying plants for the bedrooms. They will cut off formaldehyde from your room’s air and lessen the air pollution. This will make the bedroom’s air clean and purified.

If you plant Philodendrons with big leaves then you will have another benefit which is large-leafed Philodendrons will block EMF radio waves inside your bedroom.

Heart Leaf Philodendron, Philodendron Birkin(large-leafed), Philodendron Xanadu, Philodendron Brasil are suitable to keep in bedrooms because of their sizes.

Can You Keep Philodendron In The Bathroom?

Philodendrons can be kept in the bathroom too for having some green freshness and purified air inside the bathroom.

Philodendron Scandens can be kept in the bathroom because this plant can grow nicely even in low light and it prefers humidity which makes this species of Philodendrons suitable for bathrooms.

Nature has gifted Philodendrons with the ability to clean and purify the air and release a good amount of oxygen at night. So if you want to breathe in purified air inside your room/house and have some luscious greenery too, plant Philodendrons.

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