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Does Lemon Repel Bed Bugs? (Explained)

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Bed bugs are very bothersome and will wake you up in the middle of the night. These little bugs are typically found in beddings, mattresses, and couches.

Bed bugs like to stay in a warm environment. So if you maintain a warm temperature inside your home, it is likely that you are creating more comfort for the bed bugs.

If you find these bugs in your home, it is essential that you treat them immediately. Otherwise, they will rapidly infest your home and before you know it, the infestation may get out of hand.

But don’t worry, there are several quick and efficient home remedies that will help you get rid of bed bugs.

Does lemon repel bed bugs?

Lemon will repel bed bugs. Insects dislike the smell of lemon and bed bugs are no exception. The astringent property of lemons is harmful to bed bugs, which drives them away. You’ll need to create a mixture of water and lemon juice. Then spray it around, where you suspect bed bugs infestation.

Bed bugs infestation is a huge problem. It is a very itchy and bothersome problem that will need to be dealt with as soon as you spot these insects in your home. These insects spread so fast, that before you know it, the infestation may get out of hand.

An effective home remedy for bed bugs is lemon. They dislike lemon juice and you can quickly use some lemon juice in order to get rid of bed bugs from your home.

Lemons come with a compound called D-limonene. It is one of the key components in lemon that drives bed bugs away.

In addition, lemon has astringent properties, which may be helpful for humans, but bed bugs absolutely dislike it.

Let’s take a look at different forms of lemons that will help you get rid of bed bugs. 

Lemon oil:

Bed bugs dislike the smell of lemon oil. Lemon oil comes with a strong and sour aroma that drives bed bugs away. They will not be able to live in an environment where the smell of lemon oil is prevalent.

In addition, lemon oil contains astringent properties, which will drive the bed bugs in your home away. It is even harmful to bed bugs.

Lemon scent:

lemon scent is very pleasing to people. But bed bugs absolutely despise it. The lemon scent plays a significant role in driving bed bugs away.

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice is the most effective in driving bed bugs away. You will need to mix some water with lemon juice and create a mixture. It will drive the bed bugs away.

Do bed bugs dislike lemon?

Yes, bed bugs dislike lemon. They despise the smell of lemon juice and the astringent property of lemon is harmful to them. So they stay away from lemons, in all their forms, as soon as they can sense them.

Bed bugs dislike lemon juice the most. But lemon oil works well in removing bed bugs from your home as well. You can spray lemon scent around your home to get rid of bed bugs as well.

Make sure to spray the mixture evenly around your home. Spray the mixture in all the spots where you suspect a bed bug infestation. These insects are avid crawlers. And they will move to a spot that is safe if you do not cover the entire house thoroughly.

Can lemon terminate bed bugs?

Yes, lemon can terminate bed bugs. Lemon is harmful to bed bugs and they know it. So whenever they smell lemon, they move out of your home.

Lemon has a rather strong smell. And if you spray it around your home, it will surely drive bed bugs away in the shortest possible time. So you will need to spray lemon juice around your home thoroughly, making sure that you have covered all the spots.

But some bed bugs cannot resist the smell of lemon. It attracts them towards the lemon, in whatever form it is present. And if they ingest a little bit of lemon, it will terminate them.

Lemon has astringent property, which is very helpful for humans and our skin. But it proves to be very harmful to bed bugs. Bed bugs cannot tolerate these components, even in a minimal quantity. So it has the potential to terminate bed bugs.

3 reasons why lemons help with bed bugs

Lemon helps get rid of bed bugs. There are several components and properties in bed bugs that will help you get rid of bed bugs. Not only will you be able to eliminate them from your home, but also terminate them altogether.


Lemon has a strong aroma. This aroma is responsible for driving bed bugs away. The aroma of lemon is strong and sour. It bothers a range of insects and bugs.

So if you can spray some lemon scent around your home, it will drive bed bugs away. You will also be able to drive away a range of other insects from your home.

Astringent property:

Lemon contains astringent property, which is harmful to bed bugs. This property of lemon is responsible for driving bed bugs away. Not only that but this property will also help you treat your bed bugs bites.

The astringent property of bed bugs has an anesthetic effect that helps terminate bed bugs. It drives them away from your home as well.

D-limonene components:

Lemon contains a component called the d-limonene component. It is very effective in driving away bed bugs. This component works as an insect repellent and is actively used in many commercial insect repellent sprays.

In addition, this component works as a disinfectant as well. So all in all, you can use lemon in your home to get rid of bed bugs as well as to clean after them.

How to repel bed bugs with lemon?

Repelling bed bugs with lemon is quite easy. The process is rather straightforward. You will need to follow these steps in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently:

Gather the ingredients:

In the first step, you will need to follow decide which form of lemon you want to use. Whether you want to use lemon juice or lemon oil. Gather the ingredients accordingly.

We would suggest you opt for lemon juice as it is quite simple. For the lemon juice, you will need just two ingredients: lemon and water.

Roll and cut the lemons:

Now you should roll the lemons. This step will help you ease up the juice inside the lemon. It works like magic.

Then you will have to cut the lemon. Make sure that you are dividing the lemon into four parts, so that it gets easier to squeeze out the juice. 

Create the mixture:

Now squeeze the lemon to extract the juice. Afterward, pour the lemon juice into the water. The ideal amount would be one part water and one-third part lemon juice.


Now take the mixture into a spray. Spray the mixture around your home. If you suspect that your home might have a bed bugs infestation, then they are most likely living on the couch, mattress, or bedding.

So you will need to thoroughly spray around the house, especially on those surfaces. Do not leave any spot untouched. Bed bugs are avid crawlers. It will not take them long to move to a safer spot if you leave some spots uncovered.

Does lemon eucalyptus repel bed bugs?

Yes, lemon eucalyptus repels bed bugs. It is, in fact, a very effective insect repellent. You can use lemon eucalyptus to repel bed bugs from your home. It works very fast and efficiently.

So if you have a bed bugs problem in your home, you can safely turn to lemon eucalyptus. This item has been known for both repelling and terminating insects and bugs.

Final Thoughts

Lemon repels bed bugs. You will be able to use lemon, in all its forms, to get rid of bed bugs from your home. Lemon juice is the easiest and fastest form, which will help you eliminate bed bugs. You can also use lemon eucalyptus, lemon oil, and lemon scent.

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