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Does Landscape Fabric Let Water Through? Is It Waterproof?

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Landscape fabric is an excellent choice for the gardener. It helps to get rid of weeds quickly by all means. Also, it is a budget-friendly option.

Moreover, landscape fabric is sustainable, and it assists you in making a beautiful garden indeed. But the fact is, does landscape fabric let water through? You must know the answer if you want to use it in your garden.

Also, most people ask whether landscape fabric is waterproof or not. We have come up with all the question’s answers. Our experts find all the solutions to your queries.

What is landscape fabric?

Landscape fabric is a kind of fabric used in gardening to inhibit the growth of weeds. Typically, it doesn’t let the weeds get sunlight and stops the growth as it is made with synthetic or organic materials. Also, manufacturers use recycled sources to make landscape fabric.

Gardeners cover the place where they don’t want to let weeds grow. Maybe they want to plant some big trees there or save the space for future use. Whatever the reason is, landscape fabric does work perfectly. You will not regret buying it and using it in your garden.

Moreover, it is not a costly fabric. Therefore, budget is not an issue here; that’s why it becomes popular day by day.

When you find your garden grows too many weeds and you are tired of cleaning them, go for landscape fabric. It would be an excellent way to prevent the growth of weeds.

How does landscape fabric work?

Usually, landscape fabric hinders the growth of weeds by stopping the sunlight. When you place the landscape fabric in your garden, it will make a barrier between the weeds and sunlight. Ultimately, it doesn’t let the sunlight get through it and reach the weeds.

As a result, weeds don’t get the nutrients and other essential ingredients to grow themselves. And we know plants cannot grow if they don’t get sufficient sunlight. That’s what the landscape fabric does and works.

However, you have to make sure that you cover the unwanted place. If you have space and are not planning to plant any trees, don’t use landscape fabric. Let the weeds grow as they make the soil fertile. Only if you want to do gardening and you want to stop the weeds, go for it.

That is how the landscape fabric works. It follows simple ways as well. However, everything depends on its material, which ultimately helps the water go through it.

Does landscape fabric let water through? Is it waterproof?

Landscape fabric lets water through it as it is not waterproof. Mainly, landscape fabric hinders the sunlight and stops the growth of weeds. Moreover, it also inhibits the water evaporation from the ground and quickly lets the water through it. That’s how it works and fulfils your target.

Landscape fabric is a blessing for the gardener. Your garden needs water, but you want to stop the growth of unwanted weeds. How to balance them perfectly? To solve this issue, you may go for the landscape fabric.

It lets the water go through it and helps the trees grow naturally. Therefore, it is not a piece of waterproof fabric. Waterproof fabric doesn’t allow the water to go through.

Moreover, this fabric doesn’t make the soil dry by evaporating water. Instead, it lets the water flow typically and retain the moisture. That’s why, when you need to plant trees again, they will not run out of water or face moisture issues.

Waterproof fabric inhibits water flow. And makes the ground dry and spoil the soil’s ingredients. It doesn’t do any good to the gardening; therefore, you should not use any waterproof fabric to stop the weed’s growth.

Here comes the landscape fabric that is not waterproof. But it successfully does the job and stops the weeds. You will surely love to have a neat and clean garden without weeds.

Does water soak through landscape fabric? Does landscape fabric block water?

Water soaks through landscape fabric quickly. There is no restriction either because of its material. Typically, woven fibers are the primary material of landscape fabric.

And this fiber helps the water soak through the fabrics correctly. And you need this type of fabric to make a reliable flow of the water and make the garden’s soil better. There is nothing to worry about the water flow and humidity.

On the other hand, landscape fabric doesn’t block water anymore. It helps the water go through it. Only waterproof materials can block water.

However, the landscape fabric is not waterproof; therefore, it cannot block the water and stop the water flow. So, you can surely use the landscape fabric in your garden.

On the other hand, the woven fabric is why the landscape fabric cannot block the water. But the polyester or waterproof fabric can easily block the water. That’s why you should avoid using any waterproof fabric in your garden.

Is all landscape fabric water permeable?

All Landscape fabric is water permeable. But you will find different types of landscape fabric having different levels of thickness and grades. Therefore, the material comes with semi-permeable or only porous quality.

Landscape fabric has different types of material. The most popular one is woven fiber. It makes the fabric water porous, and the water and air quickly get through it slowly.

But the over-thick landscape fabric can inhibit the water flow. Some users find landscape fabric is ruining their soil quality by blocking water. So, before purchasing such fabric, make sure it is water permeable and comes with standard thickness.

Five reasons why landscape fabric let through water

Landscape fabric allows water through easily. But there are some reasons why it permits the water to pass through it. However, the original cause is fiber.

But we are counting more. Let’s get all the reasons why landscape fabric let through the water.


Landscape fabric is made with woven fiber. And woven is water-permeable fabric. That’s why it allows the water to pass through it.


Landscape fabric has lots of tiny holes. These holes help the water go through it and make the soil wet and moisture.

Solid sheet texture:

It is a solid sheet that ensures the perfect match for the soil. Therefore, it lets the water go through it.

Breathable fabric:

Landscape fabric is breathable; that’s also why it lets the water go through it.

Not waterproof:

Landscape fabric is not waterproof. Therefore, it lets the water go through it and soaks the soil. It also ensures the ground gets enough water.

These are the fundamental reasons why landscape fabric lets water through easily. You might find them helpful and add some more reasons as well. Professional gardeners find other facts from their experience as well.

When should you not use landscape fabric?

Though landscape fabric helps to get rid of weeds, it damages the roots of the trees and other plants. Therefore, you should not use the landscape fabric unnecessarily. But there are some primary reasons why you should not use landscape.

Especially when you don’t have too many weeds in your garden, you must not use the landscape fabric. Since this fabric is only recommended for controlling the growth of the weeds, if you don’t have any weed issues, don’t go for this fabric.

Apart from that, the soil will not get sunlight and lose its fertility. You should avoid using landscape fabric to make the soil fertile. You should not regularly use the landscape fabric to save the garden for future gardening purposes.

So, keep your soil fertility and protect the roots you need to avoid using landscape fabric. Try to make your garden naturally, and be sure to have a sound drainage system.

Is landscape fabric good for drainage?

Landscape Fabric is not suitable for drainage. It doesn’t make a good flow of the water. And therefore, there is a chance to make the place muddy.

In a garden, you must ensure a sound drainage system to help the water flow better. If you block the water, it will ruin the roots and damage the plants. In that case, landscape fabric is not an ideal way for drainage.

You have to make a drainage system all around the garden manually. Don’t rely on the landscape fabric only. It won’t be a wise decision. If you rely on the landscape fabric, it will disrupt soil fertility.

So, making a drainage system is a recommended way to make a good garden. You have to ensure that the water doesn’t get blocked and flows naturally.

Final Thoughts

Landscape fabric lets the water through since it is not a piece of waterproof fabric. Gardeners use landscape fabric to stop the spreading and growth of weeds. Here the fabric inhibits the sunlight; as a result, weeds cannot grow by themselves, and the water can ruin the growth of the weeds.

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